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Japanese Tanker - Another secret sonic attack?

Perhaps the recent tanker "event" was Iranian retaliation for the recent EU sanctions the neocons are inflicting.


There were reports of a flash offshore. Then the ship sustained damage. But explosion damage wasn't present on the ship. So damage from a rouge wave, seismic or collision damage was proposed.

But sonic/acoustic weapons could also have been used. There is the motive - Iranian retaliation, the means and opportunity are present.

The means are "solitons" - a type of wave that doesn't dissipate in the media it propagates through. These waves are formed by intense pressure in a particular geometric configuration. Also called X-waves, bessel-beams and solitons.

Sound weapons are now, and have been, employed. On recent protesters at G20 summits. On pirates at sea. Nazi's in WW2 tested lethal sonic fields and vortex cannons. I have read (in a conspiracy newsletter years ago) a Russian acoustic assasination gun was used to kill the CA. Rep. Sonny Bono (of the old "Sonny and Cher" show) and a member of the Kennedy clan, both of which were officialy said to have accidentaly died skiing into trees.

These secret weapons aren't so formidable, really. They are boon-doggles that engineering welfare-queens make to impress power-crazed bureaucrats. In that, they provide not merely little bang for the buck, but negative-return on investment. Like the airport porn-scanners, they bleed the state, enrage and demoralize the public, and amuse an intelligent enemy that doesn't need more than a high-school understanding of physics to stealth, hack, false-trigger, confuse, obfuscate and torment the operators. Clubs, gas and bullets are so much cheaper, and can be used by any cheap, expendable thug rather than a division of scientists and engineers that could be profitably paying taxes making society healthier and not sicker.

The police-state application and dependence on technology is its Achillies-heel. I could state numerous examples of the grief potential many currently deployed systems will cause the police state. For instance, traffic-lights. Unlike the Greek truck drivers on strike, to cripple a city, it only takes a simple modification of a remote control to cause many of them to malfunction, creating grid-lock. Some kid derailed a train in Poland with one. Or systems dependent on GPS. I won't discuss other examples that scare me. Any technician can't miss them.

In the recent Rickard's interviews at King World News
he notes that with linearly increasing complexity, risk increases exponentially.

Leviathan is doomed!

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