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Ron Paul on Randi Rhodes Show - Air America 8/16

Michael S writes: Ron Paul will be on the Randi Rhodes Show tomorrow 8/16 on Air America. KLSD's Stacey Taylor is filling in for Randi. Check local listings for times. Pass it on!

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I was listening to the Stacy Taylor show and please remember this is 'progressive' radio...

It pains me to hear people say things like Ron should pair up with Mike Gravel or worse yet, Dennis Kucinich...

Ron is diametrically opposed to the UN and taxes and managed health care...Gravel and Kucinich are pro-government and FOR all these things, so it would never work. NEVER!

I understand that a lot of young people don't understand the basic differences between the less government party (R) and the government-is-God party (D) and when they suggest a 'Unity' ticket I just want to scream STOP!!!!


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It should not pain you..

Hi Jane, I do not believe it should pain you. I love Gravel, Kucinich and even Richarson and even, yes, Bill Clinton...have you heard him speak to Harvard grads lately? Google it, its good. Now why do I love Gravel so much? Gee how could you not? Just read my reasons on Active Forum topic "A Winning RP Team"

The idea of a Unity ticket is a brilliant one, especially when you realize that there are not enough Goldwater/Constitutionalists/Libertarians out there for RP. Especially when you realize that the "other" is not the "D's" but the WarHawk party, in Both Parties. We are of the Constitutionalist Peace Party and We need more on our team. Gravel supports and Kucinich supporters should be welcomed with warm arms and happy smiles Jane. No mud slinging, no lectures, just welcome them on board to our winning RP team.

Air America

That was a great interview. I magine if that were Sean Hannity doing the interview. Ron Paul would be getting cut off every five seconds. This interview was done very professionally. Dr Raul did an excellent job with the questions and was very articulate about what he stands for. I think many Conservative radio hosts can learn a thing or two about how to conduct an interview. Guys like Hannity and Savage love to interrupt and hear themselves talk.

On now

Dr. Paul is on live now, if anybody's waiting.

Off now

Now he's off. That was short.

Air America radio

Looks like the show starts at 3:00 PM EST, you can listen live on AirAmerica Radio online: http://www.airamerica.com/aarplayer/gateway

Only problem is, the show goes til 7:00 PM? long time to listen.. don't know what time to listen.

randi rhodes show

Looks like she is on 3-6 pm. San Diego time.
here is the schedule...


here is the live link


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Ron Paul on Randi Rhodes

Does anyone know what time he'll be on?

Economic Populist Forum

Ron Paul on Randi Rhodes

Does anyone know what time he'll be on?

Economic Populist Forum

The dead guitarist from Ozzy?

Randy Rhodes has been dead for years!!!...oh Randi Rhodes...I see...it would be better if it were Randy. Still good job for Ron Paul