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CLINT DIDIER just pulled a RON PAUL!...

He just anounced that he will NOT blindly endorse his "Republican" opponent Dino Rossi...

Clint told a shocked media that without his support and the support of his voters, Dino Rossi can not beat Patty Murray in November.

He said that Rossi would have to agree to several of Didier's demands (like auditing the FED) before Clint would throw him his support.

I think this was a great announcement and I doubt that Rossi can agree to do it.

Rossi will be a 3 time loser in November because he is not a liberty candidate.

So I want to thank Clint didier for being strong and not blindly supporting the "republican" candidate.

In other words, he pulled a Ron Paul and didn't let the republican party bully him into getting behind a WRONG THINKING candidate.


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Clint is really getting hit hard by establishment republicans...

On the talk radio shows last Friday (Aug 20), they took polls all afternoon asking Didier voters to weigh in on Clint's decision not to immediately endorse Rossi...

It was about 90% against him.

Many said they would never vote for him again if he stays in politics and many said they regretted their vote for Didier.

I got so pissed off that I called radio station AM 570 (Seattle) and laid into the host John Carslon.

I asked Carlson if he was aware that Ron Paul had endorsed Clint and he said no...(naturally).

Then I told him that Clint understood that he himself had an obligation to make sure he agreed with a candidate before blindly endorsing him.

Clint KNEW how precious an endorsement from Dr. Paul was and he was NOT going the disrespect Dr. Paul by endorsing someone he didn't agree with.

I stood up strongly for Clint's decision.

Carlson fought me hard on it all the way and is typical of establishment republicans who still don't get it.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


glad you called in for him. Calling into radio programs is a great way to get our message out, and especially needed in situations like this.

yes thanks!

did you happen to record of any of it? please upload it if you did!

Unfortunately it appears they don't podcast that radio show...

I couldn't find it but I threw in a link to the radio station below. I called around 5:30 on Friday Aug 20 and was on the radio for a couple of minutes.

It was the John Carslon show and he specifically asked for Didier supporters to call up and give their opinion of Clint's decision.

I was definitely in the minority in supporting him but there were ocassional other correct thining voters calling in.

Carlson set up the show to bash Didier though.

He is as establishment republican as you can be and is not a liberty candidate supporter.

Needless to say, our conversation got a little heated!

KVI Radio, Seattle:

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Yeah he is, I just dropped this on some of them

It's a pretty solid case for what Clint is trying to do based on the numbers and the fact that his core supporters aren't just going to vote Rossi just because clint says so. Hence Clint is trying to broker a compromise between them and Rossi. Should it fail, There's virtually no chance of dethroning Patty murray. Here's what I wrote:

Some numbers.

Total Primary Votes_1,385,339______100% of total

Republican Votes __ 688,611__100%___49.7%
-Dino Rossi_________ 461,565___67%____33%
-Clint Didier________ 174,918___25%____12.6%
-Republican other_____ 52,128____8%____0.4%

Democrat Votes____ 675,076__100%___48.7%
-Patty Murray________ 643,059___95%___46.4%
-Democrat other_______ 32,017____5%___0.2%

Other votes___________21,652__100%__1.5%
-No Party______________14,164___65%

Estimated Ballots__________41,829
on hand to be

Primary voting totals as of 8/21/2010 5:45 PM:

Voter Turnout:

Data Conclusions:

-To beat just Patty Murray's numbers,
Rossi needs at least 94% of the republican vote.
Should 24% of Didier voters not vote for Rossi, Patty Murray wins.

-If all who voted democrat vote for Patty Murray,
Rossi needs 99% of the republican vote to win.
Should 4% of Didier voters not vote for Rossi, Patty Murray wins.

-If all votes are factored in and both parties vote 100% party line, and the "other" votes all choose either Rossi or Murray,
Rossi needs 100% of republican votes and at least 37% of the "other" vote to win.
Should the "other" votes all vote for Rossi but 20% of Didier voters don't, Murray wins.

My Conclusions:

There are some who are upset over Didier withholding his endorsement until Rossi agrees to Didier's offer. Some have switched sides to Rossi's camp because of this, but unless 80% or more of Didier's supporters switch over, Rossi's chances of beating Patty Murray are slim to none. I would hardly call Didier or his supporters irrelevant in this matter, especially since the primary votes remaining to be counted are in counties that lean heavily towards Murray and may ultimately surpass the total republican vote. Rossi will need every sympathetic vote he can get, to act otherwise is a failure to realize the gravity of the situation.

Didier's support should be an easy pick up. Don't raise taxes, don't vote for more spending, introduce a sanctity of life bill. That's basically the republican platform right there and any supposed republican candidate who would plan on doing otherwise ought to raise some flags and eyebrows. Regardless most will plug their nose and vote for Rossi anyway, being perceived as the lesser of two evils, for whatever that's worth. Washington D.C. is chock full of lesser of two evils and look where that has gotten us.

So yes, there will be many "more practical than principled" republicans disaffected by Didier's demands for conservative reassurances, and they will ultimately join Rossi in an all but futile attempt to dethrone Sen. Murray. There will be some who even prefer Didier still but will vote Rossi anyway in order to oust Ms. Sneakers. But if you disregard the core you do so at your own peril. These are the true conservatives. These are also the disaffected, the disenfranchised and the ones who gave up on the system because of its corruption and lousy candidates who promised to fix it but went on to make things worse and grow government bigger. These have come out of the political wilderness and have made a rare appearance on the political scene. Why? Because they finally found someone worth voting FOR, as opposed to just voting against the other guy. They found in Didier someone who understands the constitution, the bill of rights and the proper role of government. Rossi may want to slow government down but it's still heading towards off a cliff. Didier actually wants to turn that bus around. That was a breath of fresh air and why his core supported him and why he did as well as he did. When they look at Rossi they see just another politician not willing to do much to solve the problem and will probably make things worse, in other words no they see him as not much different than Murray.

Why does this core, as personified by Didier matter? They are a new quantity on the scene, they are the ones able to tip the balance towards the right. This core feels strongly about the issues Didier campaigned on, and thus can not in good conscience vote for someone who would do harm to those issues. Even if Didier did endorse Rossi, the core would not vote for him. Period.

This is why Didier wanted concessions from Rossi. Not because of ego or because he was being a sore loser or a spoiled brat. He was brokering a compromise between his hardcore supporters and Rossi. One that would still not be what his core would prefer, an actual "turning around of the bus", but at least Didier's compromise would commit Rossi to stopping the bus and stop any further damage. No new taxes, no new spending, and protection of innocent life. If Rossi could agree to that simple request Didier's core could agree to plugging their nose and voting for him.

Blame Didier all you want, he's the only one trying to save this thing. An endorsement from him is meaningless to his supporters and somewhat of a betrayal to them if it does not come with some type of assurance that Rossi will at least "do no harm". The ball is in Rossi's court. Didier is powerless to persuade his base without Rossi's concession. Do the right thing Rossi. For the good of Washington, for the good of the Country. Didier and his supporters are ready and willing to campaign their hearts out for you if you but say the word. Swallow your pride.

Great updates on the 'unorthodox Didier' saga!

From the great RP supporting site, www.thereaganwing.com, we find a very good relation of several of the events surrounding Didier and his unorthodox but liberty supporting style! These are written by the great patriot journalist, GOP historian and investigative reporter, Doug Parris, president of The Reagan Wing. The site has a litany of attacks on the leftist control GOP in WA state and elsewhere, plus an in depth analysis of the Didier and the vote fraud situations.

In order of posting:

1) "Didier’s Winning Proposal"

2) "Rossi rejects GOP Platform and Didier supporters"


Reagan turned flat communist = After the co-opt by the zionists

Ronald Reagan was a decent man. But Reagan turned into a flat communist lunatic, after being co-opted by the zionist neocon horror show.

Reagan's administration is who brought many of these thugs. Although he at least had a backup plan.....I admire the earliest Reagan years as he was a good actor. After that though he was pretty horrible as a president and allowed the fourth reich zionist wing to ruin his government.

Red from the beginning

Reagan was a red from the beginning - way back when he was a democrat and a member of the United World Federalists. He never changed. Dig up some of Alan Stang's stuff on Reagan - he did a good job of documenting it. And try to find copies of Kent Steffgen's books on Reagan: The Counterfeit Candidate and Here's the Rest of Him.

As an aside, is you repeated use of the word "zionist" a code word for anti-Semitism?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Never trusted what Stang wrote.

There wasn't many sources that backed up his story of being a Federalist. Reagan was a one-world crusader, but that came from his early Democrat upbringing. The "Myth of Ronald Reagan" Biography pretty much puts that one to rest.
In Reagan's own words and actions, he praised and capitulated the idea of global taxation based government. Right off the back of its population.

And no it isn't a code word in the least. It's just what they all were.

Alan Stang could be a bit

Alan Stang could be a bit crude, but he was a great writer and was as solid as Ron Paul.

As far as Reagan, he was Red from the beginning and never changed his ways. Why do you think he was in bed with Gorbachev and was photographed in Time magazine with both of them wearing a lapel pin of crossed Soviet and American flags? If Carter had done that, people would have had a fit.

And I used to have a friend in California (since passed away) that had a letter written to him by Reagan after he left the UWF stating that even though he was no longer a member of the United World Federalists that he still believed in world peace through world law. I have no idea what happened to that letter, but I wish I had it. And if you are saying above you don't believe Reagan was a member, just google it.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Reagan supporter?????

What Didier did was great, but if you are going to contact the Reagan Wing (or any person or organization or website that thinks Reagan was a good guy), please use it as an opportunity to educate them about Red Ronnie. It's beyond me how someone can support/promote people and websites like Lew Rockwell, the Southern Avenger, et al, and still not realize that Reagan was as much a communist as Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest.

Reagan has always been my litmus test with people - I ask them what they think about Reagan, and their answer tells me how much they really understand about the difference between record and rhetoric. He was a one-worlder to the end. That's why you need to be concerned when people like Sarah Palin tell you they are Reagan Republicans - because they probably are.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Well done Mr. Didier, class act through and through.

You would have been justified in giving the straight cold shoulder to rossi and crew but you went the extra mile and extended the olive branch to prove that you are indeed a team player, but not a doormat. You were willing to still help out and even campaign vigorously for him if he accepted your reasonable terms. He would not and has sealed his own fate. No one can blame you if he was unwilling to meet you halfway. You have retained your honor and your principles and earned my respect. I hope you run again for office soon, those of your character and caliber are very rare in Washington and the sooner we can get you there the better.


This is another reason why Clint is a champion imo. Clint is a true American and an amazing, decent, and sound individual from what I have heard from him. Thank heavens for his parents.

Congratulations and well done, Clint.



very nice

very nice

I expected as much from Clint, and he did not disappoint me

My mother was watching the local news while we were talking on the phone, and when she overheard a snippet of Clint saying that he wanted to, "beat Patty Murray in the worst way,...", (all she could quote, while noticing he was on during our conversation), I just knew that there would be a big, "BUT", and then some careful distancing before he could, on principal, endorse Rossi.

Thanks pawnstorm12, for filling in what I hadn't heard, but confidently expected.

Let's hope Dino is man enough to address the qualifiers that Mr. Didier offered him. The People of Washington deserve no less, nor does our nation, for such a time as this.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

New Members are Better Than Old Members

New members of the House and Senate would be better than incumbents in many cases. regardless of platform.

They will look to the seniors (e.g., Ron Paul) for guidance, and be very much aware that the voters punished their predecessors. They want to stay in office.

In other words, they will listen to us better. As long as we stay on goal, through CFL, DownsizeDC.org, etc., we have a shot.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Lesser of 2 Evils???

Sometime you just have to make a stand and the sooner the GOP gets the point that they can't do it without us the better. Bravo Clint!!!


you better be prepared for worse case scenario.


the neocons & most of what people around here call "tea parties" will bring incredible pressure on our rag tag "group" for lack of a better non-collectivist label.

they are going to say that it's critical for us to put aside our differences and get Obama out of office.

That means no Ron Paul spoiler. They are going to be PISSED when we don't.

They are going te be even more irate when as last time, we don't finally cave in and throw support behind their man.

We could end up denying a Republican victory because we either sit out, write someone in, vote 3rd party, etc.

Some of you need to get your glasses on for the long view.

The likely hood that the economic recovery starts sometime for the 2012 winner is very high.

If the Democrats were smart, they would have thrown this election, lost it, putting all the blame that had been building on Bush, and it would have rolled right over on McCain.

We would have had conversions to Ron Paul's ideas like never seen before.

Our best advantage was for the Republicans to have won in 2008. But they lost. We had the backup plan of taking over the GOP, and leading the so called "tea parties".

That was a miserable failure.

Think about this. If the Republican Party wins the whitehouse and part of the senate/house back in 2010-2012, and the economy turns around in 2013/2014, we will BECOME INVISIBLE.

People are shortsighted and ignorant. And that's being nice. The only reason 80% of the so called tea partiers (which are really just regular neo-Republicans) is be cause the economy pancaked.

2014 with a Republican whitehouse and the economy starting to recover, we'll be just a bad dream to the neocons. And all our doomsday predictions will be a distant memory forgotten.

On the other hand, if Obama wins in 2012, and the economy starts to strengthen, then the Republicans aren't seeing a replay of Carter/Reagan, guess who still has a voice?

We do.

And that voice will be saying "YOU CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT US. CHANGE OR DIE"

Only thing is, it really did happen as you say, but with Obama

What you say actually happened... in case you had not noticed.

And it all happened, and liberty and constitution and the evil of the Fed, have become household words, because Obama won. That is because we stood on principles of truth, voting for righteousness though we voted alone, and stood by the issues as did Ron Paul!

There is never the need to espouse evil, of any form! When outvoted, voting for truth simply draws the line in the sand, and makes it very deep and clear. The sooner the better.

Better to open Pandora's box now, when it concerns the life of the sovereign citizens, their nation, their liberty!

No one can blame Ron Paul for what has happened... he voted for Chuck Baldwin!

No one can blame liberty patriots for Murray staying in office. The Washington State GOP saw to that when they sought to defeat a Didier liberty type candidate, by running at the last moment, a neocon, middle of the road liar, solely on name recognition to avoid all issues, and solely to claim second to Murray.

There is little doubt that the democrats who hate Murray and still love freedom, the now unemployed union workers in Seattle who asked Didier to speak to them, would have voted Didier in the general election.

There is also very little doubt that they will revert to Murray. Ironically, by the same name recognition Rossi used to displace Didier, he will face the dislike of those voters from the past two governors races he lost!

you're right about the upside

at least we're having conversations now about things that have not been spoken about in the mainstream in a long time.

we'll see if that's enough.

I disagree.

We'll soon have control of the Tea Parties and get them to educate each other on history like never before, that will be more than enough to throw out the Senate. Enough of them turning on each other will also put more momentum behind Ron Paul running.

I hope you are right brother.

I hope you are right brother. But things aren't that simple. And my powers of strategic foresight are better then yours. Mark this post. Save it in your email.

I've read your last dozen posts. You are hungry for a win.

Me too.

But we need a lasting difference. And you must give at least some thought to the long view.

So we try our best, but we stick to our principles.


He should open his endorsement ...

to the first candidate that endorses his planks.

Democrat or Republican.

I remember seeing a debate

I remember seeing a debate clip between Didier and Rossi where Rossi answered a question about auditing the FED first, and he said he supported auditing the FED.... Then Didier yelled he supported the audit louder/showed he hated the FED more, and that apparently means, if you don't hate the FED as much as him, you support it?

Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have Didier, but if Rossi said he already supports auditing the FED, what more than you want? Even Ron Paul says you can't get rid of the FED right away over night....

Isn't that called playcating??

So knowing Dino and his track record of back handed dealings what make you so sure he isn't just talking the talk. I don't trust him to walk the walk!!

Here is the clip... see for yourself Rossi's ambiguity!

Rossi did not really say anything for certain other than "sunshine"!!! Then from there... see what there, which is why they don't want you to see what's there, which I think is very clear...yada, yada, yada.... yawn!


Rossi's campaign manager was standing in the back of the room, signaling with his finger across his throat as in stop, stop, stop talking!

You'll never guess who that was... Lew Moore!!

You are clearly new. This is not about someone's promises.

This is not about someone's ELECTION promises, or else shouldn't Obama be right as rain? Did he not promise to "make Washington more transparent" after all?

This is about seeing through the bullshit, and voicing your support as a real American. Anybody can "promise" to Audit the Fed or End the Fed, just because it looks pretty on National TV. But if you actually look at their record of past positions, if you actually look at their voting records where every voter should first look, then you can accurately see they are blowing you smoke.

I could work for Chrysler corporation and promise to put an "end" to price fixing, but by the time I get to office I will just ignore what I said. I only said that to get elected anyway and you were foolish enough to follow it.

This isn't about "promises" as they are meaningless. Research what your candidate/candidates actually support, including what they have voted for. That tells you everything up front. A cursory glance of what most "candidates" have voted for, reads like a typical criminal record.

When you find real change in candidates like Clint Didier, the principle is the exact same, have everyone look at their records and they see these are the real deal- worth electing as they swear by their oath. Vote for these candidates so many of them win, and of the ones who lose, spread their message of honest and small government. By standing behind your own principles, you never sell out the meaning of "Liberty" and that makes real change sweep into Washington as you don't compromise.

Sure you could have a watered down Audit, but why bother when all it takes is a few thousand more to elect someone like Didier next time around & end up with a REAL official audit of the FED in which society's mind is changed? There in lies the benefit of keeping the fires lit.

Just disagree, why

Just disagree, why characterize as 'new,' and be wrong doing it. I never agree with you, am I new?

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Because standing behind what you believe......

Is better than EVER sacrificing that for what you don't believe. That is why it is far better to never buy into the "lesser of two evils" mentality.

There is better choices, all you have to do is be aware of them. Then you merely fight for that stand.

Latest on ... "Didier holds off Rossi endorsement".

From Seattle comes the latest in the Didier vs. Rossi saga... Rossi answers Didier's demands on the issues so important to liberty in our day:

Rossi's response to Didier was adherence to... well, I'm not sure... it is the same as he said before.

"Rossi's campaign promptly replied that he won't submit to "demands made by anyone, even people with whom he agrees." [Let me see here... I won't agree with demands made by someone with whom I agree... uh... what?]

Didier said:
"I don't think these are much of a reach for Dino Rossi - in fact, they are part of our party's platform," Didier said, adding that, "The ball is in Rossi's court, and I'm anxious to begin campaigning for him."

But Rossi said:
In a statement after Didier's news conference, Rossi's campaign said: "Dino will keep working to earn the support of anyone who will work to reduce spending, get the economy back on track, and put Washingtonians back to work. [Standard politician pablum]

Rossi further said:
"He knows Washingtonians are principled and independent and expect their public servants to run on what they believe. "In that spirit, Dino will continue to campaign on the things he believes, and will not submit to a list of demands made by anyone, even people with whom he agrees, in Washington State or Washington, D.C." [Begs the question throughout the whole campaign... what does Rossi believe? No one knows!]

For example:

"During an interview with The Associated Press prior to the primary, Rossi said he's never run on the abortion issue but as a Roman Catholic, he is morally opposed to it and if he ever has to take a vote on the issue "I will vote my conscience." [Which is...?]

"He sidestepped the abortion issue during his two unsuccessful races for governor..."

"Didier, a Pasco-area farmer and former tight end for the Washington Redskins, said he understood that withholding his endorsement could weaken Rossi's chances, but also that Rossi needs Didier's supporters to win.

"He doesn't have a chance of winning right now. I'm trying to give him a chance," Didier said.

"Didier said he has received hundreds of messages from his supporters begging him to continue his fight."

Under Washington law, a candidate who loses in a primary cannot launch a write-in bid. However, Didier said he and his supporters plan to form a new organization called Take Back Washington, about which he would share more information in the coming weeks.

On Friday, Rossi challenged Murray to a series of six televised debates starting in early September. Murray's campaign staff said they will look at the possibility, but the debates would have to fit into her senatorial duties. [Wow... these should really be eye stoppers, maybe challenge the TV ratings?! Tweedledee vs Tweedledum]