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Rand Paul's General Election Platform: Email to supporters - IT'S GREAT!

An agenda unlike any politician in the country

Dear Patriot,

Sometimes, the political process makes us all just a bit cynical and jaded -- my self included. We look at what the Washington DC establishment -- the career politicians, the corporate lobbyists, and the entrenched bureaucracy has brought us, and we throw up our hands, thinking, they're all the same.

I don't like to yell too loud, or beat my chest. But I want to take a moment to remind you why I am not your typical politician, and why this is not a typical campaign or movement.

"But I want to take a moment to remind you why I am not your typical politician, and why this is not a typical campaign or movement.

Among the many reasons:

  • I will never, ever vote for a taxpayer bailout of a private industry. Whether it's big banks, automakers, or any other industry -- you succeed or fail on your own.
  • I will not vote for an unbalanced budget. I will not vote for a tax increase. Ever.
  • I will fight for new rules like a Balanced Budget Amendment and Term Limits.
  • I will not take ANYTHING off the table in the fight to balance the budget. Anyone who says something like they will "freeze non-defense discretionary spending" is blowing smoke at you and hoping you won't notice. That would balance the budget -- MAYBE -- in about 80 years.
  • We have to keep our promises to seniors and keep our country strong, but every area has things that can be cut. Every agency has things that are duplicative or that could be done better or cheaper.
  • I will propose and force a vote on an Enumerated Powers Act, to force Congress to point to the part of the Constitution that justifies their bills.
  • I will fight for the Bill of Rights. Democrats often love the 4th amendment. Republicans the 2nd. I will fight for them all, which means fighting for your free speech, gun rights, and civil liberties. Laws that infringe on ANY of these make the federal government more powerful, and we cannot continue to allow that.
  • I will not allow our troops to be the world's policeman, and I will force a vote on a Declaration of War if any President seeks to commit our military to battle.

What you've just read above is an agenda unlike any politician in the country. While solidly conservative, it also shows first, a great loyalty to the Constitution and to our freedom. You cannot fight for liberty while voting for bills that embolden the state. You cannot fight for some of our founding rights without others. And you cannot enable change in Washington by sending the same old people there.

For anyone who thinks elections don't matter, or all candidates are the same, I urge you to read this one more time. I don't think it's a stretch to say that few candidates running for office this year will so fully embrace this agenda of freedom and prosperity, of fighting the power of the federal government while working to ensure that the rights of Americans are restored.

If you agree, I ask for your help.

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please add this to the new Rand Paul post

Some people haven't seen this...Rand is the real deal.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Red State just posted that the new Rand Plan should be adopted

by all conservative candidates. He quotes it then says:

"That was put out recently by Senatorial Candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky, but it could’ve been done by any of our great Conservative leaders running this year, and I believe that it should be the model that all our candidates follow. If all our candidates unite behind this platform, Contract with America style, I believe this would result in not only a massive victory, but a huge mandate as well, for these Conservative principles. I am extremely impressed by this campaign platform, and while obviously Rand doesn’t even need something impressive like this as he’s already comfortably ahead in his campaign, I believe what he has done provides a tremendous opportunity for other candidates across America, to adopt this platform as their own and ride it to sweet, sweet victory in November!"

Then someone on RPF said he had his Hannity affiliate on and he was saying much the same thing, which both blew me away and made me figure he'd missed something, reading it the first time...

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

It really was too bad that

It really was too bad that the Contract with America was a hoax.

Drain the swamp!

I saw that.

Here is the link at Redstate:


Rand had a great appearance on Hannity the other day.

The tide is turning in our favor.

Amazing message! This should

Amazing message!

This should dispel some doubts from skeptical supporters!

Let's all pledge for the moneybomb!

Off Topic but...

Schiff's campaign ads and others are annoying the McMahons.

Read it here!


We could use some positive comments to tell the public to vote for Peter Schiff. Please register immediately and commment!

I like his drive, but...

I'm really disappointed in his support for the Enumerated Powers Act.

I know some people hold this dear to their hearts, but it is a Trojan Horse.

The first thing to understand is the Supreme Court does not like to get in the middle of political issues. They want to decide profound questions.

Second, they are since at least the time of Roosevelt more likely to uphold the power of the Federal government, even when it isn't granted to them by the Constitution, rather than strike it down.

Having Congress merely "point" to the clause in the Constitution they are exercising at the beginning of each bill will be (no pun intended) POINTLESS.

Already, Senators and Representatives who have no clue what the Constitution says claim this or that clause gives them the power to do x,y,or z.

Senator Pete Stark thinks the Constitution allows the government to do ANYTHING, including make you a slave to people who claim they want health care. (in direct violation of the 13th amendment)

Do you really want these idiots who are obvious dumber than bricks, be the ones to say definitively that the law is Constitutional and "here's why?"

You see, when the Supreme Court is presented with a Constitutional challenge to a law under this act, they will simply point to the section that enumerates the power in the Constitution being exercised and claim "this is a political question. It is not a question of Constitutionality, but whether or not the People agree with Congress. If they don't like the law, they can take it up with their Senators or Representatives, or vote them out of office. But Congress has clearly indicated the law is Constitutional and even pointed to the clause they are carrying out. There is thus no legal question of Constitutionality. Case dismissed."

And so the law stands in direct violation of the Constitution and cannot be challenged. Any minor challenge on the periphery of the law, say some particular subsection will likewise be dismissed with the court pointing to the enumerated powers clause. They will simply say that the power of Congress is there as claimed and so the entire bill is acceptable.

This is a DISASTER for liberty.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - convince Rand to drop it, and others as well.

This is worse than the fox guarding the henhouse.

And if your only response is "we must do something" then please leave this nation in peace. We don't need to "do something" if that something will make the situation worse, or cause other problems.

There is only danger in having people who desire power and who know nothing of the limits on their power, be the ones to oversee themselves by having them "justify" what they do with mere words. (in LAW no less)

The solution to unconstitutional laws is NOT the Enumerated Powers Act, it is the States acting through their APPOINTED Senators and in their own spheres, as bulwarks of protection against Federal encroachment via nullification.

What we should be doing is advocating a repeal of the 17th Amendment, not this enumerated powers Trojan Horse.

I agree with your concerns

I still think the law may help have a "waking up' effect on Congress- at the very least, it will force to think about the constitution when passing every law, something that isn't done currently.

I do take issue with your belief that the 17th amendment holds great explanatory power for the increase in the size of the federal government. States, just like the people, love to see the federal government get bigger-- if it means that they are going to profit from it.

Great agenda

He addresses all of the contentious points and clears everything for me.
May God have mercy on us.


This was good timing.

I think he was starting to get lost in all of the negative publicity and national media attention, so it was time to reaffirm WHY the people of Kentucky should vote for him and what he stands for. This is very encouraging for me to see that he has not lost sight of why he started running in the first place.

Rand Paul is the real deal!

I'm sending his platform to all my anti-war friends! :D


This restores my faith in this guy. So glad to see that he truly wants to limit the power of the government and not take part in the useless 'culture war' that Republicans are playing up nowadays.

Rand will never have the

Rand will never have the integrity or consistancy to his beliefs that his dad has, because winning is too important to him.
However, I do believe that he is sincere on these issues, and I do hope he wins the seat.

what is this, a personal attack? he has no voting records yet.

with the same logic i can also just make a random arbitrary assertion. i would put you even below rand paul in this case, not just ron paul, and i would put you under 100x. you would never have the same integrity of honesty or consistency or intelligence as rand paul.. not in 10 times of your life time. now prove me wrong. prove a negative.


great post -

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

This pleases a skeptic

Best statements from Rand yet.


Every campaign you have to throw out some planks that reference seniors - and Rand does not fail.

In my town Seniors are 70% of the vote.


Let's go get them for Rand. Donations that is and spread this message that ALL VOTERS SHOULD HEAR.

E Pluribus Unum

Read the 1932 Democratic Party Platform....

or the 1980 GOP platform. Those who support throw in with the Israeli Lobby cannot be trusted. When Rand wins, I'll will be the first to admit I'm wrong if he keeps his promises, and I genuinely hope I am wrong.

and it wouldn't matter if you apologize

you're either a help to the liberty movement or you're not. might as well stop wasting board space.

No opposing views?

So... you are saying that only the choir can comment on this site?

opposing views to..?

grandstanding a person leaving a one liner response remotely implying something about "trust"? "trust" to you sounds like some objective attribute that can be debated about and put in the category of "opposing views" as your smart brain puts it? "opposing view"?

and you type a phrase "so you are saying" then proceed to attach something on your own, pretending those were my exact words? amazing logic

There's a lot every Liberty

There's a lot every Liberty candidate can learn from Rand Paul's campaign.

In my opinion, Rand Paul has run the best campaign from all of the liberty candidates. I'm sure being the son of Ron Paul helped, however I don't think that's what got him the Republican nomination.

His campaign staff, strategy, speaking style, and talking points are proven to be a recipe for success.

I hope the other liberty candidates take notice and use his proven campaign strategy.

Debbie's picture

This is just beautiful.

This is just beautiful.




Enumerated powers act should

Enumerated powers act should obligate the courts to consider only the powers enumerated in determining the constitutionality of a law and ignore any interpretation of other parts of the constitution that could be stretched to cover it.

Great stuff!

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I know that is how HE interprets Constitutionality

I hope that is what the bill says.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Nice. Go Rand! I guess

Nice. Go Rand!

I guess Conway's version would read somewhat like:

- I will vote for all kinds of taxpayer bailouts. After all, that's how you get campaign contributions, right? By bailing out any company or industry in a Democratic district, whose workers and owners are too incompetent and too overpaid to be able to compete with anyone at all on an equal footing. And especially companies where most of the workforce is of the politically correct kind; i.e. from a Democratic stronghold, with a Daddy that bought them some, to the uncritical, impressive sounding degrees, or members of some politically correct union. And especially if the bailed out companies are instrumental in funding and covering up ever growing government deficits, and in siphoning off wealth and influence form those pesky productive folk who will just vote for my opponent anyway.

- I will never vote for a balanced budget, period. No way could I possibly face my chosen constituency of special interest leeches, and tell them I'm not ruining even a single child's ability to have a financially secure future on their behalf. They need to know I'm focused on them. Not some stupid kid!

- As I said, I promise to fight anything resembling an amendment requiring those in power to balance anything at all. Certainly anything that would prevent me and my fellow careerists from building generation long fiefdoms on the back of other people's labor.

- The only thing I will leave on the table when it comes to balancing budgets, is the ability to tax people who actually produce something. I'm a champion of the leeching classes, after all. Productive folk really have some nerve, thinking they have some kind of right to enjoy their earnings, without paying us leeches half of it in tribute first!

- My opponent really has it backwards. We don't need to keep promises, we need to keep making promises. Figuring out how to keep them is something Paul voters' children will have to deal with. And as for a strong country; who cares, as long as the country has a government strong enough to drive in taxes, come what may. Which, by the way would be a lot easier if all those none leeches whose role it is to pay taxes and shut up, just weren't being all riled up by the likes of my opponent and his dad.

- I will vehemently oppose any act that in any way requires me and my fellow Great Leaders to justify anything we do with other people's lives and livelihoods, whatsoever.

- I will fight to water down whatever sliver is still left of the bill of rights. The Bill of Rights is a living document. If my opponent wasn't such a backwards Neanderthal, he would realize the 4th Amendment, interpreted by the standards of today, means that us Great Leaders, and our hired thugs, can search for and seize any firearm, any piece of currency, and any glass of milk anyone not belonging to a politically correct special interest group may have. And that the second amendment only applies to those doing the searching and seizing. After all, the more powerful the Federal Government gets, the more I can promise you, my fellow leeches, that I will steal from others on your behalf.

- I will absolutely allow our troops to be the world's policemen. Anything to keep them occupied doing something other than securing our own borders. And while they are there policing the world, I will also ensure they report to the UN. That way, not only can we rob those darned Paul sympathizers of their material goods at home to pay for forreign adventures; we can make their patriotic children pawns in our ragtag progressive army as well. That way, we can rely on "international treaties" and other such phrases that we think makes us sound impressive and edumecated, to justify our overreach. Besides, "declaration of war" sounds too conservative'y and scary. After all, it sounds like something involving those scary guns the Paul guys are always referring to. When we send other people's kids to die for our vanity, we'll call it humanitarian actions, darnit!

That sounds about right

although he'd never come right out and say it.

Master of the euphemisms, is our Jack.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Two favorites are Numbers 4

Two favorites are Numbers 4 and 8. Attention candidates for office. If you pledge to honor just these two of the eight tenets, I for one, might send you a check. So basic, so right.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.