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Palin will 'actively help' Sharron Angle in Nevada

The Daily Caller has learned that Sharron Angle has former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath, told The Daily Caller that his sister plans to “actively help” Angle and “do whatever she can” to help take out Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate’s majority leader, in Nevada this fall.

“She’s got GUTS and is putting up with more crap than she deserves because the libs don’t know what to do with her and the support she has,” Palin said in a email provided to TheDC by Heath.

While Palin has not yet formally endorsed Angle in public before now, she said her support was offered to the Angle campaign when she recently made a donation to her. It is not clear if Palin was referring to a personal donation she made to Angle or the money her SarahPAC has contributed to Angle’s campaign. Palin has also supported Angle on Twitter, writing that Angle was “right” about wanting to allow workers to invest Social Security in private accounts.


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