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United Republicans Block Campaign DISCLOSE Bill

WASHINGTON – In a blow to President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats, Republicans blocked a bill on Tuesday to require an unprecedented level of public disclosure of who pays for political campaign advertising.

On a Senate vote of 57-41, Democrats fell short of the needed 60 to clear a procedural hurdle Republicans set up against The Disclose Act, likely killing the measure for the year.

"This bill represents another attempt by my colleagues to rush through legislation that restricts freedom and creates more federal regulation," said Senator John Cornyn, who heads Republican efforts to pickup seats in the Democratic-led chamber in the November election.

Rejection of the measure comes a week after a potentially fatal setback to Obama's push to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Short on votes, Senate Democrats indefinitely postponed their bid to pass broad legislation to combat climate change.

With Obama's support, Democrats crafted the campaign finance bill in response to a Supreme Court decision in January that overturned federal and state limits on independent expenditures by corporations to support or oppose candidates.

The Democratic-backed bill would require corporate as well as union and advocacy group leaders to disclose their names in campaign ads rather than allow so-called front groups to take responsibility for the political advertising.

Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Dick Durbin pointedly noted that many Republicans had earlier favored more disclosure.

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I think the disclosure act is a good bill

IF there were not certain organizations EXCLUDED from it.

I would LOVE to see the Disclose Act fail

As for the $59 billion in new war spending, they need all of that because they have such bad luck with bookkeepers, they usually only get to spend about a tenth of what's allocated to them. The rest simply disappears!

lie ber man

works for israel and should be taken out and shot

Nice win but the war is just

Nice win but the war is just startingi

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They are NEVER

going to end these wars. $59 Billion more going to buy heroin and support from warlords who forget our name the second the check is cashed. This is just too much stupidity to understand.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com



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