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Jive Dadson with the Illinois Republican Straw Poll Results

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NON-Candidate Fred Thompson is freaking me out

Now that I've been cencored from writing letters or posting comments on Fred Thompson's fans sites (and I never even mentioned Ron Paul)..all I do is ask, "How does a NON-candidate merit being in the polls?" I'm hoping one of the law school professors I asked write me back to tell me, because it's totally creeping me out. FT creeps me out. Fred Thompson was asked, "If you were president, how would you handle the war?" FT says, "I would do what Bush is doing." How the hell is this guy getting votes? And I wonder....did Karl Rove resign to sign up for FT? Hmmmm

I feel your pain...LOL!

FT creeps me out too. I recently tried to watch an interview so I could know the enemy and he didn't answer a single question he was asked. Ho, hum, just another flip-flopping politician.

FT's following are the same koolaid drinkers who get their marching orders from Limbaugh/Hannity/Boortz and such. They believe that we have to fight the evil muslims over there so we don't have to fight them here, and they'd gladly submit to cavity searches by the goons because "if you don't have anything to hide, you don't have anything to worry about". Of course you were banned from FT fan sites: these people cover their ears and scream if you disagree.

I think the best way to handle them is one-on-one. I'm sure you know some of these people in Real Life. Point out the hypocrasies, such as: "if you're so worried about them coming here, don't you wonder why the borders weren't closed by 5PM on 09-11-2001?", or, "what did Iraq have to do with 9-11?" or even the pro-life one, "if you're pro-life, why is it ok to kill innocent civilians (aka: collateral damage)?". You'll plant the seed...follow up later.

I do the same thing with my ultra-liberal friends. Yesterday, my office mate, uber-lib but also very Christian, was going on and on about Obama. I simply asked him how he could possibly support a man who believes in pre-emptive nuclear attack on a soverign country. When I left the room, his jaw was still on the ground :)

Or, ask an anti-war lib why, after the recent election that was essentially a referendum on the war, the dems in "power" have done nothing but blab on about what "we" should do. I ask them, "who is 'we'? Do these people have a mouse in their pockets? They are the ones in power, they promised to do something and they've done nothing."

OK, I'm sorry I've gone on and on but these tactics have worked for me and I wanted to share :)

Fred T convert?

I kept passing a restaraunt with a sign in the window saying "Hello Fred T." and kept hoping I'd be in the area during business hours to talk to the owners but time passed with no luck. So I went the other day and put a Ron Paul brochure inside their gate. I think they must have read it because the Fred T. sign was gone the very next day.
The message is powerful - keep spreading it!

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Fred T.

Fred Thompson was asked, "If you were president, how would you handle the war?" FT says, "I would do what Bush is doing." How the hell is this guy getting votes?

Yea, he would "mind" the same handlers that pull Bush's strings! How is he getting support? By avoiding taking a stance on any issues, riding his TV popularity, and "looking" presidential. You would THINK that Republicans would pay more attention to detail this time around, but no! He even is Pro-Choice, last election cycle, that would've killed any chances! He has been a LOBBYIST for YEARS, that means he expected to buy votes and support, to me that means that he would be willing to also SELL out for the right price! Unbelievable!

Interesting comment in news article out of Davenport, Iowa

I did a search on news articles about the Illinois Straw Poll and happened upon this one out of Iowa that contained a bit of interesting news:


Romney supporters were bused in from across Illinois to vote at the Springfield fairgrounds today. And before the results were announced, his supporters got in shouting contests with a group supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

During the several hours of voting, Paul's supporters were seen marching and chanting throughout the grounds, trying to round up fairgoers and direct them toward the polls.

Paul eventually took third in the poll, ahead of presumed top-tier candidates former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Then the article lists these numbers:

Mitt Romney: 373

Fred Thompson: 184

Ron Paul: 174

Rudy Giuliani: 107

John McCain: 38

Mike Huckabee: 28

Sam Brownback: 10

Duncan Hunter: 6

Tom Tancredo: 2


Dr. Paul should de-emphasize the IL straw poll results....

as "not a really big win" because it's obvious that it really is anyway and because that would take some fire away from Romney. Dr. Paul rides and Romney walks.