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Dispatch: Agronomist Gives Italy an Earful

A coveted seat at the ACSH Dispatch table goes to agronomist Giorgio Fidenato for standing up to environmental groups and the Italian government. In April, Fidenato held a press conference and uploaded to YouTube a video showing him planting six genetically modified corn seeds in Italian soil after repeatedly being denied permission to use GM crops.

“We had no choice but to engage in civil disobedience — these seeds are legal in Europe,” Fidenato tells The New York Times, which notes Fidenato says he “drew more inspiration from Ron Paul than Gandhi.” (Who knew Ron Paul was so big in Italy?)

After Fidenato’s provocation, Italian food police performed genetic testing to identify the offending cornstalks. But before authorities could act, more than 100 machete-wielding environmentalist activists trampled the field Aug. 9, leaving behind placards with a skull and bones reading “Danger — Contaminated — G.M.O.”

The corn — Monsanto’s MON810 seeds — is genetically modified to combat the corn borer larvae that burrow tunnels into corn ears, leaving space for dangerous fungi to grow. Now Fidenato faces jail time or at least fines for planting it, the Times reports.

“As ACSH trustee Dr. Henry Miller has written, this is a pattern of vandalism that is taking place primarily throughout Europe against researchers. It’s not just a one-off incident,” says ACSH Jeff Stier. “There are other examples where vandals have interfered with scientific advances. Obviously he’s not doing a scientific study, he’s just trying to use the crop, but it’s part of an overall theme.


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I saw this earlier today and

I saw this earlier today and was gonna post but wasn't sure of the relevency.

But it is clear that we all must espouse liberty in all instances and of course to give credit to RP whenever it is due.

I, too considered it as well. However, I actually posted it,

then deleted the entry.

It was actually a NYT coverage of the Italian Libertarian in discussion:

"In the Fields of Italy, a Conflict Over Corn"

I do google news search daily for "Ron Paul," and the following quote came up: "he drew more inspiration from Ron Paul than Gandhi."

SO INSPIRED, I opened a new tab in my FireFox and started a DailyPaul entry, while simultaneously reading it. But, past the first two paragraphs, I felt sick to my stomach.

How someone who supposedly loves liberty, and is supposedly a libertarian property rights activist, can actually be FOR the NWO-funded Monsanto's GMO seeds/crops/food, and not only FOR but actually took the step of planting it(if what the MSM rag "reports" is true) is beyond me.

Giorgio Fidenato:

While the rest of the issues the Italian Libertarians, aka. "Movimento Libertario," (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarian_Movement_%28Italy%29) are also dealing with in their country somewhat parallel ours, however to "FIGHT FOR the RIGHT" to plant GMO seed, which is akin to fighting for a right to murder one's neighbor by intentional poisoning, is utterly cognitively dissonant.

What Giorgio is "fighting for" is no different than KNOWINGLY, slowly introducing poison into another property owner's water-well. As these seeds cross pollinate one cannot control it. Now, it's legitimate to have an academic discussion about it, however reality bears a strict and clear contrast: in India and African nations, Monsanto SCUMS have a long documented history of suing neighboring farmers of the original purchasers of the GMO seeds; court evidenced DNA tests exhibit clearly that the completely innocent neighbor's crop were cross pollinated, by sheer act of nature, wind and bees.

These GMO seeds are not like guns and ammo, where there is a reasonable and realistic assumption and even expectation of control as the bullet only leaves the barrel by intent of the one wielding it, or out of mechanical failure. I suppose one can really stretch it and can argue that lead bullet fragments on the outdoor range seeped into a neighboring rancher's well, poisoning it too. But it is a controllable tool by nature, nonetheless. So IF that were the case, the Shooting Range owner SHOULD be held liable, especially if the range-owner knew about it.

However, in the case of GMO, pollination portion of the growth cycle and what happens after, is wholly uncontrollable, when not-so force majeure such as wind and bees are involved, on a regular seasonal cycle.

Also, it'd be one thing IF GMO poisons were really all clearly LABELED at your local supermarket shelves and freezers. If so, then why in the world would the likes of Monsanto fight so hard to AVOID disclosing what's int their products and what it does to the human body? It's INTENTIONAL poisoning, FRAUD and false advertising, plain and simple.

So that's what Giorgio is "fighting for?" A TRUE friend of liberty, he is not, at least when it comes to the GMO issue.

Besides like all poison caused mutations, the only way to really see the aftermath of the GMO seed/food's effect, is when the GMO floods the genetic pool, and signs of "poisoning" show up in the form of deformed or missing limbs in your children.

Key here, while we can legitimately argue that one has the right to plant anything we'd like, it's wholly another, when one knowingly dumps, or in this case "dusts" his/her poison and trash into their neighbor's backyard. Perhaps Giorgio is in denial about this aspect.

Frankly, I can think of no better example of THE Antithesis of the FOUNDATION of Libertarian thought: NO INITIATION of Force, than this.

Whether one murders someone with a gun or a high dose of arsenic, whether the NWO's Mil.Industrial Complex MURDER 3,000 SOULS in one day, or "slower-ly" over 3yrs, dead is still dead. Murder is still murder.

Of course, most people have hard time equating lowly vegetation and seed, with arsenic, but what difference does it make whether it takes one bullet or it took a fluid ounce of a liquid to complete a same intent?

So I erased the DP entry, in utter disgust, sad to say.

However, what is true is, OUR GOOD Doc is an inspiration to the ENTIRE WORLD; who says one man cannot make a difference?

His comparison to Gandhi, though is a welcome veneration.