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Criminal lawyer refferal in NJ

I am looking for an attorney referral in Monmouth county NJ. When I was a kid I was charged with a conspiracy to possess controlled a dangerous substance. I paid a $200.00 dollar fine and got a year or two of probation.
I plead the case because I was an idiot kid who just purchased a car and did not to lose my driver license. I
was at a party where a kid overdosed and people were selling drugs.
Basically I want the charges expunged. It is cash job upfront for the right person. I don't want to send a guy a grand and have him be a flake.
Figured I would hire a Daily Paul member

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Bump from a born and raised Monmouth County, New Jerseyan


Greetings from Glendale, AZ by way of Howell, NJ.


Tim B


Middletown/Navesink here

I guess I forgot the most important part. I live in Sacramento Ca. That is why I want the referral