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Our book, America's Youth vs. Big Government, is now on Amazon!

Hey guys, here comes a shameless plug for the book that my brother and I just got published on Amazon.com: America's Youth vs. Big Government.

We spent 8 months (3 writing; 5 editing, typesetting, proofing, designing) and hundreds of dollars into this book, with the hopes to help educate young Americans on the perils of an expansive government gone wild. We actually wrote it specifically with our friends in mind, who often times have zero grasp on the serious issues we'll be facing as we get older.

We cover topics such as: internet regulation, Social Security, Hamilton vs. Madison, campaign finance, post-secondary education, the Constitution, Federal debt, and more.

As members of the Liberty community, I would be grateful if you were to purchase a copy and read it (any reviews you'd like to give us on Amazon would be great). Though you guys here already understand the perils of big government, I feel that you will be able to appreciate the unique perspective we provide on these issues as well as the immense amount of effort (363 sources!) we put into this project. Also, we'd be thankful if you passed this onto your family and friends.

DailyPaul.com has been a critical resource for us throughout our research as my frequent stops here have not only provided us with talking points, but inspiration to continue on in this process.

I'm aware that, as members of this community, we all are doing what we can to regain our freedoms in this country, that we all have our projects, and that its tough to spend money these days, but any support you can give us will truly be appreciated.

You guys can see the book on Amazon here

and check out our blog here: http://www.americasyouthvsbiggovernment.com

Thanks again.

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thanks for the links, will check it out

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to let others see and consider. I was wondering if you also covered BIG Corporations and the FED influence in the destruction of the country as well?

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