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Has anyone here heard of this woman?

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A friend of mine told me about her yesterday.

We were playing the game "have you ever heard of...?" and Mae Brussell was completely new to me.

I was actually living in that area when she was broadcasting back then but this was before I woke up. I'm surprised after all these years and researching and listening etc I had never heard of her.

Thomas, I figured you might cuz you're out there now. I gotta spend some time listening. Just reading "About Mae
Brussell" gives me plenty of reason to believe her death was no accident.

Ron Paul is My President

I Used To Listen To Her Back In The Early 80s Once In A Great

while.The station she was on was about 40 miles from me. Why?

"In 1983 Mae's show was picked up by listener-sponsored KAZU FM in nearby Pacific Grove. Five years later she was forced off the air, for the last time, from death threats but continued sending out her weekly tapes to subscribers until June 13, 1988 (tape #862).

Mae died of cancer on October 3rd of that year. She was 66. A year before she died, at dinner one night in her house, she pulled up the blind and pointed out the house across the cul-de-sac she lived on. "The CIA bought that house several months ago," she said, "and they have been observing me." The house across the street burned down the night she died."



THOSE SADISTIC EVIL SONS OF _____________!!!!!!!!

If what you say is true...then the godammned CIA murdered her by inducing cancer!! (the surely did it to Aarron Russo) I swear if there were only a club that one could join, where the sole goal would be to hunt down and eliminate the murderous pieces of sewage that participate in these crimes against US citizens.....

It would be the most popular(and secret club) in the history of the USA.

Never heard of her.

I like her meticulousness. If she were alive today, I imagine she'd be going over the WikiLeaks war logs with a fine-toothed comb.

The 90's called. They want their web design back.

Ouch! That really hurts to look at!

I bookmarked it for later digestion. (or indigestion as the case may be from looking at it too long)

However, if she died in 1988, why is there anything on the site about 9/11?


It's by the guy who maintains the site. Scroll down to the bottom of that page.

Ron Paul is My President

What a find sunny!!!

I am just listening to an audio that seems to make a hell of a lot of sense. I never believed 'planes' hit those buildings.