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Rand Paul Tours Non-Taxpayer Funded Adult Rehab Center

Rand Paul has called for local and state solutions to the never ending War on Drugs at the state level. His opponent Jack Conway has called for more federal money borrowed from foreign government to fund more cops, prisons and programs.


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WHAS-11 video about Rand's visit


I bet that lady with the sunglasses is a Paul supporter! ;)

From what I've seen, Joe Arnold is pretty fair with his news coverage.


for night

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Conway is a Conjob

The trick, Rand will be getting the rest of Kentucky to see it! I don't know if they have done many things like build playgrounds and such, without the Federal Government getting involved.

Conway, wtf??

Does Jack Conway ever provide any real answers to the issues? It seems like the only things he says are attacks on Rand Paul or his statements, without offering solutions of his own. The quote Jack-off had in this video doesn't even make sense, and is not relevant to anything Rand said.

Unless your are asleep.

Unless your are asleep.

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Hopefully this means.....

KY is finally waking up from their slumber. Kentucky is farm country.