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Are you going the Beck's 8/28 'Bait and Switch' Event?

Beck always starts out as fighting for liberty, to bait you in and if you don't listen to his whole show, you might believe he is on our side. However, he always throws the 'switch' at some point, some times several points in his show. Yesterday, he made the statement, " be sure to bring your children on 8/28, because we need to create another Washington or a Lincoln for our future leaders" First, Washington was a hero in the creation of our country and a great war general, but he was lacking in politics of leading. He was manipulated by Hamilton in allowing the Rothchild Banking cartel to gain control of our money, and to use military force against his citizens protesting taxes in the "Whiskey Rebellion". Now, with Lincoln, he followed Hamilton's ideas to a 'T'. Don't follow the 'faux' histroy, as he was a Tyrant, who arrested, tortured, and even had killed, those who were opposed to the 'war against the South', basically breaking every value of the Constitution. He attacked his own citizens in civil war, 350,000 died, and destroyed the sovereignty granted to the states by the Constitution. If you want to learn more 'facts' about Lincoln, go to http://www.lewrockwell.com/dilorenzo/dilorenzo-arch.html
Why is it that Beck always states he is for Liberty and Freedom, but rarely ever mentions Jefferson? But, always brings up the warring, big government, and liberty, freedom, and Constitution destroying Lincoln? It all really comes down to, go to Beck's event if you desire our present America, which is much like Lincoln's America. Or, stay home, research,learn and teach you children about Thomas Jefferson, who was about Freedom, Liberty, and Peace. And, of course always listen to Dr. Ron Paul.

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Yep, that gives away Glenn Beck the neocon wolf....

Glenn Beck the neocon wolf pretending to be libertarian can be seen plain as day if you observe.

Pay attention to the fact he hardly ever mentions Jefferson.....just Hamilton who brought us Rothschild's Federal Reserve banking slavery to start with!

On top of this he dismissed Debra Medina when she ran for governor. Of course Glenn Beck also has one other thing that gives him away: His galling love for Franklin Delanor Roosevelt.

He originally said that he greatly admired FDR, then he backtracked. When it totally gave him away, he changed to saying Reagan could be greatly admired. Reagan WAS FDR. He voted for and met Roosevelt as a kid.

He was a mega socialist, zionist globalist democrat. Keep in mind that was Reagan! A leopard never changes his spots.

Reagan was the same party and ideology as Roosevelt, long before he changed to Republican. Glenn Beck said he loved them both. Follow your instincts.