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Dr. Ron Paul, in a brief segment on "Ruby Ridge" Ep. of Biography Ch. AfterMath with William Shatner!

Just saw it. But having hard time finding it online. If any of you TiVo or DVR'ed it, please share the love!

*** UPDATE ***

Link to the FULL program, courtesy of our fellow DP'er, Thomas(http://dailypaul.com/user/526):


OUR Good Doc comes on around 40:20 mark. Short seg, one wonders how much they cut out...
OUR Good Doc NEVER ceases to amaze.

Though, the program also featured Sen. Craig (R-ID) who were arrested couple of yrs ago on bathroom "gay-signal-footsie" incident. Hey, what's ya gonna do, he represents Idaho.

It was heart wrenching to hear Randy Weaver's surviving daughter speak on how the Fed.gvt. SYSTEMATICALLY went after her family.

It was simply to make an example out of the citizenry; the FEDS MURDERED the Weavers for NO reason other than to make an example out of those of us whom CHOOSE to exercise their RIGHT to be a FREE human, in America.

But, the tax-leeches would rather that 'you not be independent of us!' As if to say, 'No American citizen should be able to live off the grid, live off the land, freely believe in anything OUTSIDE of SPLC's seal of approval, free to teach your kids the way you see fit, and freely choose to refrain from the strip-mall consumer commercialism!'

The program aired couple of days ago on A&E's Biography Channel. William Shatner, aka.Capt.Kirk, has a new one-on-one interview show featuring survivors of controversial cases.

One of the more interesting episodes was the one where he interviewed Lee Malvo, the teen DC Sniper. Some of you maybe aware, one of the victims just happened to be the LAST Fed.Gvt.'intel'analyst or expert in the Bin Ladin unit.

Gee, some coinky-dink, eh?

Yup, kinda automatically gets the whole "NWO is the culprit"-cap rolling; I really wish one could make this sh*t up, but Truth really is stranger than fiction. The most important revelation, IF PROVEN TRUE, however, in the same interview w/Shatner, Malvo claims that there were separate multiple shooter teams planned across the country, that year. But, for whatever reason, were not activated.

*** UPDATED: w/URL: ***

Sounds to me like another in the long history of Govt-sponsored false flag terrorism. Not to mention, considering John Muhammad and Malvo's mental states, sounds like MK-ULTRA is alive and well, as well. Obviously, we would need more proof on this specific case to be sure. But, wouldn't come as a surprise, even if that were so.

As for the Dr. Ron Paul segment, I'm sure the interview was much longer, but it was a sweet short segment in which the Doc goes on to condemn Federal Gvt actions on Ruby Ridge and the MURDER of the Weavers and how the Fed's decision to settle, basically proves an ACTIVE admission of guilt.

Atty.for the Weavers was blunt as to the REAL reason why the Fed.Gvt. settled $3.1 Million out of court, despite the fact that they have a track record of manipulating cases with "infinite" resources to achieve somewhere between 95-98% success rate in court: it is because the Fed.Gvt. HAD NO CASE, to begin with!

Frankly the sniper that murdered Vicky Weaver should have been found GUILTY of 1st Degree MURDER. Ironic how regardless of change in rules of engagement order, it's the Fed.Gvt. employees that constantly forget what their position was during the Nuremberg Trials: "following orders" does NOT excuse illegal acts, PERIOD. And those who design, plan and write policy, those who order, as well as those who carry out an illegal act, are ALL EQUALLY GUILTY.

But, as Abu Gharaib clearly illustrates, it's as IF The Nuremberg Trials, Prof.Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment and Stanley Milgrim's Experiment NEVER happened.

The FEDs initiated force, 1st killed the Weavers' dog (for some reason these copTHUGS love murdering little puppies, must be the squeal noise they get off on, oh yeah, and their barking reveals the govt.assassin's position). Then, in LAWFUL self-defensive use of lethal force, the little Weaver boy shot back in the direction of the muzzle blast, in return.

Then the FED.goons MURDERED the little baby boy, because he discovered a Fed. Marshall goon in ghillies. Oh they couldn't have a little boy tell on them, so they SHOT the CHILD in the BACK.

Then, proceeded to MURDER Vicky Weaver, the mother, still holding her child via high-powered rifle with quality optic bought with OUR money. As in she was sighted, then targeted, then shot with clear and distinct intent and decision. Then, these lunatics had the nerve to play psy-ops via megaphone, fully knowing SHE WAS SHOT DEAD, feigning ignorance to that fact and proceeded to chide if she wouldn't mind coming down to "enjoy some pancakes" with them? What sordid soul-less degenerate's holes did these lunatics pop out of, sane people must wonder...

Over the years, I personally saw several documentaries and interviews of Randy Weaver. As far as MSM coverage goes, I must say, this was by FAR the most fairest that one could expect out of them. For that, I appreciate William Shatner shedding a clearER light to the reality behind the situation surrounding the "right wing militia icon," Randy Weaver, especially in the current political climate in which anything that remotely sounds critical of the Govt, the MSM & the oBUSHmaBots have been exercising a pattern of ridiculous childish unfounded labels so propagandized by SPLC.

I must say Capt.Kirk didn't disappoint.

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Randy Weaver, Still Kickin' | End the War on Freedom

Randy Weaver, Still Kickin' Submitted ... to know what you are doing and where you are, all they have to do is ...

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

nice post!

nice post!

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

I say sentence by Exile.

William Shatner just undressed the biggest hoax in years, that is the Fed's neoliberal orgasm over killing the Weaver family plus dog.

The traitors who were involved should all be sentenced to Exile, forced to be stranded in Saudi Arabia would be a much more correct punishment.....With prejudice.

also one thing.. they claim

also one thing.. they claim the shot guns Weaver sold were illegal. They were not. I think one of them measured an 1/8 of an inch short of the legal barrel length. If one looks closly this and Waco can be linked to orders from Clinton.

If I am Randy Weaver, I take

If I am Randy Weaver, I take the FBI/ Gov to court. I don't settle. I drag them through the mud. I let everyone know what they did and try to get criminal charges brought against the thugs. In my mind my wife and Child would not have died without the murderers heads on a platter. Then again I didn't go through what they did. Easy for me to churp.

"The Federal Seige at Ruby Ridge"

I met Randy and Sara when I was doing gun shows in Florida. And got an autographed copy of this book. It is written by them and tells their side of the story. It is a worthy addition to the library of all Patriots. I think someone was chopping onions nearby while I was reading it.


Two other books that are great additions are "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper and "The Unseen Hand" by Ralph Epperson



I can tell by your links that

I can tell by your links that you are VERY well informed. Those books are required reading as far as I am concerned.
I remember the Randy Weaver story real well. It was what finally disgusted me and got me into r3volution mode. Then Waco!


for the links!

Good Ol' one and only, Bill Cooper(RIP), an American Original; one of the first to go on record PRIOR to 9/11, and predicted the FalseFlag Inside Job.

Cooper, a complex man, some might say arrogant and an angry man; to be certain, a controversial figure, even within our own movement, but was certainly a very important one, and is surely missed.

Thank you for such a well written thread.

This is the first I have heard of the Weavers and like WACO, I am sick to death of what these government psychopaths did to these innocent people and their families.

quite welcome!

I know, I know, it's kinda cheesy to get all excited about seeing Ron Paul, even in a short seg. But, it truly makes me happy to see MSM reach out to him, regardless of whether out of profit/rating motive, or otherwise; any rise in The Good Doc's exposure to the Sheeple Amerika is a good thing in my book .o)

Bump for the small family farmers around the world as targets.


And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

yes you naturalist you!

there is nothing the Ruling Class and its sycophant caste FEAR more than an independent Farmer! A whole group full of them, they just about had a lobotomy when they heard that news!

Kudos my friend, your organic seeds are menace to the distopia of Monsanto's wet dreams!

Bravo .)

Powerful program.

I'm glad Shatner decided to make the Ruby Ridge case one of his first. Horiuchi must be a sociopath not to have committed suicide by now.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

yep should follow his

ancestral calling to do the right thing:

when in doubt, the ashamed go SeppuKu!

Remember this name well

The FBI "sniper" that shot(executed w/o due process) Randy Weavers wife is named Lon Horiuchi. If you know him, let him know you remember.... When he is found guilty of murder in the trials that follow the restoration of Constitutional Government, I hope that they let me carry out his sentance. There is some evidence that he "featured" in Waco as well. Whatta Hero!!

I believe the Weavers

RIGHTFULLY sued Lon Horiuchi(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lon_Horiuchi) separately in a civil suit, but unfortunately LOST, adding insult to injury to the American Criminal "Justice" System dismissing manslaughter charges against the FBI Ninja Assassin(as Col. Jeff Cooper would speak of ANYONE, including those in Govt, donning black balaclavas).

Considering how not few decades ago those that looked like Horiuchi were persecuted for simply looking different, and in fact locked up by FDR at concentration camps, I'd say he's trying a little too hard to prove his loyalty, to all the wrong things: ie. Gvt, and NOT to the Constitution which is what he took an oath to uphold.

Not to mention, what an embarrassment Horiuchi turned out to be for West Point. Though, I suppose some may argue, this is precisely the type of loyal sycophantic statist a place like that is MEANT to produce, so shouldn't be too surprised, be that as it may, not to mention an utter VIOLATION of his Japanese ancestry's Bushido and Shintoism.

I believe killing the innocent has a grave Karmic consequences in the Japanese people's native Shinto tradition, no?

Also, IF what Will Grigg has pointed out about the Samurais in feudal times is historically accurate, the common MISconception that Samurais went around slicing limbs off of ANY members of their "inferior caste" on whim, known as "burei uchi," while did occur, was completely aberrant, and NOT the norm.

In fact if they did even 2% of what the current PANDEMIC of CopThuggery is committing every second of the day in America, the feudal Japanese subjects would not have tolerated it.

So by contrast, in a supposed "Free Country" like ours(though we don't hear that phrase being thrown around much anymore these days), its citizenry should be ashamed of ourselves for the level of tyranny that even the "lower caste" of Feudal Japan wouldn't even have put up with, we now willfully do it by CHOICE:


"Before the Meiji Restoration of 1868, there was a legal structure in place whereby people of the Samurai class or higher could kill anyone of the agrarian class or lower who insulted them," explained Dr. John Pierre Mertz, a professor of Japanese language at the University of North Carolina, in a phone interview. "The Samurai literally had the power to cut people in two, if they considered the insult to be intolerable. This was part of the culture, and people were very aware of it. In fact, there were manuals that described how a woman could clean and prepare a decapitated head for burial."

There's no reliable way of knowing how often this form of summary execution -- often referred to as burei uchi, or "striking down the impolite" -- was carried out, and what accounts exist tend to be encrusted with accumulated myth and legend.

"Understandably, very few people were willing to stick around and witness incidents of this kind," Dr. Mertz explained to Pro Libertate. "It's important to understand as well that the consequences of an act of this kind could be quite severe, since a killing of this kind was taken as evidence of failure on everybody's part to uphold the societal code. There would be an inquest, and if a Samurai were found to have killed an inferior for no good reason, he would be compelled to apologize -- which meant committing ritual suicide through seppuku. So it's likely that things of this kind happened rarely in feudal Japan."

Another historical analysis of the Edo period maintains that there was another important restraint on the power of Samurai to execute "impudent" commoners: By that account, a commoner had the absolute, innate right to use lethal force in self-defense against what we would now call police brutality.

A commoner who killed a Samurai in self-defense was not subject to punishment of any kind, since that act would have culled an unsuitable specimen from the warrior caste. A peasant targeted for execution but who escaped with his life was not tracked down and charged with "resisting arrest" or "evasion" of the police"; instead -- per this account -- the Samurai who needlessly drew his sword was subject to severe punishment for disrupting the peace.

While admitting that the existing records are scanty and ambiguous, Dr. Mertz insists that in the Japanese feudal system, only fellow Samurai or their superiors could seek retribution for criminal violence against those in lower orders. "If an Agrarian person were to lift a finger against the disciplining power, it would be a really serious thing," Mertz replied when I asked whether a peasant in that system had a right to self-defense. "Once again, it's difficult to say exactly how the laws were implemented, since there isn't a lot of detailed reporting on the subject."

Even if Japanese peasants weren't permitted to defend themselves, the dreadful penalties inflicted on Samurai who needlessly killed commoners provided a compelling deterrent against the use of unjustified violence by the enforcement caste."

Consider this, from above: "By that account, a commoner had the ABSOLUTE, INNATE RIGHT to USE LETHAL FORCE in SELF-DEFENSE against what we would now call police brutality."

yes... against a Samurai not worthy of the Warrior Caste!

Case of John Bad Elk vs. U.S. comes to mind:

"A commoner who killed a Samurai in self-defense was not subject to punishment of any kind, since that act would have CULLED an UNSUITABLE SPECIMEN from the WARRIOR CASTE."

The "inferior caste" would be doing the Warrior Class a FAVOR! LOL

I believe the modern CopThugs would do themselves a service to consider the last paragraph of that entry:

"...dreadful PENALTIES inflicted on Samurai who NEEDLESSLY KILLED commoners provided a compelling DETERRENT against the use of unjustified violence by the enforcement caste."

The CONSEQUENCES of BAD BEHAVIOR should be DETERRENT enough. Are they listening?

Hari Kiri/Seppuku instituted amongst American Govt. workers... Ha! That'd the day!

What I do know is this: until morons who get to sit on the jury box finally wake up to the fact that every injustice carried out AGAINST the citizenry by the Statist goons, that are NOT condemned and punished, which they IN FACT ACTIVELY EXCUSE, and often reward, they're putting one more nail into THEIR OWN COFFINS, and that of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, none of this will ever change.

Check out all the ne'er do wells, all suddenly indignant at the hijacked Tea Party Movement rallies, completely clueless to the origins of "their" movement along with all the limited Constitutional gvt jingoisms being thrown around; though not nearly as majority as before, but still many of them will still delusionally BOO Dr. Paul, if he ever went to their events and spoke on the wisdom of a Constitutional Gvt, sound money, and non-interventionist foreign policy, unless many of us got there first and brought our numbers with us; Beck's recent Statist Rally along with his astro-turf 9/12 "movement" is more fit for backdrop to a Leni Riefenstahl flick, than a rallying cry for the Freedom Movement.

Ach, that may seem overly critical, but you all know the score; I hope none of you forgot that Beck suggested ALL OF US Ron Paul supporters and the 9/11Truthers should be renditioned to Git'Mo secretly and indefinitely.

Ask many of Glenn rallies' attendees who followed Dick Armey and Beck astray, if they have any idea what the origins of the NWO Wall St.Bankster Cartel's Federal Reserve is, and Ron Paul constantly seems to be bringing it up. And, furthermore, why it truly matters.

And, more importantly why the Empire will eventually turn all the beta-test they ran on all the "brown" people of the "third world," once they run out of OUTSIDE COLONIAL subjects to conquer, as empires usually do, they turn INWARDS, as they've obviously accelerated their PoliceState policies at home, plain as day for all to see; crossing the Rubicon and begin to commit all the same atrocities against its own citizenry.

Ask most Repugnants whom actually subscribes to Palinism & Beckism, if they're willing to truly draw down all gvt subsidies, domestically, as well as foreign aid and wars. Chances are while the info is getting out there faster than ever, it's still has not reached a critical mass, just yet.

But, as the Doc contends, and I concur "our numbers are growing" everyday!

We all know what is at stake here; hopefully by now, none of us here, at the least, have any illusions about the dire straits we are about to face when the dollar crisis truly comes home to roost.

But I'd like to think we have sincerely worked to exhaust all peaceful means, before TEOTWAWKI. And we can all face ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves we did the best we could, individually, and as a non-collectivist group of like-minds(is that an oxymoron? possibly.)

To that end, I still have SOOO much hope, not some Hopium, but ones based on reality.

Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

I don't defend Horiuchi . . .

but I appreciate your trying to understand what might have caused him to do what he did.

I was as horrified by Ruby Ridge as any other true 'patriot'--

And I remember his name, and I remember it with shame.

I know, however, American soldiers in WWII who shot entire families of Japanese after the war (especially in Okinawa), innocent people who pled for their lives . . . people who had done nothing but be in the 'wrong place' at the 'wrong time'--

It's senseless, and I think that the bitterness might run across generations.

Someone has to stop it, though. An individual can choose to say, "it ends with me"--

Probably one of the first, best steps would be not to become involved with a federal organization that requires the use of firearms.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Wars will Bankrupt Us

That is the real message that needs to flood the Tea Parties....and other self-styled groups.

"Wars Will Bankrupt Us"

Doing what needs to be done means cutting off military welfare as well as social welfare. Both are welfare and both bankrupt everyone.

yes, so why . . .

are people I know still going on cruises?

Something is wrong with this picture!

I can proudly say I've never been on a cruise (reverse pride)--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Don't scare me

As I am about to take these fools head on. Just wait until you see my next youtube.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Thanks for the links.

don't know what you're up to, as long as it's Freedom oriented, great luck to ya. and will await your YT upload!

August 21

was the 18th anniversary of this senseless tragedy.

I had known since the age of reason that government could not be trusted, but this incident was when I came to realize that your government can and would murder you.

Still remembering the Weaver family:

And of course, just a year and a half later they did it bigger in Waco.

this was my wake up call also..

i was 22 at the time and couldnt believe my eyes and havent shut them since

jimboz fight

thanks for that link!

just read it!

There's no "statute of limitations" on murder

It's too bad neither the Idaho AG or Texas AG (Waco) has chosen to prosecute FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi or the US Marshall that murdered Sammy Weaver.

true that,

that goes for the GWB & neoCONS, who have STUPIDLY, rather brazenly admitted on TV they signed off on torture, and would do it again.

someone tell those fascist morons TORTURE is as illegal as murder!

though the darkside in me suggests we should keep Git'Mo around, and reserve it solely for Gvt "officials" and other tax leeches that intentionally violate their Constitutional oath.

but sadly, were I to agree with that, the higher self in me probably couldn't face myself in the mirror.

damn, I hate this moral and ethics governor in my noggins, ech!


wow, thanks!

I haven't checked Hulu in a while after their move towards pay content.

Thanks for the link. I'm updating it now.

don't have television--

I wonder how many people . . . really thought about it as they watched.

That was a heart-breaking incident. I was already awake, but I woke up harder after R.R.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--