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"Cocaine should be legal" President of the Royal College of Physicians

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore said making drugs such as heroin and cocaine legal would “drastically” cut crime and addicts’ health problems.

State-regulated use of drugs would also save money and avert the need to try to stop drug production in countries such as Afghanistan, he said.

Sir Ian has recently stepped down as president of the Royal College of Physicians, and in a valedictory message to colleagues, he called for laws to be “reconsidered with a view to decriminalising illicit drugs use”. He said: “This could drastically reduce crime and improve health.”

Sir Ian said he agreed with the argument put forward by Nicholas Green QC, the chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales, who said last month that it was “rational” to consider “decriminalising personal drug use”.



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Just cocaine?

Every drug, yes, every so-called illegal drug should be available to people willing to live with the consequences of indulging in them. Drugs for tots? Still... not cool.

Our very own President Barack...

would probably agree, especially since he loved it so much when he was younger, and has admitted to using it.
Next thing you know he will be writing an Executive order to make it legal I'm sure.

barack and bush

i think they both had their affairs with the stuff.

regardless, it should still be legal.

the politicians, the rich and the famous have access to better drugs, and it's not like the public has stopped buying it.

it just means that it's an expensive habit.

the poor still do crack and pot, so really we are talking about a financial break for the middle class.

and we have more drug lords then we know what to do with, including the usual suspects, but not forgetting the cia, the fbi, the border patrol...

we certainly don't have the money to build more prisons, china isn't going keep our credit window open for much longer.

so while you're stuck in your "obama this" and "obama that", i'd like to hear some real reflection on where we've been, and where we're going when it comes to drugs.

as a tea totaler, who doesn't even like aspirin, I'm always curious to hear other people's opinions on the rights of the individual.

I absolutely love cocaine! I

I absolutely love cocaine! I sprinkle it on my cornflakes and Red Bull in the morning. I don't think I'd be able to stay on DP 24/7 without it....

That has to be a joke.

That has to be a joke.

Are you serious?

Of course it's a joke. Good grief.