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Ron v. Rand, My Thoughts

On the Ground Zero mosque issue, Rand Paul is taking the mainstream conservative approach: of course it shouldn't be built.

On the piece of property owned by a private enterprise issue, Ron Paul is taking the Ron Paul approach: of course they should be able to do whatever they want with it.

Ron makes the important point that he doesn't care if it's built or not. He cares about the tenor of the national debate (thanks, mostly, to the early-stage 2012 campaigns of Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, but this goes unmentioned in detail by Paul), which is quite literally 'ginning up Islamophobia' and 'blaming Islam, not al-Qaeda.'

While there are many opposed to the mosque who are demonstrably not Islamophobic, and who sincerely don't "blame all of Islam" for 9/11, Gingrich, et al.'s motivations and insinuations are crystal-clear. Of course they will pay lip service to property rights and not blaming all of Islam, but is that what the living room lounger hears? Is that what "Stop Islamization of America" members hear? Is that what mainstream America hears? Is that even what they want anyone to hear?

(Ron) Paul's is a hard position to take, but the purpose of government (thus, our elected representatives) is specifically to not be riled up by popular outrage, especially in cases like this. So he says, at least.

Show me endless blogs showing the "connections" Imam Rauf has or the "extremist" things he's said; so? Unless the feds or local agents find criminal wrongdoing, the best position an opponent can take is Eric Cantor's "come on." When we put all our stock in Sean Hannity and opinion polling, what are we? A Republic? That's a laugh.

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I would hope that

Rand has been well schooled by his father and shares his philosophy and I will certainly give him whatever support I can. However, when he makes statements like "the looney left" and claims to be a spokesman for the tea party it makes me cringe on the inside...

But then again, after the lack of support we have seen with Medina, Schiff and others, maybe he knows something we don't know...

I just like the fact that the elder statesman doesn't back down when it comes to principle (not implying that Rand does) and chooses instead to educate the people rather than go for the win...

I do not see them as opposites and certainly would not toss Rand into the Republican conservative camp, but I think his dad has pull and respect with people from both the major parties which is yet to emerge with the younger Paul...

They are commenting on different subjects

I think Rand is saying "I wouldn't do that, I think it is inappropriate to build the Mosque", not that the Government should be involved.

Ron is saying "Inciting people to associate a Mosque or a religion with Sept 11 is wrong."

It's quite possible that Ron Paul agrees that the Mosque is inappropriate, but he has the wisdom to know his opinion guides a great many people and he differentiates personal views from policy.

I still have faith that Rand is a decent guy, Libertarian minded but he is not the experienced statesmen that is able to concisely differentiate philosophy of governance from personal opinion. Same reason he got caught in the Civil Rights argument that Ron so easily sidestepped.

reedr3v's picture

I think your analysis is on target, if Rand

is a principled person as his dad seems to think.

Rand reminds me often of a strong-willed kid who fails to appreciate the experience and wisdom of his father, so repeatedly makes foolish errors.

there is no rand v ron

you three have been spending too much time in the MSM echo chamber if you think they stand on opposite sides of the issue.

you can believe in freedom and still prefer the mosque be build elsewhere.


I prefer the mosque not be built at all, then again I also prefer that everyone else stay at home when I decide to go out on the road... I also prefer the color purple over most other colors...

just sayin...

I really don't know where Rand is coming from

I can only hope he is going after the un-educated reactonary Kentucky vote. & will take higher-ground if elected.

As much as I love Dr.Paul he has a tendancy to lead me nowhere.

9.11 truth

End the Fed Legislation

& his questionable Son, feeding the Idiots of America.

Too bad Alan Grayson, can't be adopted by Dr.Paul

I am really uncomfortable

with the fact that Rand so whole heartedly endorses the Tea Party and is comfortable with Sarah and Sean... just makes me a bit uneasy...


for honest discussion.