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Good News: New Research May Prove That People Are Inherently Good

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Insightful On Our Need To Evolve Spiritually

This video is right in line with a recent post of mine where I suggested our need to evolve spiritually if we are to save ourselves from annihilation see item 13):

- http://www.dailypaul.com/node/144096

there is another side of the coin

The bad news: might may make right. Our survival as a species is not eternal either. In a few billion years the biosphere will be engulfed by the sun, so much for holding hands and and singing kumbaya in peaceful empathetic coexistence through conclusive scientific analysis.

Sight is not the sun but it is seen by it. Last time I checked wisdom is seeing what is good and excellence is doing it. Vote Ron Paul 2012!

and then you die

did anyone tell Rockerfeller, Rothchilds and the Royalty?

Of course we have some people who can feel for other people, why don't they try strapping in a mass murderer like Brzenski in and find out what he 'feels' when he sees the murders his envoy Pol Pot committed?

All an empathic civilization will give is the Eloi to the current round of Morlocks we have waiting to steal our resources.

For the full picture whoever did this presentation should read this too: http://theilluminatiwatch.com/2010/08/03/definition-of-dark-...

Maybe after the psychopaths have been driven out of humanity we'll be able to let down our guard. Until then its laws and bravery that's gonna save the day.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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Where are all the sociopaths?

Everyone knows they exist. Charming, well spoken people who will act like your best friend but feel nothing inside. Where are they? They are in all the power centers of the earth, because sociopaths crave power...

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

not likely

Some one once said "the heart of man is despeitely wicked and who can know it"

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

That would be Jeremiah 17:9...in the Bible

...but that verse is missing from Glenn Beck's Bible - his reads ... well ... you know; all men who are NOT war-mongering Neo-Con's promoting the Republican platform of Islamo-phobia in full BLIND support of the terrorist state of Israel(for prophetic purposes) have a desperately wicked, hate-filled, racist & anti-semitic human heart.

War first, Liberty last!

Maybe we need a new SLOGAN.....

...."Our candidates stand for LIBERTY...Their candidates stand for a 3rd rate PLUTOCRACY
...What do YOU stand with?

Or did you know the CANDIDATES you were supporting happen to be card-carrying members of the NWO one-way road to dictatorship?"

What do we support? FREEDOM....What do they support? PLUTOCRACY....Look at all these suits sit up on stage telling you they have no problem with world government liberalism!!

Try asking that Judas Goat Glenn Beck or Bill Maher, what the "members" of "their" movement support....Put their candidates on the spot, and hear first hand how they support PLUTOCRACY....."

"Do you want a third world plutocracy?"

"Then vote for GLENN BECK / BILL MAHER endorsements!!"

"Do you want freedom and LIBERTY?"

"Then vote for RON PAUL and our REVOLUTION!!!!"

I think I would have to disagree

I'm thinking that if you threw a full bottle into a room full of 7 month old crawling infants,Not one would want to give it up and the rest would be after it.Inherent survival instincts in our DNA.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Empathy is not the opposite of Utopia...

DYSTOPIA is the opposite of Utopia.

I'm really proud to see all of the smart comments on this thread. No amount of cute doodling and feel-good platitudes can fool the DP crowd! :D

You just can't say, 'Oh, the Haiti earthquake is proof that people aren't self-interested' therefore debunking the entire philosophy that underlies individualism, capitalism, and objectivism, and expect to get away with it.

This is propaganda for global statism and communism. What a joke. Sorry, I agree with the idea that people are inherently 'good' (good meaning striving to be independent, just, and logical), and I think his scientific evidence regarding 'mirror neurons' might be promising, but I don't agree with his conclusions.

What's that phrase about lipstick and a pig again?

How Does it promote communism??

If anything it promotes the idea that we don't need as much government as we have now, to protect us from each other.

We actually care more about each other than once thought.

The video does have some flaws but does more to promote less government interference.

World Government does not promote peace, as this video does.

World Government needs wars to bring itself about.

IMO We wouldn't be blowing people up in the Middle East and Asia if our citizens empathized with those people and saw them as equals.

We were all created by the same thing and deserve each other's empathy.

How this video promotes communism/socialism/statism:

I think I was originally skeptical when the author of this vid tied 'violence and aggression' to 'self-interest'. Self-interest makes the world go 'round. To attack self-interest is to attack the individual. I'll mention the foolishness in posing this argument later.

In terms of the larger content of this video, it doesn't do much to define 'empathy'--apparently, because "it's very complicated"-- but instead chooses to elaborate on derivatives of empathy (empathic distress, empathic civilization). From what I understand from my own knowledge, empathy is the ability to think about and realize other people's feelings-- to see things in their shoes.
** em-pathy 'in + feeling'
I think this is a good idea-- Dr. Paul uses this concept in his logical arguments when he poses questions like, "How would we feel if China had military bases on our land?"
But that's not what this video is about. The author of this video confuses empathy with 'sympathy' i.e. the inability to not share someone else's emotion because they feel it. You feel sad because they feel sad. You feel happy because they feel happy-- and you feel murderous because they feel murderous...
**sym-pathy 'same or together + feeling'
Sympathy is a collectivist concept. It is literally group-feeling (or group-think).
Example from the vid:
"We show SOLIDARITY with our compassion."
Compassion is a symptom of sympathy, not empathy. He may as well be saying, we show solidarity with our group-feeling towards the miserable (group-think).

The reason why I'm even bringing this up is because emotions can be manipulated to achieve the irrational, or illogical. Logic is grounded in truth and fact. Emotions are not facts.

I'm wary of this vid because he goes out of his way to explain how his 'desired society' (the solidarity of the compassionate) is not a utopia, but in fact, full of suffering and frailties. Why would anyone want to promote a society full of suffering and frailties???

Some examples:

"There is no empathy in utopia because there is no suffering."
"It's [empathy's] based on our frailties and our imperfections."

and then, "When we talk about building an empathic civilization".

Yeah, the empathicized civilization kinda sucks-- so let's build one! Yay!

But I'm only mentioning that because socialism is also a system that is 'grounded in human suffering'.

Other instances of collectivism in this video are the use of terms and phrases like "evolutionary family" "common community". ('family' and 'community' are notorious buzzwords for socialistic propaganda) I agree with the idea that the only thing in common with every other human being on this planet, is that we are ALL individuals. But this video doesn't seem to promote the ideas of individualism, but rather group-think and collectivism-- take his quote:

"If it's impossible to imagine, then I can't see how we're going to make it!"

In other words, 'if you think differently, then not only will YOU die, but we will ALL die!' Hmmm... sounds like the author has a 'self-interest' in making his philosophy popular-- oh wait, self-interest is 'secondary', right?? No??? Whoops!

It also sounds like a rallying cry for a cult leader.

"Empathy is the invisible hand. To empathize is to civilize. To civilize is to empathize."

I don't like that he raises sympathy (because, remember, it's not empathy he's talking about) to this plane of almost god-like omnipresence and authority-- and then, to further compound to this irrationality, he adds that individuals who are NOT sympathetic are somehow 'uncivilized' and therefore -less than. Less evolved. 'You're not being a Homo empathicans, you're just being a lousy Homo sapiens, you damn, dirty caveman!'

Then there's the standard academic hatred of technology and industry with the subversive doodlings of 'the industrial revolution' marked by images of smokestacks and pollution. (Did you catch that?) Never mind, that he's been raving about the advances in technology and of how interconnected we all are now, and how awesome the internet is-- you know, the same internet that didn't come out of the industrialized world? Oh wait, the internet DID come out of the industrialized world??... Whoops again!

Other phrases:

"Empathic embrace coming to the aid of" coupled with
'if we were self-interested- it couldn't account for empathic embraces' (loosely)--
This distorts and spreads misinformation about the definitions of what it means to be self-interested. When Ayn Rand wrote about self-interest, she was saying that determining what was in your own self-interest was one of the hardest answers to find in life, and that it should be one's goal or mission in life to achieve his self-interest. It wasn't, 'oh, I want a candy so I'll just go steal one' (cause then you would essentially be conceding submission to a world of pillage and plunder-- and therefore your stolen property could never be safe cause someone else might steal it), it was, 'maybe if I lived in a world that was voluntarily generous, in case a natural disaster struck and then 'I' needed some help, somebody would be generous to ME.' Well look at that! Self-interest can also be used to spread charity and generosity!

"Enlightenment philosophers"-- those pesky self-interested fools-- enlightenment sucks, man...

"The bible got this one right"-- insulting the idea of dogmatic institutional authority, and then replacing it with one of his own.

"Extend our identities"-- more identity worship, labels, collectivism, group-think

"Bring out empathic sociability" Sociability, or the ability to be a socialist

"Homo empathicans"-- This term was peppered throughout the vid, again, not Homo sapiens. It establishes a higher echelon of who is truly a human. 'If you don't agree with me, not only are you inferior, but you're not even in the same species.'

And here's a quote that I'm sure that the author of this vid would have no problem supporting:
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." ~Karl Marx

Because those with needs, need our 'empathy' in order to make it in that tough, scary world out there. Even the foxes. (Again, what is up with the imagery in this vid??)

The ideas surrounding this concept of an 'empathic civilization' are closely aligned with 'suffer worship'. I recommend reading Atlas Shrugged. It really helps to see past all the bullsh#t, 'compassionate' individuals try to use to spread their message of government force.

Hope that answered your questions! :)

rucdelaspook you didn't really respond with any facts

but I think I know where you are coming from now. I think we just have two different perspectives on this.

But you are wrong when you say:

"Enlightenment philosophers"-- those pesky self-interested fools-- enlightenment sucks, man...

"The bible got this one right"-- insulting the idea of dogmatic institutional authority...

Did you know that:

"Among the most famous American Deists were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Ethan Allen. The framers of the Constitution grew up and lived their entire lives during the height of what is now referred to as the Age of **Enlightenment** - an age dominated by reason that questioned core issues ranging from our ruling institutions to the nature of being itself. The theoretical fabric of U.S. Constitution most likely owes much more to the ideals of the **Enlightenment** period than to any religion or lack thereof."


The authors of the American Declaration of Independence, the United States Bill of Rights, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the Polish-Lithuanian Constitution of May 3, 1791, were motivated by **Enlightenment** principles


You've hit the nail on the head!

The "enlightened" US Constitution contained the seeds of its own destruction from the very beginning ... by leaving "the people" as the place where the buck stops.

Despots have amply proved that "the people" can be made to believe anything so long as you condition them through schooling, promotion of irreligious (actually anti-religious) "tolerance" through entertainment, etc. Next you tell them that everything that happens to them is because they voted for it or because their benign and enlightened government is doing it for their own good.

Jefferson had one thing straight: only a moral citizenry can govern itself. He, himself, was not so moral. So, from the beginning you have elites telling the "little people" that, in order for this to work, they must be moral! Hypocrite!

God's Ten Commandments is where the buck should stop. Jails would be full of lying, murdering, stealing politicians and bureaucrats if only this were so because "the people" would not be so easily bamboozled into tolerating gross, pervasive evil.

Thanks you Deist, elitist, founding fathers! Your experiment is ending in another reign of terror, just like when it started (only this time globalized).

Scientifically speaking its wrong and utopian thinking.

He pushes an agenda by ignoring a simple point about empathy. Empathy is a tool not an end. We have negative and aggressive emotions. So let me tell the part of the story of one negative emotion he skipped.
We get angry. When we get angry we are motivated to destroy the cause of our anger. When one angry person meets another they empathize with one anothers condition and experience rage. For males, more than females, this empathic rage leads to assault. This is evident quite often in bars and sporting matches.
In other cases people experience fear and anxiety. &etc.
Put it another way, a chimpanzee eat babies and humans go to war.

They did this study without researching

my Uncle Freddie, I'm sure.

The people are inherently good...

...or, in reality, they are less likely to blatantly violate the laws of Nature or Nature's God with a seared conscience - like the people currently entrenched in power do when we're not watching!

They brainwash their staffs, constituents, and supporters everyday that "they" are "good"; and they attach the adjective title of 'honorable' to their muddy names ...

So, rather than concentrating on what the elite, and their puppets have done to us today; let's focus on the simple man; the common folk bent on doing good most of the time(even if they are interning for, or providing a service to, an elite); because they still KNOW good exists, they just don't know how to spot it outside their environment.

We won't focus on converting their bosses, and their friends in the media who defend them; who have power and influence - God will infiltrate and handle that high tower!

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot - Most people, especially Muslims, instinctively know it is WRONG to kill yourself, and others ... so, we're not buying the Islamo-phobia crap anymore!

That was very cute and idealistic video

but I don't think his conclusion is accurate, complete or that easy to implement. It does remind me of a utopia NWO production.

I don't think we need a laboratory to know mankind, look within our own families and see how mankind and animals are wired. My hens have a pecking order so does the family. Greed, territorial,jealousy, kindness, empathy etc. there is a rainbow of emotions we all possess and use at any given time. I DO think people are basically good. That is why the bad guys use deceit to get people to do what they want. Like drugging our soldiers so they feel no emotion when killing civilians.

What I like about Dr. Paul's message is that Freedom is Popular. His message is "Live & Let Live" you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Now, if we could only get the elite gangster banksters and government CONgress to follow his principles we could lead the rest of the world into a more PEACEFUL environment.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


Humans are only kind to one other so long as the other guy does not have something I want. We are kind on many levels but only when it does not affect our base instincts.

I would gamble had they not fed the monkey for a few days and sent someone in to steal the nuts the response would have been more then looking at him.

Well said, I see the flaws in the video too Quiltingsando

and have watched it a couple times since first posting this. What I like about it besides that it was entertaining and thought provoking, was that it shows a good side to human/animal nature.

Government and other institutions rely on the belief that people(Besides ourselves,friends,and family) are bad and that we need government to protect us from each other.

I thought the video promoted small/no government because it showed that we were soft wired to show empathy towards each other. Thus removing one of the PTB's main tools for our compliance -fear of each other.

I believe the there is a difference in One World Government, NWO, or whatever and believing we are all "in the same boat" in life, that all lives deserve respect/love, that we're all on this journey together, all created by the same thing, etc. -No matter ones race, religion, place of birth, size, shape, gender, etc.

Some truth + plenty of propaganda

Yes, the bible got it right ... even the politically correct and stupid scientists can't get rid of Adam and Eve. It's irrefutable that the genes of one man and one woman show up in all of us (don't you know they were shocked out of their shorts when they made each of these discoveries back in the '90s so now they have to spin them). I do believe they can figure out that mankind is only about 6,000 years old (but they don't want to go there at all).

The primitive cave man is a fallacy. Men might have used caves occasionally ... and surely decorated them more skillfully than any "modern" artist ... but that was probably because the motel hadn't been invented yet.

Men were made by God to be good. Unfortunately ORIGINAL SIN (committed by Adam and Eve) has stacked the deck toward us being self serving and evil (aka fallen human nature). People can choose God and do their best to be good, but it's usually a struggle, while doing evil comes quite naturally to us.

This guy's history is just a tad self serving too. The Roman Catholic Church (under whose influence all the countries of Western Europe developed and flourished) has spread around the world. Many a courageous missionary was martyred attempting to bring sanity and order to pagan, often barbaric cultures. Because of their sacrifices, there are about a billion Catholics worldwide today. Truth be told, most of them are dazed and confused thanks to stinking modern influences which always put money before humanity.

The French Revolution (and all wars since then) was aimed at destroying Catholic monarchies and Catholic culture. That revolution was orchestrated by the Illuminati, and French Freemasons ... dudes who decided that the end justifies the means ... who chose evil! Most of the lies you believe about the Catholic Church were propagated by them and their descendants.

Notice, they're still with us. Lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, corrupting. It is incumbent upon those who desire to be good to fight, to the death, if necessary, against those who do evil ... not to empathize with them.

He should try this pitch on the Bilderbergers, now there's a group that could use a lesson in empathy!

Sorry, I don't feel any empathy toward you.

I can't identify with you because of your religion.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

That's your problem, Henry!

I offer the truth. You take it or leave it or check it out. I don't have empathy for fools. But I do feel sorry for them and pray that they wake up.

Then, I move on. I could care less about your empathy or your lack thereof.

You apparently did not get my point.

In the video, Rifkin points out that when we expanded from tribal society, common religion became the basis for empathy.

But clearly it became the basis not only for identifying with others, but also the basis for division. Look at all the religious wars and religious persecutions over history.

And then you just had to bring up your religious dogma, something that is divisive on this site. You don't seem to understand the separation of church and state; but I suppose when you base your life on fantasy you need to reinforce it at every opportunity, otherwise reality might break through your indoctrination.

Go thump your Bible; that should calm you down.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Dear Henry,

Of course I got your point, I was just trying to move the conversation forward. Consider ...

Men will ALWAYS argue, fight, or, if the threat is serious enough, go to war to protect those things dearest to them. Wouldn't you fight to save the lives of your family, your home, your way of life? Aren't you now in a war of sorts against a government that has been taken over by men who hold a totally evil ideology? The very obvious fact is, when men concoct bad ideas, they ALWAYS have bad consequences for the rest of us. There's no such thing as a "victimless" crime or sin, and I don't care what the more morally bereft readers here think about that statement.

As I said earlier, it's no challenge for men to be bad. It comes naturally. (If you have an honest bone in your body, check in with you conscience. I'm sure it will agree with me). Bad people do bad things to others and force good men to oppose them. In days long gone, that is what often caused wars ... good men opposing evil men.

Now contrast the above with your thinking: that "religion" caused many/most of the divisions. That's simplistic to the core, but it's what the NWO goons who control your schools have brainwashed you into believing. No, EVIL IDEAS WHICH LED TO EVIL DEEDS caused every war from the beginning of time.

Another point: there are not many religions. There is one true religion revealed to us by God and tens of thousands of false, man-made, wanna-be religions. And, you can bet the farm that the false religions are self-serving to one degree or another and are, therefore, opposed to each other and ALL OF THEM are opposed to the True Religion. (Example, the Aztecs would regularly round up members of other Indian tribes and sacrifice as many as 80,000 men in one day ... they were proficient sacrificers ... could rip your heart out and toss you off their pyramid in under a minute!) Wasn't that worth opposing by the Spaniards? What do our pc history books say about the Spaniards? Nothing good! Closer to our time, you have Nazis and Communists (sworn non-believers, like yourself, I assume) who managed to kill well over 100,000,000 in a few bloody decades. Aren't they worth opposing?

In order not to have wars, all men must live under the SAME moral code ... the one GOD gave us ... the Ten Commandments. Even if this happens, there will be rebellious men who cause trouble, perhaps because they think their "liberty" is being infringed due to an overly strict moral code.

You can't have your cake and eat it. Either we live by God's law or we devolve into barbarians, as we darned well are. All the BS on this site about the Constitution (a piece of paper, as GWB has stated) is only as good as the men who uphold it.

It's really quite simple. You believe that religion is the cause of division throughout the ages because evil men (who have actually been the cause of all wars) want you to believe this. It takes all the heat off of them! Aren't they clever. Why don't you be cleverer?

I got it and thought it was pretty funny Henry

but then again for all we know "4godinVA" is writing satire to mock catholics ;)

Check out "Dear Henry" ...

... above.

God is more real than you think!

Gravitational force is real. People may not see it, they may not understanding, but it is as real in this physical world as it gets.

God is real. You may not see Him, you may have not experienced Him, but there are billions of people who know Him, have experienced Him and know He's real. The effect of God's existence is quite real, too, if you are just willing to open your eyes to see.

Comparing God to the proven fact of Gravity

May in the end not work out so well for you,Most do understand the true physics of Gravity.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

You're full of it!

Scientists can sort of explain what gravity does, but they cannot explain gravity ... what causes it ... what makes it tick, so to speak. It's all theoretical because they refuse to acknowledge the solid science found in the bible and, in fact, make every attempt to refute it. Why do they refute it? It's a no brainer: because that's where all the government money is! Einstein, the darling of the pc science crowd, did much to confuse them on the gravity issue with his theory of relativity. Do note: it's still called a THEORY!

By opposing the bible, modern scientists go off into fables every time. (Of course, when it's a matter of life and death, they use real science ... GPS is based on a geocentric universe, not on heliocentrism, and certainly not on Einstein's crazy looking universe (but, psst, don't let this get around).

They did, however, manage to trace human DNA down to one single man and one single woman (as the trite little video acknowledges). Of course, the illogical spin they employ to make sure nobody thinks these were Adam and Eve (lest people begin to believe in the bible again) would make any self-respecting person cringe in embarrassment. I can almost hear God laughing at those fools! They are only kidding themselves. Truth is Truth is Truth! In the end, Truth wins! Suggest you search it out. Otherwise, your eternity looks very bleak, indeed!