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DailyPaul Maintenance 8/19-22

Just a fyi, we've been doing some maintenance this weekend on Daily Paul. If you see the site running slow or not responding, it's not a hacker! :)

We have been gearing up for more traffic and we have a lot of data here to move around. We also had an issue with our NAS on Friday & Saturday we had to fix.

Everything should be pretty smooth right now. We're transitioning over to a dedicated MySQL server very soon.

For you technofiles: DP currently runs on a custom built 2U Server, Dual Quad Core Intel 2.5Ghz processors (8 cores total) with 32GB Ram, 2TB of Hard Drive Space on an Adaptec 5805 RAID Adapter. We have a new server, a Dual Quad Core 2.3Ghz Machine with 4TB HD Space and 16GB RAM that will be our dedicated MySQL server. All this sits behind a high-powered firewall.

We are on Dual 100mbit Fiber Rings connected directly to 2 different carrier POPs (less than 100 feet away).

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I would like to bump this to show appreciation

To Marc from Falcon Internet for his gracious contribution of time helping Mr Nystrom keep the Daily Paul running smooth.Check out Falcon Internet!
If anyone deserves a Plug it is Marc.

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NCMarc I have a curious question?

I noticed the Processors are slightly slower and the RAM half as much,Is the advantage of the new server in the added Hard drive space?Also curious if the Bus speed is faster on the new unit?Just trying to learn something in all this.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

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2 vs. 1

We are splitting up DP on to 2 different servers. Currently it is only on 1 Server.

Right now, this server, even with 8 cores x 2.5Ghz has a load average of 55% CPU usage.

So we are moving the MySQL DB server to it's own server to split the load into 2 boxes. The site really only uses about 5GB RAM so it's pointless to buy more.

We just got a good deal on the server, so that's why we bought it, there's no special reason we choose the lower processors other than that's what it came with and it was hard to pass up. It's only a minor difference. If we went with the latest processors, we'd be paying through the nose, it doesn't make fiscal sense.

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My experience with DB-backed websites is that the DB machine will be constrained by I/O, in this case a NAS. The fastest processors are often not needed on the DB machine, as I/O is typically the limiting factor. In the case of NAS, I/O includes the data network and whatever else is using that network.
The front-end web server typically benefits from fast CPUs to respond to the web requests. It should have a fast network link to the DB machine.

If you need help, I can donate some time. Michael has an email address that I typically check.

Thank you NCMarc for your time

I had forgotten that Michael mentioned splitting them up and using two,With the details you gave me it appears that it should be able to handle anything the DP throws at it.Again thank you for your time,as I know you are busy.
P.S. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping Mr.Nystrom keeping the DP up and going for us to enjoy,It's the best medium on the net.

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Is it a

fuel injected, 8 cylinder turbo what cha ma call it. LOL

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