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Mitt Romney Welcomed by Florida Ron Paul Patriots

Originally posted by Nick Egoroff at the Ron Paul Forums:

"Build it and they will come. Or as we say in Ron Paul Meetups... Announce a RALLY and Ron Paul Patriots will come from MILES around!!

Story begins with me (in Orlando, Fl) getting a tip from another Ron Paul Meetup Organizer in Jacksonville, Fl. Mitt Romney is coming to Orlando, Fl. for an event called 'Ask Mitt Anything.' But there is one problem the event is scheduled for Weds. at 3pm. Now how many people do you think you could get to come out to a weekday event? Most people have to work so my hopes were not high.

But of course Ron Paul patriots have a rather unique view of life. Namely, if there is a meetup, and especially one where we have the chance to confront the so-called top tier candidate Mr.. Mittens--well I don't know about you but as the youth say... I'M DOWN!!!! And maybe the media will be there? OH YEAH!

Patriots came from Orlando, Oviedo, New Smyrna, Daytona, Deltona, and Cocoa, made incredible sacrifices to help. Yahoo! 24 or so strong. Kids too. Pictures will follow.

Patriots lined all available streets to the venue entrance. Each car that came in was reminded that Orlando is Ron Paul country! We were interviewed and filmed by AM-WDBO 580, Rolling Stone Magazine, CBS Channel 6 TV News, and Fox 35 TV News.

And finally Mitt Romney rode in the back of a gold colored Lincoln. I, dressed as George Washington, just happened to be standing at the main entrance as he drove up. I waved one hand and held a Ron Paul for president sign in another. He flashed his famous pearl white teeth smile and nodded.

All in all I would say it was a success. If you ever have the chance to come to a Ron Paul event, you better clear your calendar. You're gonna make history!

First media link

For Our Glorious Ron Paul REVOLUTION!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Organizer
Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

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wolfe's picture

Just noticed a Romney ad in the google adwords above...

Just a reminder to always click on them... ;-)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

wolfe's picture

This is an extremely important discussion...

And so no, it should not be taken "offline". First, however, I want to make something perfectly clear. I am not questioning anyone's dedication, nor their enthusiasm. Both of those are good qualities.

The point that I am making is that the most efficient channel for these qualities must be found. There is a reason why campaigns do certain things instead of others. Example of a good place to do a "display of support" (i.e. protest style display) are debates, or places where the news has a reason to show up. Or situations like the Iowans For Tax Relief situation where RP has been maliciously excluded.

It has been said many times that we are going to go the way of the Dean campaign if we don't figure out what he did wrong. So if I offended anyone with my statements, I do apologize, that was not my intent. My intent is to point out way's in which I think we are modeling the Dean campaign too closely.

All of us have already started to do many things superior to the Dean campaign. We attend RNC, GOP, local events (gun shows, etc). We do phone campaigns, letter writing, etc. But we ARE making some of the same mistakes.

I drove by Dean rallies in 2003. They were friendly, they waved, they shouted some Dean slogan. I, being so disgusted with what the politicians had done to our country, and what they were continuing to do, to my shame, flipped them off and kept going. I didn't know that he opposed the war (had I known that, I would have at least smiled at them). All I knew was that he was a democrat (which has always been a first strike with me), not likely to win (MSM told me so). And beyond that, I never found out anything more. To this day, I don't know much of anything about the man. So there is a good chance if I went out and did my research, that I still would not have voted for him BUT I never got that far! And that is why he lost, most people never got that far!

It is this remembered experience, and watching our constant attempts to emulate this exact same thing that disturbs me. There are many ways to provide support and win supporters, and I will not say that any one way is better than another. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and so we do what we can.

But there are clearly some things which qualify as out of place "protests", and not support. I also realize that my statements here won't sway many, or maybe not even one, to focus more on actual support or campaign work. But that doesn't mean that I should not speak up when I think we are taking a wrong approach.

My hope is simply that a few take what I have to say, and consider the ideas that I am putting forth the next time they are out doing whatever. And from that be able to draw some of their own conclusions and maybe improve their own approach.

I am new to all of this, I can't claim "years" of experience, or "years" of supporting RP. I have been what is commonly referred to lately as an idealogue. I have spent years, believing I was mostly alone in my beliefs. That has changed now, and I am overjoyed by that, and want to share that experience with as many as possible, just like everyone else. BUT, I have never actively participated in politics before. I am learning as I go, just as everyone else is.

And when I am pointed to a standard campaign approach that seems golden, so perfect, that I must have been stupid for not realizing we should have been doing it all along, I beat myself up a bit and then start doing it. (Perfect example, when the campaign challenged us on fund raising. Well, why have we not been holding fund raisers all along. Perfect opportunity to soft sell, and gather cash for Dr. Paul. But the thought had NEVER personally occurred to me.)

As such, we all need to constantly analyze and revise for best efficiency what we are doing.

I mean it sincerely when I suggest we need to learn how to be good salesmen which has never been my strong point, but I am learning as I believe we all should.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I know why he was smiling...

He was probably smiling at you because you were dressed up like an idiot. He was thinking "Ah. That's why I have nothing to fear from Ron Paul. His supporters will instantly scare off sane people."


You sir are being somewhat of jerk. At this point any press helps and for your information this event was the best one that I have attended. Maybe you should get out of the house and go to one. LOL

I`ve read all the comments.

I`ve read all the comments. My position is this is BOTH a campaign and a Revolution.It is bottom up either way.I have not seen ANY Ron Paul supporter ATTACK another candidate.I think this should be the standard.Shout RON PAUL from the rooftops,or quietly espouse his views,doesn`t matter.If romney rides into town welcomed by supporters,it will be on TV.If he rides into town welcomed by RON PAUL supporters,it WON`T.

walter whitt

wolfe's picture


On those obvious grounds, I will concede the point. lol... :) If it keeps Ronney off TV, that's a good thing. And I also want to make it clear, at no time did I intend to draw anyone's dedication into question.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


You guys are great. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your efforts are certain to be duplicated by Ron Paul supporters everywhere.

cee cee

wolfe's picture

we are NOT a damn protest! We are a campaign!

I think there has been a misunderstanding along the way about what we are supposed to be doing. We were asked to arrange for two events per week. This does NOT mean protesting other candidates! How many converts do you think that won? NONE. ZIP. ZERO.

Focus your energies where they belong, attending events (gunshows, GOP events, Fairs, etc) where you can talk to people. Show them you are reasonable, explain Paul's positions and why you support him. Be friendly, outgoing and likable. Screaming "Vote Ron Paul!" in people's faces who already have formed opinions is both counter productive and irritating. It does not win votes, it POLARIZES people. It makes Ron Paul people, more Ron Paul, and those against us, more against us.

You would have done better by attending the meeting with other Romney supporters and just talk with them, listen to their views and explain your own.

I am really getting sick of hearing about the various "protest" style events, and the "lawsuits" for the sole purpose of gaining attention. Those lawsuits are damaging for their own reasons.

Get enough of America on our side and the media won't matter. Get enough people on our side and vote manipulation won't matter. Keep this up and you are going to make it more difficult for people like me who spend time EVERYDAY converting people!

Do me a favor, remember HOW you found out about Ron Paul, remember what turned you, and REPRODUCE THAT! If you tell me you started supporting him because some jackass was screaming "Vote Ron Paul!" at a Mitt rally, I would be shocked.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Emotions are on high alert

So, would Dr. Paul approve of all of this bickering? It's been said that the best way to run the campaign is to embrace the morals and ethics of Ron Paul. This doesn't sound like Ron Paul. Everyone out of the playground.

Yes, he would approve of this bickering

Most certainly. Freedom of thought and expression. Anyway, it's only way for the cream to rise to the top.


wolfe: You make some valid points, but also some assumptions. Namely, that these people aren't doing all the normal campaign stuff. This was done by meetup group coordination, so I'd assume they are "carrying the flag" in their localities. Name recognition is key right now. If you can't get it fairly from the media, you have to get more creative. Yes, some will be turned off, but others will be curious enough to see what all the buzz is about. Dr. Paul's message will supersede media/personal bias to anyone that is open to it.

Also, you're assuming that everyone thinks the way you do, or at least should. The keystone of RP's campaign message is the concept of freedom and personal liberty. How can you promote that and then dictate what others should do?

Then there's the campaign. In the words of the good Doctor himself, at the start of every speech, he says "Welcome to the revolution!" This is a revolution, not a campaign. He's the first to admit that this is about the message, not the man. Like it or not a revolution can't happen without a little dissidence and protest. Sparks are needed to start the fire.

If you try to play by the rules, defeat will be assured. The system is rigged against "outsiders." The people that make up the political status quo need to know that they are under the microscope of dedicated people that will not give up and go away. Have you noticed how the campaign's biggest enemy so far is its own political party?

Finally...How did I find out about Ron Paul? By watching Freedom to Fascism!

wolfe's picture

Touche... but...

You also have some valid points. First, I don't presume to dictate to anyone. And quite frankly, I offered a simple way to support my statements as more than opinion, although anecdotal. Which you provided, which was to determine how you came into the Revolution.

Second, It is obvious to see the conversion rates between "protests" and engaging in activities like gun shows, gop events, etc. I have done both. Conversion was next to nothing in the "protest", but conversion rates at the shows and events ran as high as 25% for true conversion and 50%+ for interest.

I do not suggest we play by the rules.. Far from it, but we need to focus our energies on what works and avoid wasted effort on what does not.

Want to really get some attention? Have your meetup group contact the local GOP and offer the services of 30+ (in some cases hundreds) to volunteer for something that they need in a non-partisan way.

That is a "rally" worth having. One that builds good will. And yes, we are now a part of the GOP regardless of how it makes us feel to admit it. Unfortunate, but these are the people that will decide the primaries.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Mr. Wolfe Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

First of all on the silly statement that we didn't win any 'converts'-- I have reports of one person wanting a Ron Paul Tee-shirt. At least 5 or so people crossing the street to get slim jims. And who knows how many people went home to at least check out why Ron Paul supporters are so excited about their candidate.

Making statements like we got 'None. Zip. Zero.' converts, makes me wonder what other super-natural powers of prognostication Mr. Wolfe has;-) But of course he doesn't have any and proves it in the second paragraph. Better shake up that crystal ball again, Mr. Wolf. No not those; the one that sits on the table;-) Because we do all those events and more. Check us out at http://ronpaul.meetup.com/184/ Our calendar of past and future events (including photo's. You can see can't you or are you blind;-)

In addition to Mr. Wolfe's clairvoyant powers being, umm, suspect--he then begins his great sermon on polarizing people. Unfortunately, Mr Wolfe has been living in a deep freeze for the last few years. Come down to Florida where I live and we'll be able to show you how to warm up the citizens to Dr. Paul's hot topics. People love to hear about the Ron Paul freedom message.

And don't worry, Mr Wolfe, we weren't screaming in anyone's faces. As a matter of fact I know some people that helped put on the Romney event. They came out and we chatted about campaigning. One said 'we really admire your enthusiasm.'
So don't worry so much. We conducted ourselves with courtesy towards the Romney rally.

And one more thing. Mr. Wolfe, the next time you call someone (me) a jackass please remember that I work my ASS off for this campaign. I lead a FANTASTIC meetup group. I am helping to organize all the Florida meetup groups into a network so we can do joint projects and learn from each other.

I leave for others to judge, who is the horse's ass in this little dust up.

For Our Glorious Ron Paul REVOLUTION!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Organizer

wolfe's picture

Let's analyze your psychic powers.

I do not need supernatural powers. One of my employees is in the Orlando meetup group, so I know at least a portion of what occurred and continues to occur from this confrontational group.

My meetup group also happens to be in Florida, where I am and have been for almost a decade. So it is your "guesswork" that is suspect.

Last but not least, I did not call YOU a jackass. I called anyone behaving like a protester a jackass. If that label fits you then, so be it, if not then you can safely assume I did not mean you.

As far as your "courteousness" is concerned. I can not speak to it, and so will not. I, however, can speak to those things which I see and are relayed to me, which include curb side protesting and not campaign work.

And yes, my jackass statement holds for anyone who thinks shouting "Vote Ron Paul!" at passerbys will get their attention in a good way.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Now You've Got My Interest...

Quoting you...

"I do not need supernatural powers. One of my employees is in the Orlando meetup group, so I know at least a portion of what occurred and continues to occur from this confrontational group."

Whoa. Strong language Mr. Wolfe. Calling us 'confrontational' is fightn' words where I come from. Or a compliment. I'll take it as the latter and leave it as that.

Now for some serious rebuttal. You say you are tired of all us revolutionary rabble-rousers, mucking things up for your quiet diplomacy. No one method works for all people all the time. We should all respect each others' work. We all benefit from it!

Take a look at the great social movements of the past. Viet Nam Anti-war, Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage all had there fire-brands. It is really ridiculous to think we should all just do one method.

But I salute you for what ever type of outreach you do. Please extend the same courtesy to me and mine.

P.S. Care to share with us the calendar of your Meetup group? How's the growth going? What do people say?

wolfe's picture

Those means are neither revolutionary nor effective,ask Mr. Dean

It was not meant as a compliment, nor as an insult, just a statement of observation. However, the fact that you took it as a compliment illustrates the EXACT point that I am making. I would recommend reading "How to win friends and influence people." as we are all salespeople for Ron Paul.

Now, as to your attempt to put words in my mouth. You rebutted statements that you claimed I made, not ones that I actually did, and so it would be a waste of my time to address them.

As far as social movements mentioned Vietnam Protest, Civil Rights Protest, Women's Suffrage... Those were protest based movements. They had a different goal, how many Presidents did they get elected? None, they put forward an idea to change the way existing politicians thought. There WILL be a time for that in all places later, and there is a place for it now, just not in the "Ron Paul Campaign". However, at the moment, our goal is not to change these crooked politicians as we know that they will just pay us lip service. We want RP in office.

I do not speak for my meetup group, nor do I approve of their actions when behaving like a protest group, nor do I participate in those actions with them anymore. I participate in those events when the behavior is appropriate to the event. But it is interesting that once again instead of addressing my statements directly, you attempt to put a confrontation/competition spin on it and once again illustrates the exact point I am making.

And if you would, could you answer the question of how you became a supporter, I would imagine that would illustrate my point, yet again but I won't push it as it was meant as a personal question that did not need a public response.

Once again, just in case you missed the point, "we are a campaign not a protest movement". That means that we have an immediate goal beyond making our point of view heard, and that is to convince enough people to elect this man president... and more important and immediate, to NOMINATE him...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Off line

If you were not there maybe you should take this offline. i was there and everything was very good. so take a chill pill

We are a rEVOLution

At least that's what my banners claim.

We should model ourselves after Dr. Paul

Our political efforts are supporting a presidential campaign for the most important candidate to run in our lifetime. Our behavior should reflect that. I totally understand the inclination to protest and confront but that approach is not going to attract many new Ron Paul followers.

I "discovered" Ron Paul 7 years ago when my husband and I lived in his district in Texas. My respect and support for Dr. Paul has grown over the years. Dr. Paul is in a class by himself because of his standards for personal integrity, humility, intellect and service to all Americans. Lets try to model ourselves after our candidate. Ron Paul for President 2008.


different members of one body...

wolfe and data girl...

we did not all find Ron 7,10 or 15 years ago... we are not all as "intellectually superior" as wolfe as to conclude that people enthusiastically chanting the name of a presidential candidate are "jackasses".

*Alex Jones
*Freedom to Fascism
have catapulted Dr Pauls profile (like it or not). There is obviously different bait for different fish...We aren't all accountants. Please stop insulting the enthusiasm of others. I'm an Australian supporter in Sydney and check in every day...this is uncalled for....

wolfe's picture

Well said.

If we all did this, we would win far more people to our cause.

WWRPD... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

This was fun

Mitt drove by only a few feet away. I had one end of a giant, double Ron Paul rEVOLution Tyvek sign in one hand and I was waving an old flip-flop in the other.

has the video from the Orlando Fox affiliate, but I have yet to see it.

FOX editing trickery

Watch half-way through the vid, after Rudy's national campaign manager has his sound bite: it ends with him saying "you're going to see a lot of Rudy down here" and then it cuts to a VERY fast edit of a homemade campaign sign focusing on the words "for President 2008" but if you watch that carefully, it's a Ron Paul sign they're using. It's so hard to pick up, you probably have to pause it right after he speaks.
Someone watching that at home (without a pause button or reason to pause for that matter) would assume that's a Rudy sign.
As a video editor by trade, I think that's a pretty low trick...even for FOX.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Wow, you're right...

I watched it again. That was some quite tricky editing to put our sign into their campaign -- above and beyond the call or ordinary pro-big-government media bias.

Now I'd not only pay for the uncensored audio from Mitt's Town Car when he saw us, I'd ALSO pay for audio from that biased editing-room, too. I could tell Fox would be biased if only from their history of bias against us and their cameraman's obvious reluctance to get all of us into a shot at once. The Rolling Stone guy was so much friendlier that I actually mistook him for one of "us" at first, so hopefully that article will be more balanced.

Wow. What bias...

I just watched it. They were incredibly biased and deceptive, making it seem as if there were just a few Ron Paul supporters. I guess I should not be surprised, but now I wish we'd hit Rudy's HQ as well with a few people, since clearly it only takes one or 2 to do a Ron Paul sign-wave if they won't show all 20+ of us! We could have easily put 10 people in both places.

Hopefully, Rolling Stone will have more journalistic integrity than a local Fox News affiliate (I'm setting the bar pretty-low here!).