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Fallen Soldier's Father Reacts To WikiLeaks

Mark Opgrande talks to the father of a fallen Oklahoma soldier about information leaked onto a website regarding the Afghan War.


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Time for the "Free Manning" T-shirts

Demand a pardon for Manning.

Bradley Manning has shown true courage and bravery

for a 'righteous cause'. He purposely released over 200,000 top secret documents regarding the war in Afghanistan. This exposes the criminality and insanity. How our otherwise honorable military is being used like toys for agendas that are anathema to America and its State citizens.

He seems to have known he would suffer what was coming but it seemed a worthy cause for him.

What a brave young man of only 22! We owe him our gratitude for what he has chosen to do.

Hear hear

Thank you, Bradley Manning, you are a martyr for the cause, and hopefully history will remember you kindly.

Keeping his family in my prayers.

Yes, holding his family in my

prayers for sure. They are the ones who are made to pay the most for not keeping him 'in line'. This is the mentality of communism.


The more the corrupt government "War Mongers" are exposed for what they really are, the sooner we can bring our American troops on foreign soil home. {Alive}

Just Come Home,....We marched right in, we can just march right out,.....Congressman Ron Paul !




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