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Southern Avenger: Mel Gibson and Political Correctness

Another great video by Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger.


This time he takes on the sinister world of political correctness. He relates to an episode of the Family Feud in which neither family was able to come up with "Gays" as a response to "Name something associated with San Francisco".

He goes on to show how the reaction to Mel Gibson's abusive speech has been amplified into a career-ending incident by his use of the "n" word; the ultimate blasphemy by a white male actor.

Of course it doesn't help that he has conservative catholic views on social issues and a tendency to glorify libertarian heroes in films like "Braveheart" and "The Patriot".

The fact the race card is played so regularly by the political establishment to stifle any movement toward liberty (recent accusations that the Tea Party is racist, Rand Paul's Equal Rights Act ambush, etc.)shows that the high priests of this secular religion owe their allegiance to the political insiders.

But what really makes political correctness so insidious (and dangerous) is its ability to impose "crimethink" limits on public debate and even private thought.

Crimethink was a term used by George Orwell in his novel "1984" to describe thought crimes that could be eliminated if Newspeak became the only language. There were no words for "liberty" or "revolution" in Newspeak.

Political correctness is the Newspeak of this generation.

THAT is why an average family can't come up with "Gays" as something associated with San Fransisco.

And they would have a similar problem seeing the evil intent behind laws like the Equal Rights Act, court rulings in favor of immigrant "rights" or the numerous government programs that selectively impoverish the white, middle class in America. Their synapses just won't go there. They have been trained too well.

Jack didn't say any of this, of course.

After all, he wouldn't dare.

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S.A.'s wrong here....

I don't think he's right on the money here. If Sheen's sins had been videotaped & shown on youtube, he'd be dead meat. Baldwin's tirade was something many divorced fathers had experienced - the manipulative ex-wife & the spoiled child. I understood where he was coming from & he didn't hit the child. Gibson would not have half the trouble he's had if he hadn't been taped. Nothing of his ire is left to the imagination. People ARE through with him because of his temper, not because he uses unPC language. Polanski has the support of Hollywood because back then when all this happened, young Lolitas by the score threw themselves at successful directors. It is the way of Hollywood. Always was, always will be. People on Family Fued are stupid about a lot of things. Probably no one in those families every cruised the Castro. I think this was a waste of air time S.A.