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Evil is evil. Compromise is compromise. We are either constitutional or we are not. Choose now!

Killing, torturing, starving, ethnic cleansing a people is evil.

Israels kills, starves, and ethnic cleanses innocent people in Palestine every second of every day. A candidate that supports Israel is supporting evil.

Ron Paul started a Freedom Movement because he refused to compromise with evil. He has never boot licked Israel, or asked for their permission to defend the constitution.

Any candidate that supports Israel, or asks them for permission to support the constitution is supporting evil.

A little evil and great intentions will give us another Republican revolution like the one led by Gingrich in 1994, into more spending, more wars, and yes, more evil.

If we don't compromise and support uncompromising candidates we might find another Ron Paul. If we compromise... We have already failed.

Boris in Miami

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I''m pro-Constitution.

But there are many here who are not, and some who would even rejoice at its demise.

cheer up !!!!!!!

there is no hope." he who finds his life in this world shall loose it. he who looses his life for my name's sake shall find it. " jesus of nazareth "the christ"

Thank you "insurgent", little TROLL of ours for helping us educa

Hmnn... I hope that this troll by the name insurgent is getting a good pay for his efforts. He is doing a very nice job; Stirring things up, muddling posts, racist comments, and calls to violence.

Good job insurgent! But please don't think that you are going to stifle free speech at the Daily Paul. Management and the moderators have already gone through the learning curve and know not to let trolls like you affect what others can and can't say.

You might call for an armed revolution; The Freedom Movement calls for an educational one.

You might rant and link to discredited antisemitic websites; We talk about Israel's policies not religion.

But, don't despair, we will take you under our wing, little troll, and use you as a teaching tool of what we at the Freedom Movement is and isn't about.

Thank you for your help!

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

Well borisimo insurgent Made An Exellent Point You Seem...

to have ignored...

"killing semites is very anti-semitic. that is what israel does evey day. palistinians are semites.ashkenazis are not."

Since around 90% of the "Jews" in Israel have no genetic or historical connection to the land of Palestine and are from the region of where approximately Georgia is now (Khazzaria) I'd say he's correct and the "Jews" are the worst "anti-semites"..what a smart little game they created that fools the world...


is this jew an anti-semite/racist? brother nathaniel kapner @ www.realzionistnews.com

killing semites

is very anti-semitic. that is what israel does evey day. palistinians are semites.ashkenazis are not.

so now even

quoting scipture is anti-semitic ?

Voting and Lobbying is non-solution

It's like taking a pill instead of exercise and clean living.

Living: A free-society is determined by lifestyle not by the ballot box.

The ballot box was created by "corporatists"

You did not have the right to vote until corporatism began to manifest: If you are a woman, minority, or poor white man.

The Constitution granted ONLY Wealthy WASP Men the right to vote.

I don't mean "free-market" wealthy -- I'm mean Slave Owning Welfarists and those who "profited" but did not own slaves.

All of them benefited from Indian Land Theft, Genocide, and Reservationism.

We need to stop harkening back to a document.

American Consumer spends $9Trillion per year

That's where your freedom lies.

China has only lent $900B -- in total!!

American Consumer spends $9Trillion per year.

A free-society: Consumption, Savings, Investment, and Effort

A corporatist society: Consumption, Savings, Investment, Effort, Voting, Lobbying, and Welfarism.

OctoBox. "That's where your freedom lies" I don't quite get it

"American Consumer spends $9Trillion per year

That's where your freedom lies.

China has only lent $900B -- in total!!"

I understand everything you say except, I don't know what you mean by 'that's where your freedom lies' Can you please tell us what you mean?


"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

Borrismo: Above I should of said $2.5T

not $900B -- not sure where I got the last number other than it was probably that amount in 2006, smile.

Does not matter (read below).

Borisimo: Thanks for asking I can see how I glossed over it

Arguments are made all the time talking about our "debt-slavery" which is then tied to the "evil FRB" (Fed Reserve Bank) being our rulers.

Now I'm not suggesting these facts are not valid, but leaving it like that; as if to say, we have no power or no blame to share, is not taking "reality" into consideration.

It is "our" fault (as individuals) that we are not free.

We are 90% of the "Evil They's" revenue stream.
1) Consumers-who-Purchase (70%)
---Use Fed Banks
---Use Wall Street
---Buy Corportatist Products
2) Consumers-who-Invest (20%)
---Invest in Fed Banks
---Invest in Wall Street
---Invest in Corporatists
3) Gov't Intervention/Subsidization/Bailouts (10%)

Now the math is a little more intricate than that, but it's very close to accurate.

Do you see it now?

I'm saying we are the ones who are "bailing" out Corporatism -- not the Gov't (it's a drop in the bucket what they put in).

I'm saying we "in-power" the FRB

I'm saying we perpetuate the need for FRNs and Fed Credit.

We are running the Goodship Lolipop
---we demanding the high frutcose corn syrup

We are $9Trillion Powerful
---$9T per year
---$2.5T in total

$9T (per year) in Consumer Spending trumps $2.5T owed to China (in total)

We are too busy watching the magic and too little time being the magic.

SimpleSam has it right...

end the federal reserve,the federal income tax and prosecute and punish all traitors.

I agree, we need to be constitutional.

Given a vote, I vote for our countries first constitution, The Articles of Confederation. grant

You are getting it, yet you are NOT getting it....

Who do you think is in command here???

*Israel* is an evil nation but so is Georgia and the Saudis.....Since all four of them are packed with a government of subversive Zionist Globalists.

All four of them believe in Globalization across every single inch of the world....but who do you think pulls their strings, commands the chaos?

The Federal Reserve Bank and International Federal Reserve or IMF, is who because they run the religious MIC racket. And until you recognize the criminality at this level, there is no way you can stop any of these evil-doers.

Israel especially is controlled by violent Globalists whom long ago gave up any devotion to Judea or God.....there is no way to defeat totaltarian colonialism with more of the same.

"We should not have entangled alliances with anyone." This is the full fleged warning of Thomas Jefferson....and that is why Israel/Egypt/Georgia or Ukraine do not need anymore foreign aid or us being their big brother.

The only way and Ron Paul nailed this thirty years ago, is to end & dismantle the Federal Reserve. Otherwise, this level of evil will return every year.

Pot calls kettle black. To

Pot calls kettle black. To me, the US has become an "EVIL" Nation. This is where we should begin and end..


Who decides what constitutional means? You? Me? Obama?

The Constitution means, forever, what it meant to the people who

adopted it. The same goes for each amendment when it was ratified.

If we do not agree with the meaning as intended, then we use amendments to either clarify our intent, or to change the meaning.

For example, if we choose to no longer intend that "Natural Born Citizen" mean someone born in one of the several States to two parents who are both citizens (natural born or naturalized) then we have to pass an amendment stating such.

If we intend that "income" with respect to taxes, means "anything you receive unless exempted by law" instead of what it mean to the People in 1913 - "gain or profit arising from corporate privilege" then we have to pass yet another amendment to do that. (the obvious implication is that most people today really do not owe "income taxes" as they believe they do, except that they volunteer under penalty of perjury to pay it)

It is a very clear standard. It is not open to interpretation. If we are unsure what the people meant at a certain time in history, we have the public and official writings at the time of the ratification in question to look upon. Generally, such documents as the Federalist Papers, and the Commentaries on the Constitution which include notes from the convention itself, are primary sources since they contain wording showing intent from the men who wrote the original document.

This is the standard the Supreme Court uses. (or at least claims to use. They have ignored it when it suits them)

But who decides what the Founders meant?

The Constitution means, forever,what it meant to the people who adopted it. The same goes for each amendment when it was ratified. QUOTE

There is no objective meaning of the Constitution. Saying what the Founders meant is an opinion.
Early on when people said what you're saying. Chief Justice John Marshall said the Supreme Court, and the court alone, would decide what the Founders meant (Madison was still living).
It's still true, the courts give the Constitution meaning by whatever means they choose.
PS When we say what the Founders meant, there's an assumption they were in substantial agreement as to what it meant. They were not monolithic.
In the end the question remains, who decides what constitutional means? It's the Court, not the Founders, and certainly not us.

Revolution is necessary.

George Washington was not a Natural born Citizen, nor were any of the founding fathers. They were all subjects of the KIng who swore, gave jury, to the King of England. In the view of the kingdom, they were thieves who stole land away from the British Empire.
Of course in the eyes of the Native Americans of those days and today the land did/does not belong to the King or U.S. government.
Revolution is necessary, talking about returning to the original ideals of the Constitution is nothing more than screwing with people's minds, since the Constitution has been turned into nothing more than a piece of paper.
Exercising the intent of the Constitution is not going to happen, those in authority don't want this to happen.
What is needed is Revolution, peaceful Revolution that brings down the central government and empowers local governments. This means that like the founding father's Revolutionaries will have to reject the government and take the rights of the government away from it. Wish us luck.

Couldn't disagree more. We

Couldn't disagree more. We should be SO thankful that we have an established legal precedent for our movement, similar to that of the Founders when seceding from Britain. Actual revolutions with competing factions united only in their desire to remove some central government tend to get very, very bloody.

Ventura 2012

As each American is potentially a 'jury', each of us

must decide whether something is Constitutional or not.

Hence even more reason to know your rights and study the Constitution.


No Anisha, that is a "living document" theory and one which will

lead to relegating it to a piece of toilette paper.

See my above reply. The Supreme Court employees (usually) a very strict rule of construction, that the words in the Constitution can only forever mean whatever they meant to the people at the time that part of the Constitution was adopted.

Such meaning can only be altered in its effect on the government by an amendment duly ratified.

evil does not deserve the right to exist

google it and wake up america before it is to late.

Am I evil? Do I deserve to exist?

Who else? Name names.

Evil is a relative term -

Evil is a relative term - much like perverted.

Unfortunately not going to happen

Failure on America waking up..So now all bets are on the rest of the civilized world waking up and joining together and slapping some common sense into this arrogant,ego driven, self centered country called the USA..I was surprised when it didn't happen after Bush was elected for a second time..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Any candidate that supports the aid and alliance

to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or any other country that supports opression of women, minorities, and those belonging to another faith is equally evil! And yes, this does include most favored trade status given to China. But before Israel is singled out for condemnation, these other countries ought to be given an equally hard look! NONE of them should recieve special treatment.

Read The Revolution, A Manifesto, By Ron Paul. He has no ax to grind against Israel. In fact, in his chapter on foreign policy, He makes two great points:

1) Israel recieves far less foreign aid than the sum total given to her sworn enemies,

2)Foreign aid hurts the countries it is given to far more than it helps, especially by discouraging innovation, not to mention the unseen strings attached, such as the 'right' of America to tell Israel who she may and may not make peace with.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I don't think *I* believe that . . .

all non-Israeli middle eastern countries are the 'good guys' and Israel is the 'bad guy'--

*I* don't believe China (think Tibet) is innocent either.

The difference is ominous. China is oppressive, too, and we owe them a huge amount of money; we aren't calling for more missiles to defend THEM from a country that is not threatening THEM (China)!

WHY are U.S. troops in the middle east? Is it to defend Muslims?

WHY are most Americans pounding the war drums to 'help' Israel attack Iran?

It doesn't make sense. *You* can state financial facts about how much foreign aid each country does or doesn't get--

but why so much 'support' for Israel?

Where is it coming from? If it isn't in the same amount of money or more--

It's one thing to say that Ron Paul has no 'axe to grind' against Israel.

What is the point of that?

*I* have no axe to grind against Israel, beyond the fact that they are oppressing Palestine, and they do seem to be illiciting an undue amount of support, they or their controllers--

for 'themselves' against all other middle eastern nations--

especially Iran, who has really done nothing.

Where is all of this coming from?

I feel that this argument is simply another tired attempt to get *us* to close our ears against the pounding of war drums, so that we fall into step and . . . march along.

Why, because *I* believe this call to aggress against Iran is wrong, completely wrong, does that mean that *I* have an 'axe to grind' against Israel?

Is it all or nothing?

If *I* don't like the support being shown for ANOTHER war against a non-aggressive nation, being fought with U.S. money and U.S. blood--

that means I don't like Israel. (?!)

This goes WAY beyond 'telling' Israel anything. Israel isn't listening. Or America isn't. Who is telling whom anyway?

Tell me about being neutral while Americans are raging against Iran!

(as *they* did against Saddam Hussein and the "Al Quaeda", and where did THAT 'get' *us*?)

I guess I just don't follow *your* logic--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


None of those other “evil” countries dominate American foreign policy.
We are in Iraq for Israel – if we go to war with Iran it will be because Israel wants us too


Liberty = Responsibility

Libera_me You don't see candidates pledging allegiance to Egypt.

Libera_me You don't see candidates pledging allegiance to Egypt, or any of the other countries you mention. But you do see candidates and Congressmen bending over backwards pledging allegiance to Israel.

When was the last time you heard of any interest group as powerful as Israel's AIPAC? Never, because there aren't any. Ipac represents another country, and they are dictating our foreign policy, and when congressmen follow Israel's dictates it is bad, but when candidates supported by the Freedom Movement support Israel then it is really, really bad.

The least we can do, if we choose to believe that the candidate is ignorant as to Israel's power in America's politics is to educate them.

Foreign aid to Israel is hurting the US a lot more than it is hurting them. Thousands of American soldiers killed, a few trillion dollars we don't have spent, liberties lost, etc.

And how do you think that a country that attacked one of America's ships in the 60's with the aim to sink it, will behave towards America when the American economy tanks because of the wars they got us into? Do you think they will 'help us'?

Educate your candidates, let them know America is not an Israeli colony, their piggy bank, or source of cheap cannon fodder.

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2