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Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler - Another Great American

There is a wonderful post in the Forums section of the Daily Paul by Brian Miller that I'd like to call attention to. Brian served in the Marine Corps as did one of my personal American heroes, Major General Smedley Butler.

General Butler's service to our country reminds me of Dr. Paul's.

Both having the courage to stand up for what is right and good about America. Please take the time to read Brian's fine essay as well as General Butler's great piece, "War is a Racket".

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wow just found this blog post

I didn't know how to post a blog on here so I started a forum thread.

I must say that I have known about Gen. Butler since I went to Parris Island, SC for boot camp. We were tested on USMC history and taught to honor the service of Smedley Butler, Dan Daley, Chesty Puller and Opha Mae Johnson. I was never aware of the essay that you posted and I am glad I read it.

I must add that I do and did not mention my brief and unremarkable service in the Marines to suggest that people who did not serve have less of a voice. I did mention it, however, because some people who did not serve would question the patriotism of anyone who does not support preemptive war in support of an unconstitutional empire.

I am an individual and my identity was shaped and enhanced but not defined by my career choices or my sex or ethnicity. I served from 95 to 99 and I never left the country. I am humbled by the service of people like a young former Marine who lost his eye in Iraq and now works security at my office.

I did add the post to my little blog and added it to Digg.


Primary and Delegate votes

I'm not sure how this works in the Republican camp, and it may vary by state, but I understand that the delegates are required to vote according to popular vote (among registered Republicans, if applicable in your state) on the first round, and if there's no clear majority, they can vote for anyone in subsequent rounds, resulting in the nominee being chosen. Dr. Paul does not have to win the vote, as long as he's still in the race and the race is still on after the first round of delegate voting.

Of course, it's usually not that close and the conventions are boring. (Unlike the last nail-biter of a Libertarian convention when the third place candidate worked his way up to win after a few rounds.)

Much will rest on Ron Paul's powers of persuasion in that case.

Whatever the details, I hope there are men and women in uniform standing by to speak their support for Congressman Paul at the convention. Their support, in person, would go a long way to swaying the delegates to support the anti-war candidate.

Just thinking ahead to the next step ;)


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Delegates, primaries and Fannie Lou Hamer

I believe that most, if not all, states now have a winner take all situation for their primaries. For example, let's say that there are 7 candidates on the ballot. In a close race the winning candidate may win with only 20% of the total vote. In that case they get all of the state's delegates for the first round of voting at the convention, as you point out. This would be to the benefit of Dr. Paul as the only anti-war Republican since the others would divide up the voting among the "stay the course" crowd.

In the past many states gave the candidates a percentage of the delegates matching what the candidate received in that state's primary. That made it much more likely that a winner would not be determined on the first ballot so the nominating conventions were very important. Now conventions are pretty much window dressing since who the delegates are pledged to vote for has already determined the issue. I also want to point out the delegates are only pledged to vote for a candidate and they technically could switch and vote for someone else. However that would make a delegate a persona non grata within their own state's party hierarchy so it virtually never happens. I can not recall off the top of my head the last time it did occur. Most delegates are, after all, people who are very active politically and want to remain so.

The way delegates are seated is determined by each state's party so it is not universal across the country.

Another of my great American heroes is Fannie Lou Hamer who was instrumental in getting African-American delegates recognized by the Democratic National Committee during the 1960s. She was nearly beaten to death for her heroic efforts. The wikipedia biography just scratches the surface of her story.

And since you mention Dr. Paul's support within the military, I understand there is an effort underway to have the next mosaic ad be made up completely of uniformed military personnel. I am really looking forward to seeing that one.

My opinion as a bystander is:

Place much more emphasis on this insane war -

First of the useless death of so many people -
the tens of thousends of injured and crippled -
the mounting problems of hundreds of thousends of servicemen and Iraqis getting exposed to DU and the immense future costs.

And the COSTS.

Dr. Paul says a lot about it on


I googled -costs of war- and this entry is SECOND(!) here on the austrian google!

And his supporters should tell for example NOW the people of New Hamsphire that this small state paid already 1,9 billions for this quagmire.


Most people dont know this figures and therefore dont care about it - that includes us Europeens as well.

With the 300 million $ spent in Iraq EVERY DAY the US could buy 4 million barrels of oil EVERY DAY!!

Get the message out!

You are doing an excellent job and I visit this site every day several times.

War Is A Racket alternate location

Is also available online at the somewhat more-memorable http://warisaracket.com/