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Thought on Starting the First Amendment Association

I am inspired by all the hate and ignorance I have been seeing in the media and social networking sites regarding the "ground zero mosque".

Before I go into details it is important to note that it is not a mosque and it is not located at ground zero. It is a cultural center and a it is located about 3 blocks away from ground zero in an abandoned Burlington coat factory.

My idea is fairly simple. Take advantage of all the fear, hate and ignorance and use it for good. Start a foundation to collect money to purchase the site of the "ground zero mosque" and then use it for something profitable. Maybe the Daily Paul and the campaign for liberty would like a down town office. Maybe the Misses Institute would like a NYC extension campus.

Maybe the building could serve as a multicultural center where people from around the country could come and learn different about ideas and religions.
All sorts of debates and lectures could be hosted from religion, economics and foreign policy. Its relatively close proximity to the UN building would help make it a place for people to have a education experience from around the globe.
Just an idea I am cooking up in my head. I like it because it will advance education, trade, and tolerance all at the expense of the neo cons who hate those things.

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I vote for putting it on National TV!

Freedom Watch......Here we come!