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Please support one of our best Liberty editorialists

William N. Grigg writes often and powerfully; his Liberty articles are frequently published by Lew Rockwell.com.
At the end of his recent article http://freedominourtime.blogspot.com/2010/08/is-muslim-my-ne... he adds this personal note:"In recent weeks I've been working at various part-time jobs as they have become available, and not merely as a writer or editor: I recently spent a Saturday morning collecting, and disposing of, canine digestive residue -- something I was eager to do, because there was a paycheck involved.
Even in better times it is a challenge to provide for a family of eight, even when the sole breadwinner has a steady job. Even in better economic circumstances my employment options would be limited on account of Korrin's difficulties: My wonderful wife is a diagnosed schizophrenic who often simply cannot function as a mother. This helps explain the occasional irregularity of my output here at Pro Libertate."

If possible, please consider a donation to this worthy Freedom advocate.

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