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Where is the best place to refer new comers?

For people not yet convinced of Dr. Paul's message and positions, what in your opinion are the best sites to introduce people to Dr. Paul and the liberty message, and why? What are your experiences?

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Campaignforliberty.com and Mises.org

I think that having a background in Ron Paul's economic views is critical to understanding his positions. Mises.org lays them out clearly.

Campaignforliberty.com is (mostly) tame and gives the newcomer a good idea of what the liberty movement is about and what Ron Paul hopes to achieve. It's also a good place to find other supporters in your area.

Their natural given reason

My favorite places to reignite a dawning mind are: The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independance. These are not just historical documents, they are the only legal federal law, strictly defined limits on the federal government's authority, and an eloquant dissertation on when a tyrannical system becomes to cumbersome to bear-respectively. Gets a true patriot everytime.

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