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C4L Member & RP Repub Candidate Matt Brakey in NYT Article on Banning Red Light Cameras

August 7, 2010 (NYT) - It is a common consequence of having a car these days: a driver arrives home, opens the mail and — surprise! — finds a summons attached to a grainy photograph purporting to show the driver (or at least the driver’s vehicle) involved in a traffic violation.

Now, as cash-challenged localities increasingly rely on such fines, traffic cameras have become a hot issue on the campaign trail and have even drawn federal scrutiny in a trend reflecting the populist outrage of this political season.

The issue has bubbled up in places like Cleveland, where Matt Brakey, a 29-year-old businessman seeking a spot on the Cuyahoga (i.e. Cleveland) County Council, has proclaimed his opposition to traffic cameras on his campaign Web site and at events like one he recently held at a busy intersection where he unfurled a banner announcing his stance...

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Visit Matt Brakey's campaign site.

(Note: The article doesn't mention that Matt is a C4L member, or that he's a Ron Paul Republican, but he mentioned that to me in his email when he sent me the story. Thanks Matt!)

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Good to see individuals waking up to Big Brother's traffic cams.

Michael Nystrom's picture

No doubt

They had these traffic cams in Taiwan when I lived there from 2003-2005. And I remember them in Europe when I traveled around in the late 90's. But I always told people that they don't have them in America.

When did these get slipped in? How did they get slipped in. I guess like everything else, when people weren't paying attention.

Yes, it is nice to see people standing up.

Rights aren't granted, they're claimed.

He's the man.
reedr3v's picture