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Orland Ron paul Mitt event

Art Arthur Meetup organizer
E-mail that was sent out to The Space Coast ron paul meetup after the Mitt event

Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 9:56 PM
Subject: Ron Paul at the Mitt Romney ask me event

> We had a great time and we had a very nice turnout. We had supporters from
> Orlando, Melbourne, Ocala Oviedo, New Smyrna, Daytona, Deltona and of
> course Merritt Island the Big red 71. Nick out of Orlando did a great job
Organizing this event. I think we hit another home run. Max counted 30 Ron Paul supporters with signs and banners and such. I took a late head count at 25 and I know we had 3 inside the event. Governor Crist and every other prominent Republican in Florida was there. Yes they got Bull horned or should I say mega phoned with the Ron Paul message!
One thing I found very
rewarding is that after it was over some people came out of the event and went out of their way to come over and talk to us. Also we encountered a lot of drive by support. One nice lady said she and her son were Ron Paul supporters and the only reason she was there is that her husband had not been converted yet but she was working on it. Her son came over and also talked to us and said he was thinking of running for Congress on a pro constitution ticket. The fires of freedom and Liberty seems to be spreading quite nicely.

The media was there and we got interviewed and filmed. I understand we made the channel 6 news and that they did a fair piece for us. If any one has a digital recorder TIVO etc and can record this tonight please do so. We had some great conversations with Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone Editor who had just flew in from New York. Matt appeared to be doing a story on media bias and influence so I would say he hit the nail on the head with asking us about media bias. Lord knows we have seen enough of that to last a life time. I believe he will give us some good PR . Maybe Ron Paul will make
the cover of The Rolling Stone! I am going to CC Matt on this e-mail
maybe he can help get Ron on the cover. With Ron's non-interventionist
foreign policy and his stance on the so called drug war I would think Ron Paul on the Cover of the Rolling Stone would be quite appropriate.