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Who Owns the World?? Rothschild Timeline..Check it out

What do all Wars, Zionism, Assasinations of Presidents, Banking, and Israel have in common? A bit of a long read, but well worth it. Enjoy
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No one willingly goes into business with Rothschild.

Let it be known that no man willingly and objectively goes into business with Lord Rothschild, as to enter into an agreement with him means you sell your soul in exchange.

One of the very first Talmudic outcasts, Rothschild is just pure evil. Perhaps it was the facade he put on, the overall plan of "I wish to create a master race for the Jewish people in the land where Ishmael arose at dawn." , or his sincere promise to assist the poor and reform the gold trade.

Another time, it may have been when Loeb and Rothschild agreed to revolutionize the mining industry...by putting virtually everything under the Union Railroad managed by dictatorial tyrant JP Morgan. Or maybe, it was even his claim to be a "God" and original divine right Jew whom could be the only one to save the world. In any case, Rothschild has been involved in most of the business world machinations going back centuries.

The Vatican, East Indian Trading Company, modern day Christianity & even Medieval Kings have been taken in and willingly deceived by this Emporer of the East year after passing year. In generations past, Rothschild was hailed as either a hero or villain. In effect the whole Rothschild line is likely evil.

Fr. Rothschild, far from being a humble practicing clergyman is a devil in disguise who is not even Jewish. His entire family uses the Red Coat shield of arms and Pentagon - the symbol which is the flag for Israel. There would be no military dictatorship if it wasn't for Rothschild. Some see that as a blessing and others see it as a curse.

The earliest symbol that Rothschild greatly admired was a combination of Sufism, mysticism and Turkish royalty. Shabtai Tsvi, a god to Turkish outcasts, former jews and practicing Domne deist worshipers. The whole history of Rothschild and his later followers has something to do with the 600th century former jewish false messiah Shabtai Tsvi. What they believe in is nothing less than enacting a genocide in the Middle East. Look up early Turkish history center....Shabtai Tsvi

No creditors, no debt.

'Nuff said.

You anti-semite you...

uh that's a joke just so you know.

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

The original link....



"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Britain is

Crown Temple, which is Vatican ,which is partners with Rothchild Zions. Henry needed a new wife.
Then look up the word, LATINOS. Let me know.




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