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From: Jill J Flyer, Ventura County Conservative Examiner

Some Tea Parties brewing trouble for California's Gubernatorial race

But, some Tea Party activists are clinging to the movement’s inceptive glory days, maintaining their distance from the GOP, rejecting their outstretched hand and defining their post-primary purposes with crystal clear clarity. They are the spoilers, the immature malcontents who refuse to give up the ghost and have co-opted the Tea Party banner to promote not only their chosen “patriot” candidates, but in many cases, themselves.

What began as a legitimate grass roots movement back in 2009, the Tea Party quickly became an umbrella for activists who co-opted the name in order to push fringe beliefs, alternative agendas, and/or to select their own candidates. With a few exceptions, however, they've not proven electable, and the Tea Party movement was never intended as a political party.

So, when Michelle Bachmann and the GOP announced the creation of a Tea Party Caucus, it signaled an important and inevitable evolution for both the Tea and Republican Parties that will, ideally, accomplish the necessary task of weeding out subversive tea party activists who undermine the GOP from within by endorsing third party candidates - many of whom are Ron Paul devotees (Libertarians dressed in Republican clothing), 9/11 truthers, birthers and other fringe conspiracy theory believers, all the while identifying themselves as the “true conservatives and constitutionalists.”

And, the Tea Party Caucus will ultimately fold tea party activists of original intent into the Republican Party, where they belong, leaving the fringers to Alex Jones, Ron Paul, “We Are Change” and Facebook conspiracy theory frenzies, where they will, undoubtedly, self-direct anyway. They do not reflect the face of the Tea Party movement or Republican Party.

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Hope the author

is as stupid as the article or has a tough hide. If she reads the comments she should be hurting pretty bad about now. Slammed !

Well it's obvious

They are trying to split us off from the TEA PARTY which will surely kill the TEA PARTY. This is a Republican status quo attempt to disolve what isn't theirs'.

When they say,true tea partiers are to be taken into the party and abandon crazies, they in essence mean take the voters in and DUMP the TEA PARTY.

They feel they do not need our votes. They are getting cocky about November. We need a strategy.

Like the author says , all our candidates are running as Republican. Well that is that and says it all. SO where are the brains of this movement ? How do we handle this ?


for second look

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what a poorly written piece.....

by an ill-informed author

cee cee

Or Michael Steele.

Or Michael Steele.

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