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Looks like a big storm in the Atlantic

Heading into the picture from the lower right side of the animation. Lets hope it breaks up. It is definately swirling.


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You can get really good

You can get really good quality Hurricane info from this blog:


He gets a little goofy on AGW, but he's good on the hurricanes.


Forecast for Danielle
A powerful trough of low pressure over the mid-Atlantic Ocean will begin to pull Danielle more to the northwest by Wednesday, keeping Danielle well to the east of Bermuda. Most of the models predict that this trough will be strong enough to fully recurve Danielle out to sea. It is possible that Danielle could eventually threaten Newfoundland, Canada, but it currently does not appear that any other land areas will be at risk from this storm. History suggests that a storm in Danielle's current location has only a 20% chance of making landfall on the U.S. East Coast. If Danielle passes east of Bermuda, as forecast, these percentages drop to less than 5%. As far as intensity goes, it is looking unlikely that Danielle will attain major hurricane status (115+ mph winds.) There is enough dry air and wind shear affecting the storm today that it will take several days for the storm to recover its strength, making it less likely the storm can hit Category 3.


even better site here:


All the latest NOAA updates, multiple radar views, as well as the Skeet-o-bite plots and maps with all the data you could want.

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Good stuff

So that's what was coming into view on my link, hurricane Daniel.

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