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Clint Didier versus the Lawbreakers. Has the Posse Arrived Just-in-Time to Save America?

Michele St. Pierre (c) 2010

With Clint Didier’s refusal to endorse Dino Rossi, without concessions, frantic Rossi supporters, realizing that they don’t have anywhere near enough votes to win in the General Election without the help of the Didier Constitutionalists, have been circulating through the blogs, meetups and other social networking sites desperately trying to castigate and shame Didier advocates into supporting and voting for Rossi. With various predictable, shopworn, hackneyed arguments they beat the drums of fear relentlessly.

“We have to defeat Murray. Nothing else matters.”
“Rossi isn’t nearly as bad as Murray.”
“Washington State might be the race that gives the Republicans the Senate!”
“We must come together to fight the Socialists or we are doomed!”
“We must unite behind Rossi, even if we don’t really like him.”

If someone disagrees and says that they cannot support Rossi based on principle, they are summarily excoriated.

“If you don’t vote for Rossi then that’s a vote for Murray!”
“If you don’t vote for Rossi then you’re really just a closet Progressive!”
“If you don’t vote for Rossi then you’re not really a Republican, because ‘real’ Republicans vote for the ‘R’ no matter what.”
“Clint Didier is a Libertarian, he’s not a Republican.”

Most Republicans pride themselves on abiding by the law. They don’t speed, don’t do illegal drugs, don’t rob banks, don’t murder people and think it is reprehensible when people do. They believe that people who break the law should be punished — fined or jailed. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

So what about when one steals an election? Not through blatant fraud but through a more ingrained, insidious, deeper form of theft. Where the victim of the theft actually becomes an unwitting accomplice to the crime. What crime is that? It is called “Voting for the lesser of two evils.”

The Supreme Law of our land is the U.S. Constitution. When legislators take an oath to uphold the Law, then get into office and immediately break their oath, what does that make them?

It makes them lawbreakers. They are ruining our country by not following our rule of Law. We have a criminal syndicate raping our country. The only way to stop it is to elect people who will uphold our laws.

How far should we be willing to compromise on law breaking? Would it be okay if Scott Brown robbed a bank? Is it any less law breaking to violate the Constitution? Is it unobjectionable because it has been done numerous times before? Once you start breaking the law and everyone looks the other way, where do you stop?

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Bump for the posse.

When Didier lost...

I honestly don't care who wins this race between Murray & Rossi... in some ways I would prefer fighting the wolf rather than the wolf in sheeps clothing. The main reason to vote Rossi over Murray is that the executive is in Dem hands and it would be preferable to have the legislative with the GOP. If a NeoCon wins the presidency in two years, we would be better off with Murray in the Senate.

edit to it more clear that I was for Didier and now don't care about the race.

Hahahaha what a group of total buffoons...... Check this out:

"We have to beat the socialists"

Dino Rossi is a huge GOP socialist......Most republicans are not that stupid anymore. Rossi is just as socialist and moronic as Murray.

GOP= Grand Ol' Pity party of Washington....Get out of our way!!

Spin zone

If Rossi were elected, I wonder how the inevitable betrayals would be spun.

This is a valuable piece

to get into circulation. It reminds people that "holding their feet to the fire" doesn't start when your guy wins. It starts no matter who wins... and never stops.

A standing ovation for Clint Didier!

This article explains it well.

I heard that the Washington Republican party recuited Dino Rossi just to defeat Didier, and folks, that is how they do it!