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People standing up! Get Fluoride out of our Water!!!

Today our local Water Utility had it's monthly meeting. For the past several months this issue has come up... a local group even paid for Dr. Paul Connett of www.fluoridealert.org, who has researched fluoride for over 14 years, to fly down and attend and speak to the board about the dangers of fluoride. However, before the meeting was held... the cancelled the meeting.

One of the five members of the board is a liberty minded individual who believes forcefully medicating the population with fluoride is wrong. In addition, the dental health of the people is not a responsibility of the Water Utility. Two more member are up for election this year and both are being opposed by candidates who do not support fluoride. It is also noteworthy... that it is costing us $300,000 to add this toxic waste.

This is just the beginning of a reawakening... this is our contribution to the whole effort accross the country to restore accountability to government.


Dr. Connett called one of our local legal shows to ask.. "Who do I sue?" if I've been damaged by fluoride.


Here's Dr. Connett's website.


And our website Escambia County United Against Fluoride.


And this is our local cable access tv show... with a special message from Dr. Connett to Pensacola (Part one of five)


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any other counties doing this?

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