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Gerald Celente : The Too Big to Fail Is Killing the Middle Class

Gerald Celente : The good news is they can borrow money for almost nothing , it's a low interest rate they got a lot of cash , the bad news is they are squeezing everybody else , and it is not only in High Tech , it's in Pharmaceutical it's in agriculture it's in retail , this nation went from a nation of main street mom and pop businesses to wall street and to the too big to fails ...." "we have ten banks controlling eighty percent of the action , how many community banks have been wiped out right now !?!? in the credit cards business we have three banks controlling two thirds of the action ...so when we look at what the nation used to be and what it is , now the gap between the rich and the poor is the widest in the United States of any industrialized nation , ten percent of the nation controlling 93 percent of the assets ! ...the strenght of a nation is in the base of its middle class , America becomes strong again when the middle builds big again" Gerald Celente explains....etc....


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Killing the middle class by financially strapping them, and

doing away with their jobs is exactly what the elite want. They want all Americans to be poor, except for them, and they want us all to be dependent on the government so they can have total control.


that is what I figure too.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."