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Did Rand change his stance on medicinal marijuana?

Has anyone else heard about this? I hope he hasn't changed his stance...

Back in May, when Kentucky Republican Rand Paul defeated an establishment candidate to win his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate, I pointed out that one of the issues Paul used to win over voters was his support of medical marijuana laws.

Now, in a telling political move, the son of Ron Paul has reversed his stance on the issue, telling the Associated Press last week that “he is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, even for medicinal purposes.” (He also stated that he doesn’t think the government’s war on drugs is “a real pressing issue” and that he wants to cut federal funding for drug treatment programs.)


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This issue has already been discussed

in this thread:

Many of us don't trust the AP to accurately state Rand's position as they have misquoted him in the past (including the very same article where he was quoted as saying the drug problem isn't a pressing issue), so we are waiting for further clarification on the subject.

For the record Rand has stated in the past that he supports the states in their right to enforce their own medical marijuana policy:

“But from those decisions we kept widening and widening, and now we have sort of the Gonzalez v. Raich decision where they say, California wants to allow medical marijuana, and the federal government comes in and says, ‘Oh no, that defies the commerce clause also because that marijuana looks like other marijuana that could be sold interstate.’ So therefore even though you’re growing it, your own plants and using it for medicinal uses, that that somehow qualifies as interstate commerce.”


So even if he doesn't support medical marijuana itself he still supports the states rights position at least. But again, I wouldn't trust what AP says here.



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Rand Paul 2016

No Surprise

he is a republican ....
and we were afraid there would be caving in to appease
the GOP - gotta get those votes ya know ....
BTW - what is his stance on foreign policy these days?
Lemme guess - he needs to listen to his father a whole lot more.

Don't jump to conclusions

As seems to be the standard practice here. Wait for confirmation or denial. It looks to me like it is completely wrong.

I come up with only ONE source for this claim

so I don't believe it. If it becomes a wider reported story that is vetted by the source (Rand), then I'll believe it.