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I support Ron Paul because...

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It automatically annoys me on the main page too

When an audio gadget that is buried way down near the bottom of the page starts playing, the user has no choice but to close the browser window, if he needs to shut down the pushy message quickly. That will tend to seriously reduce readership and change reputations from "cool" to something else.

Does Firefox have anything to do with this "feature"? If so, it wouldn't be the first time I have had a beef with it.


I agree.

I agree.

Default setting - slow load and annoyance

Great idea, but I can't listen now, I'm at work. Every time I leave and come back to the main page (or this one) I have to turn the player off.

It slows down the page-load and makes noise. Can you set it to default to pause?


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Re: Default setting - slow load and annoyance

Haha, slacking off at work?

I'm using firefox and on the main page it has to be manually turned on. Maybe when it was bumped down, the code reworked itself. Just on this page does it start automatically.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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