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Opinion: Meet the multifaceted Tea Party movement

What began as grassroots activism has become convoluted by prominent individuals and organizations with various agendas. Meet the multifaceted Tea Party movement.

Some sources say the Tea Party movement began in February 2009, but it actually began in 2007 when Ron Paul was running for President of the United States. The Tea Party began as a non-partisan grassroots movement of average citizens, not political insiders, focused on fiscal responsibility, Government limited by the Constitution, and the free market, whose intention is to get all citizens engaged in the political process.

There are several different groups claiming to belong to the Tea Party but there are certain aspects of the movement that all the groups seem to agree on. As the concept of the Tea Party movement has caught on, it has become convoluted with activists and vitriolic protests by what some refer to as AstroTurf groups, including Freedom Works, dontGo, and Americans for Prosperity who use the movement to incite racism, and intentionally spread misinformation and hate.

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