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"Pain Beam" to be tested in L.A. Jail

Whatever happened to "this country doesn't use torture?" Why is torture ok to use on citizens, from fancy new pain devices to the well-established tasers?


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torture device

"The Pentagon this year did send a truck-mounted version of the weapon to Afghanistan for testing, but it was sent home without ever being used."

if you point that huge hunk of metal at someone in Afghanistan they'll be quick to make swiss cheese out of it with an AK-47.

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I hope

this works; I'm using Google Chrome and don't know how to make new tabs, etc..but the link above worked for me.


Where's the outrage???

Doesn't look like the link is going to take; I'll come back in under annoying "script error every page", Firefox...

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click on the video in the article

article :

there is a voice saying : "the video content is currently not available."


it says it for all the others as well.. must be because I am in canada...

Try this link