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Conservative group calls on GOP for “emergency intervention” to block Obama legislation

In 2006, Democrats went public with a platform of a half dozen proposals, detailing what they planned to do if they gained the majority in Congress. They labeled it “Six for 06.”

On Tuesday, a Republican advocacy group will release their own similarly named program, calling it “7 in ‘11.” But instead of things they think the GOP should do, the agenda being outlined by American Crossroads is made up mostly of things they think Republicans should oppose or eliminate.

America Crossroads’ advocacy arm — Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS)– said on its website that the “7 in ‘11″ program “isn’t an exhaustive list of every important issue facing the country.”

Instead, they’ve dubbed it “an emergency intervention” to “reverse America’s slide toward economic and financial disaster.”

The program calls on the GOP to “stop” the Bush tax hikes from expiring at the end of the year, to “end” stimulus projects deemed to be “wasteful,” to “call a ‘timeout’” on Obama’s health care bill, to enact a “moratorium” on “government handouts to banks, automakers, labor unions and other politically-connected interests,” to “block” any bill putting a price on carbon emissions, and to “stop stalling” on securing the border.

On the nation’s looming entitlement crisis, Crossroads’ GPS proposes a commission to study the problem and suggest solutions, even though President Obama has already created a commission that has been meeting for most of the year.

Here is the full list of the “7 in ‘11″ proposal:

1. Guarantee Low Tax Rates that Encourage American Economic Growth
* Stop the Obama tax hike time bomb scheduled to detonate on January 1, 2011
* Reform and simplify the tax system to strengthen America’s global competitiveness

2. Stop Congress’ Reckless Waste of Taxpayer Money
* End wasteful “stimulus” spending and pork-barrel earmarks
* Develop fiduciary-quality controls on Congress’ budgeting and spending processes
* Cut Congress’ ballooning travel budget

3. Aggressively Attack the National Debt
* Clean up the nation’s books and set a clear course to pay off the national debt
* Create a “BRAC” commission process to tackle entitlement reform


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Too late for you GOP...

Most Republicans should sit home rather than vote for these establishment based sellouts!!

Then, we can all join in key districts and vote for Liberty Republicans and Independents....and get a REAL agenda going nationwide without a "Grand Old Party" screwing the public.