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Going to WAR...

...against Neo-Con's who call us "extremists", judge us by our circumstances, and call us hypocrites based on the way we do "what we have to" in order to get by within this "system"!

Some professing business man wrote me on another message board: "If we really had the "less government" you clamor for, you'd be living under a bridge."

I answered:

"WRONG! I would actually own my own business at this stage of my life; and I would be successful, profitable, and hiring!!!

Believe me, I won't soon forget the many assertions and crude comments made about other people's children "ruling over" my children because they do not like my "less government" Tea Party positions - your insulting tone, along with theirs, PROVES that you guys are far from being the sharpest knives in the drawer!

It is your crowd that supports the unsustainable welfare state more than you think...that is why you don't go to Tea Parties...because you KNOW you'll also end up in line for some form of a government(tax-payer subsidized) "handout" one day - as this government only grows in size, and the private sector economy only worsens, as they are being forced to submit to their government MASTERS who can and do still make and break them at any whim or mood swing!

All you have ever had is the majority opinion of dumbed-down, lazy, spineless, self-centered voters(especially in this forum); and since ridicule is not often the test of TRUTH, I expect my pragmatism will continued to be mocked by your arrogant kind until ... well ... you better go study world history - this unsustainable tyranny and ridicule of the real patriots in the Tea Party movement is but a temporary victory for your kind...because in all reality, the ONLY way you will be able to silence our message is by having the government and the media hijack it, or, by force!

We're not the one's given over to violence when we don't get our way; the pen is mightier than the sword! It is your Stalinist crowd that silences ALL dissent with brute force when they cannot win the people over anymore like the Neo-Con's are learning right now as they're trying to justify starting a RELIGIOUS war with Iran!

If you actually KNEW what is American, and Patriotic; you wouldn't be so quick to shoot off your mouth at me on a message board - you would man-up and oppose me publicly to my face at a Tea Party, with your so-called "arguments" and personal insults as to WHY I am wrong, a bad father, and a hypocrite...but you never have, and you never will...

I know the administrators don't like name-calling...but I think you're smart enough to figure out what kind of adjectives and choice nouns I could use to describe guys like you!"

Are you guys here in the DP "battle-hardened", equipped with KNOWLEDGE, and READY to debate these clowns going into November & 2012???


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Good response.

The unemployed clearly didn't create the mess.

Taxation, regulation and the corporate monopolist war on small business did.

Hah! I got a new term for these twerps: Socialist Neocons.

I finally figured out a new term for these twerps that actually sticks and stings quite badly....

Socialist Neocons!!!!

These are the living-breathing drones of the Welfare Warfare state. They don't care how "BIG" government gets, as long as it takes care of THEM and their welfare state!!!!

These are the kind of fringe nutters who have been leading the Republican party off a cliff, and into the edge of oblivion!

Wrong-headed wars after WRONG-HEADED wars were never the intention of the founders, at any time in modern history.

"War" was only declared up front when it was justified, and you could identify an actual enemy of the people!

Government used to be small enough that you could CONTROL what it was doing, right down to the State Department level. We didn't need any Department of Indoctrination or any of this bogus nonsense!

Now, because of knuckle dragging socialists like the business "guy" you point out; the government welfare-war state is now THREE HUNDRED TIMES LARGER than necessary!

And every $ of that TRILLION is wasted, gone into a black hole that can no longer be identified....called the Federal Reserve! And who is it that benefits from the neocon Fed and its welfare state of balogna non-sensical wars, why its Israel of course and her "amen" corner.

Government needs to be CUT DOWN TO SIZE and scaled back to the STATE LEVEL for nullification....Can I get an amen to that!
These Neocon Socialists need to take a hike!


...when they come calling for their BAILOUT or HANDOUT...their won't be ANYTHING LEFT!

...now that is reaping what you sow!

They already STOLE it all!!!!!!

So there's NO piggy bank anyways that can be opened, not anymore!

You cannot debate

know it alls. You can only show them where the water is.

Wow! your on a roll

save some of that for the long haul. Bump for motivation.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

i'll second that

I enjoyed the enthusiasm in this writing.