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How to disable Political Ads in Google Adsense

This will stop Mr. Reid's nasty ads from showing on my site, which I cannot stand to see...

I've had a problem trying to figure out how to block the political ads on Adsense, guess I was blind, but it's right there in front of me. Here's how to disable political ads in Google Adsense:

#1. Click on top Adsense Setup Tab
#2. Click on ad Review Center (underlined hyperlink)
#3. First item is "Category Filter", click change
#4. Select "Politics" (Check box)
#5. Click submit.

I would have just removed Harry's ads, but he keeps making new domain names against Angle, and who know what ads are running in other states from Bankster wealthy politics. This way I can do my part to stop him, ever so small though.

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