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Ron Paul Online Rally Update

Hi Folks,

There's a few things I thought I'd pass on today.

1) New Grass Roots Mailing List.

First and foremost, I'd like to tell you about a new mailing list I have
created, and that anyone can join:


This is a low volume, moderated list intended to disseminate important announcements about various projects to *anyone* interested in grassroots efforts and "action on the ground" -- especially Meetup group leaders.

Meetup.com has proven itself ineffective for distributing important
announcements to the 600+ meetup groups. Indeed Meetup.com actively prohibits any member from contacting more than 25 groups in one day, and these must be done individually. It is hoped that leaders or members from each of those groups will join this list and then pass the information on to the list for each respective group, if relevant.

It is vital that we improve our communications channels if we hope to organize effectively in support of Dr. Paul.

Announcements to this list will be approved by the moderators in a timely fashion. If you would like to become a moderator, please first join the list and then contact me (danda) and introduce yourself, your reasons, and your availability.

2) Official Online Rally Blog.

That's right, the Ron Paul Online Rally now has its very own Blog.


Take a look now to read a brief re-cap of the Ames Tribune Ad story.

Mostly this blog will be used for announcements about the rally itself, but if any of you (the rally participants) have something important to say, let me know, and we can probably get it posted. Don't forget about the Grass Roots Announce list though!

3) View Incoming Photos, Report Inappropriate Content

Now you can check out new photos as they arrive. The latest 30 photos are displayed on the page.


There is also a facility to report inappropriate content. This helps us keep the rally mosaic free of photos and comments that are abusive or in bad taste.

4) Military Photos.

Wouldn't it be cool to create a new mosaic image out of images of our troops that support Ron Paul? Wouldn't that make a great Ad?

Members of the military donated more to Ron Paul in Q2 than to any other candidate, so there must be plenty who support him.

The photo upload form can now track if a person is (or has been) in the military, and which branch. This also gets displayed on the mosaic itself.

And we are asking troops to upload pictures of themselves IN UNIFORM. If you know any Ron Paul supporters that are serving, or that have served in the past, please let them know.


Dan Libby

We're rallying behind Ron Paul. Stand with us at:

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Great idea. Im group

Great idea. Im group organizer for Biloxi and dont like meetup at all. Its not user friendly and its expensive for what you get.

I have an idea that I wanted to share with as many group leaders as possible. To challenge each meetup to put up the most signs on Labor Day weekend. Its the last drive holiday of summer. We could get Dr. Paul incredible coverage on such a busy weekend. It makes perfect sense to use Labor Day..

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Great Ideas!

Sounds like the "team" is getting a second wind after that vote fiasco at Ames.

Love the idea of the military online poll and the centralizing of the meetup groups. Nice job. I feel good about the 3 to 10 new people a day that I spread the RP message to, but really proud of the guys like you that are doing it on a grander scale. You're an inspiration as are the many that have made huge sacrafices, none more than RP and his wife.

Thinking about it, wouldn't it be nice to do a little section on the people that have really stood out in the campaign to date? Mr. Nystrom, Dan Libby, the gal that walked 30 plus miles, the attorney in California, the guys that made some of the great songs....love that "Hope for America" song, people that have made extensive videos, the adopt the Iowan starter, producers of the Iowa ad, and so many more. Let's not forget our friend, Lew Rockwell. This may inspire more to do the same.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL