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All these threads about....Quitting!

Again, Gideon's ARMY....let all the weaklings quit!

Truth is TRUTH...and we got it...so we will TRIUMPH!

Get a GRIP - or - get out of the way with your negativity!!!

Satan's army will ALWAYS have more resources!

Majority opinion is NOT always right!


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Quitting is a good thing (if)

If what you are quitting is methodologies that have never worked once in all human history nor could they work based on simple economics.

What we need to do is quit one and start another.

The "other" is Community-Economics.

Save all your political lobbying dollars -- invest and spend as you would in a free-society then you will have it.

Voting - Lobbying - Investing - Saving - Spending

Two of these does not exist in a free-society
Two of them have never brought liberty once
Two of them pull resources from the other three

You guys have energy and angry -- you drew your sword but it's your head that needs to be lopped off (metaphorically); your "head" for voting and lobbying.

You need to grow a head that can only think and act in terms of a consumer-soveriengty, entrepreneurialism, localism, non-participation, and revenue generation.


Once you pick up the sword you can't put it down


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

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If you're standin around waiting on the collapse,

please go stand around somewhere out of the way.

If you are burnt and frustrated, take a break. Make sure your first priority is to take care of you and yours. That helps maintain sanity.

Gideon is about faith, Faith in our Creator, and the Works which bring Faith to life.
Gideon is about leadership and unity of purpose.
Much to learn there.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Undo what Wilson did

Gideon is ALSO about...

...the Creator HELPING is choose out leaders from among us...everyone in this movement that both dismisses outright the idea of Divine Intervention; as well as cannot(or outright refuses) to wrap their mind around what Noah Webster called Ecclesiastical Tyranny is missing the mark!

Most Libertarians aren't in the churches anyways...most people who "get it"(corruption) are not in church BECAUSE someone close to them was a blatant HYPOCRITE to the faith they professed to have!

Why are the churches "off limits" in this battle for the Republic?

I am not endorsing a religious civil war on our soil; I am stating the OBVIOUS ... man-made religions are USED to dominate the laity ... who already are PRONE to believe in a Creator ... but lazily allow charlatans to tell them about God; instead of let God tell them about HIMSELF!

Oh no! This is not me endorsing one denomination of a more fundamentalist Christianity over another ... this is stating the OBVIOUS - common sense - if a Christian is serving MONEY, they are NOT serving God!

Selfishness versus self-LESS-ness - polar opposites!

I have to do for my children - they do not however HAVE to do for me....it is their CHOICE to give back in gratitude...

Now, are we going to GIVE BACK to our country what it gave us? Or, are we going to merely try to spoil the whole system to our turn - SELFISHLY?

Temporary STEWARDSHIP over what the Creator has granted you...money , children, a job, knowledge ... what are you going to do with it???

He is inspecting EVERY PERSON'S heart motives simultaneously ... in the grand battle between good and evil ... Satan is only a CREATED being ... he cannot do anything without God's permission ... so the CHOICE is ours; His way, or OUR WAY ... and without His wisdom; we screw it up every time ...

So WHERE, I ask you - is the STRENGTH to "defeat the New World Order"? ... it is not in "exposing them" - I guarantee you it is NOT!

The strength is in petitioning the Creator to BUMP those EVIL stewards over the Earths natural, human, and monetary resources...and REPLACE them with people who reverence a Supreme Being ... DIVINE INTERVENTION does this! We ALONE, do not! We need some super-natural assistance!

I need you support to START a new COMPETITIVE media ... David Barton is going with the Fox News Channel and cookie-cutter Christians who know nothing about why bible-believing Christians ought to support Ron Paul's LIMITED GOVERNMENT platform ...

I don't care how much money they have ... we have to say NO MORE career politicians ... and we have to say it BOLDLY ... a FAKE Judeo-Christian ethic that passes and supports legislation that dumbed-down professing Christians have a RIGHT not to be offended by a student of the Bible and American History must NOT be allowed to govern this NATION!

The RIGHT to an abortion was a created right...Affirmative Action for "minorities" based on EXTERIOR attributes, such as skin color, sexual preferences, and gender is again, a way for government to CREATE inalienable rights...which are NOT unalienable(God-given rights), that NO MAN can put a lien against!

Have you ever noticed: that a minority of disciples of the Word of God - that Word that pierces the hearts of sinful hypocritical men with convicting power...always become the ENEMY of the state in world history?

I am PRO-CHOICE - PRO-LIBERTY; you do what you want...willingly obey the Creator and His natural laws, or, suffer the consequences that He dishes out ... to which ... a government system run by the Rule of Law that seeks to DISCOURAGE behaviors that openly demonstrate a total lack of respect for His AWESOME creation ...

It really is SIMPLE ... and truth be told ... majority opinion us just that; a common belief in a Supreme Being - the truth is we don't want His morality interfering with our LOVE of MONEY ... and sex sells, drugs sell, gambling is FUN, alcohol abuse and lude and lascivious derogatory comments that tear others down is FUNNY and common place in our society ... and that gift of FREEDOM that our founders sacrificed EVERYTHING for, and our soldiers believe they are dying for ... is something we ABUSE routinely in America which is still FREE; so, everyone suffers because no one has the guts to not only preach against it - but restrain themselves from self-gratification!

Seriously; are we going to turn this ship around? Or are we going to LIE to ourselves and not attribute the INCREASE in the size and scope of government to our sinful lusts and behaviors which we ALL know, without even having darkened the door of a church; is WRONG and harmful to ANY civil society!!!

Now we have political leaders who do all this stuff, and get away with it BECAUSE we don't want the mirror looking back at us! Our LEADERS are a representation of us!

You will NEVER here this on GLENN BECK, Alex Jones and Mancow think perpetual immaturity is FUNNY and CUTE - and the churches also WILL NOT preach against drunkenness, divorce, pornography, gambling, and idol worship, or lying politicians because they will LOSE THEIR MONEY and creature comforts!!!

Grow up America! That is the message of GIDEON ... fight for something with ALL your HEART, to give your Creator glory for EQUIPPING you with the COURAGE to say I will do the right thing no matter what ... and I will TRUST Him for the results!

Our founders LIVED it! We have yet to even figure out WHY we support liberty candidates...as well as WHY they lack support!

Ecclesiastical Tyranny and a FAKE Judeo-Christian hypocritical POISON is WHY! Snake-oil salesmen - ALL of them ... seriously...get out of your comfort zone and SACRIFICE EVERYTHING for Americans you do not even know...or else, by default,

"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."
- Samuel Adams

NO MORE lip service to LIBERTY ... this is a call to a HIGHER morality ... and we have ONE SHOT at it ... take it!

You might find a thread created awhile back of interest...

Liberals, Libertarians, Libertines....(this is a thread I started a while ago, see if it lines up with your thinking. I admittedly could have developed it more, ie. brought in my take on the story of Ananias and Sapphira, but I think you will enjoy it anyway.)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

50th YEAR ...

...it's coming up ya know ... what happened in the 1960's when the people REBELLED against all the "rules" of a Christian morality that TEACHES and LAUDS(not enforces!!!)...a self-restraint against vices common to man!

We LOST our LIBERTY - government grew - and now TYRANTS want to KILL what America was, and can become once again ... forever!

The idea of America is about HOPE; for all persons under OPPRESSION ... which comes by means of Ecclesiastical Tyranny - ALWAYS!

America will never go full blown COMMUNIST; because in order to do so - the very idea of God's governance has to completely be erased from everyone's mind!

Currently; the RELIGION of evolution theory in our public schools has done a good job of promoting moral relativism - and political correctness and debt keeps most people SILENT; but - underneath the Tea Party is a GROWING realization that "yeah, voluntarily submitting to & promoting God's natural laws is GOOD for humanity, freedom, and sustained prosperity".

I am patiently waiting to make this message the over-arching defining characteristic of what this Tea Party stands for ... the Neo-Cons will NEVER stop SELFISHLY serving money; they have been given over to their self-will by the Creator ... and they will suffer for it ... it was their CHOICE, and God is not a cosmic kill-joy ... He gives us FREE WILL; we just have to choose to do the right thing personally, discern who the God-reverencing people are - and GRANT them the TEMPORARY stewardship responsibilities over our children's minds, our nation's money, and ALL things truly American!!!

It's that SIMPLE - and this is a message of FREEDOM, not BONDAGE to "God hates fun"!

http://michiganpep.org NEEDS to be promoted and supported for the EDIFICATION and the ENCOURAGEMENT of us to KEEP fighting the good fight against the hijackers and totally DISHONEST wolves in sheep's clothing & snake oil salesmen!

I can do this EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life!

Yes, even though I am not religious

I am 'spiritual!' I think we should all do what is right in our hearts and do it now! Do not 'wait' for anyone or that one moment you think will be the tipping point..YOU are the tipping point!..each in your own way!

I am reminded of a paasage from a book ..I have posted it before Milton Meyer..The Germans 1933-.1945. They Thought They were Free


"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

The History Of Oppression ...

I stepped away from the computer because...

...there were too many down-trodden "we can't win" posts ... what are we afraid of, really?

...all the cliches - "evil triumphs because good men do nothing" - "enjoy your chains of slavery" - they all say this is OUR FAULT for allowing ignorance, recklessness and corruption to persist - the founders were a SMALL MINORITY - we are an equally small minority...and we seemingly live in fear, or, we are content to trust Alex Jones is right(the New World Order & their control grid is undefeatable)...and Glenn Beck will ultimately "do the right thing" when we get closer to November!

I am beside myself! I am the guy with NOTHING to fight with but my $30/month internet connection...and my knowledge, and commitment to my children...are we really gonna live in total dejection?

depends upon what you mean by quitting--

I will continue to support liberty-loving people as much as possible, where possible.

But I'm not quitting my vigilance in my life--

not in being prepared, not in learning, etc.

I think everyone expresses him/herself differently--

I appreciate your expressions, and when people express that they are 'done' with something, I assume they are just expressing.

Comes with having gone through the awakening process so many years ago, I suppose.

The freedom of speech.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

If we don't hang

If we don't hang together(trying to elect Liberty candidates and taking back the GOP) we shall surely hang separately!

Ventura 2012

And you can't do that...

...unless our folks are Precinct Committeemen and/or County Central Committee members. Which means that you still DO have to be engaged in party politics.

If you don't like the neocons bring a newspaper to the party meetings and just vote the right way when called upon.

But one cannot disengage.


is submission.


and then what ? Quitting is not an option.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I agree

If you'll pardon my french....F*** QUITTING!

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Ya done dropped.....

...an "F" bomb!

That was the point ... I have HELD OFF for two years delivering this message, because I listened to armchair quarterbacks say "you can't hit them that heavy" ... well, the heavy-hitters are getting the attention - the campaigns going NEGATIVE are getting the attention ...

No more Mr. Nice Guy - the American people KNOW they are being raped by the government, and the ELITE; who control commerce AND the churches ...

Come out from among them and SAVE your nation ... don't trust Glenn Beck to do it for you...and certainly don't let Alex Jones tell you Lucifer cannot be STOPPED - he can be stopped - he is only a CREATED BEING!

Seriously guys ... INVEST IN THIS blunt message ... it is HOPEFUL; the people listening to the corporate, for PROFIT voices are the one's WASTING their time, talent, and treasure - we are smart enough to use our "coin" wisely, soberly, honestly and contentedly to advance the CAUSE of LIBERTY ... turn up the SOIL; hit those stubborn hard-hearts with truth right between their eyes, make them uncomfortable in their own skin for supporting TYRANNY in every form...then plant that seed!

Again, a LIAR is a LIAR - Satan's minions do their BEST work while clothed as an angel of light - they do it in the CHURCHES that are supposed to be the gatekeepers of TRUTH!

If the churches were doing their JOB; their wouldn't be a movement - Ecclesiastical Tyranny is hitting the nail on the head...and American History says preach truth - not FISCAL CONSERVATISM; self-restraint & controlled spending is EASY to the man who reverences the Creator!

If we're all GUILTY until proven innocent ... so are they ... they are our equals; and if they make bad choices that HURT you and your family ... you better SPEAK UP and ENCOURAGE Liberty candidates to keep hitting 'em hard with the truth!

I am not QUITTING!


thanks, it's kind of lost it's bite with the *** now added but so goes it. I understand. The F word isn't pretty but neither are children blown to pieces by predator drones, or elderly people eating cat food because their savings has been devalued.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com