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Youtube has the latest Coast to Coast 9/11 debate

Here is a link to 5 of 11..Just add 1 of 11 in search and get started. Coast to Coast AM - 5 of 11 - 9/11 Debate

Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H0yEBXNfAM&feature=search

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Good discussion

I remember the days that the only way 911 truth discussions were on the air was for the guest to sit and be called names for three minutes by Bill O'Reilly or someone similar.
Even now (and I'm not knocking Coast to Coast AM, I listen quite a bit) it is only acceptable on a program that also deals with UFO's the Loch Ness monster, etc.

Jim Rogers

Listening in Nashville on 1510 am

Every time a really good question was ask, A Mexican radio station would come in and override the show. Sometimes as many as 5 times a minute. Never while the supporters of the Official Story.

I listened to this show last

I listened to this show last night and i didn't hear one caller take the msm version's side of the debate. I did nod off a couple of times. Thanks for posting the link.

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An excellent discussion.

All guest speakers agreed that the one question that is important is . . . "Who dun it?"
For example, their disagreement on the velocity of the building's collapse and presence of thermite for example, were only differing in matter of degrees.
All seemed to agree, insiders helped, if not made it happen.
An investigation into the "elevator company" is being pursued as having access during a "closed" access to the building two weeks prior to the tragedy.

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