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Will my DP friends help me win a 1oz gold bar? All you have to do is 'like' a few pictures using your Facebook account

I'm participating in a contest to win a free 1oz gold bar from APMEX. The contest asks that participants go on vacation, take their APMEX silver\gold with them and then take pictures for a chance to win. Winners are partially selected from comments and 'likes' on facebook.

Would you guys be willing to spend a minute or two and go over to the APMEX/Facebook page and 'like' a few of my pictures? It's pretty easy and only takes a second. You'll have to 'like' APMEX before you can 'like' or comment on the individual pictures.


We have submitted 5 pictures and the first starts with this image:


Contest ends on July 31st.

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Shameless gold bump

Shameless gold bump