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Peter Schiff's New Ad - Just needs to be funded!

Today's money bomb will fund extensive statewide air time for this new ad against Schiff's competitor Linda McMahon:


More info at: Million Dollar Money Bomb

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Bump for all to see...

Bump for all to see...

Multiple post?


Multiple Post?


Excellent Marketing

With all due respect to our fellow DP'ers

This ad is not targeted to you.
It is targeted towards people who would probably vote for McMahon on name recognition only.

I must confess though it makes me laugh

this is very stupid.

this is very stupid.

he's good with economics but isn't his foreign policy neo con?

No Way! you're wrong!

He's not Neo-con at all. He said he always felt the info about Iraq seemed faulty. He doesn't easily get swayed by intelligence. He was against the war in Iraq.

He's not a Neo-Con at all! He's not as passionate about the anti-war movement as he is about Fed Reserve, banking, inflation/deflation.

This is our guy! He's the man. If you still have doubts...he's the son of Irwin Schiff!

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TV ads costs on the magnitude of $100s:


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If Schiff can't get his ad campaign going...

Maybe this could be used as a grassroots alternative.

Why hasn't the Ron Paul e-mail for Schiff sent to everyone?

Apparently only CT residents received it.

Was it Ron's decision or does his staff dislike or want to sabotage Schiff?

I think there are three possibilities:

1. They (Ron Paul's staff) were planning to send it to the national list tomorrow.
2. They made it a mistake.
3. There is some envy or little-mindedness around Ron Paul's staff that want to use that list only to help Rand, but not Schiff, so they sent it to CT residents to save face, while still not helping Schiff. Most CT RP supporters know about Schiff already. It's the national supporters who needed the e-mail.

To add to the third point, I received about 5 e-mails requesting support for Rand from Ron's list. And I didn't receive the e-mail for Schiff today.


That's interesting... I think

That's interesting...

I think something is definitely is up. I'm leaning toward reason #3 on your list. RP has been aggressively helping Rand but I don't see much support for Schiff. This email and the endorsement is kinda late in the game. Not sure why RP makes his endorsements soooo late in the game. I felt he did the same with Steve Lonegan and a number of others.

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Reddit link

thanks to For_Liberty


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Let the people know the truth! Get Peter elected!

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I hope it gets aired!

Funny and factual from one of the guys that got it right. Good luck Peter.

haha I like it

haha I like it

It´s great!!! :)

It´s great!!! :)