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Ron Paul on Uncertainty in Middle East, Sep 1, 2010

Ron Paul on troop removal from Iraq:


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Ron Paul vs. Obama

The pictures tell the story: Ron Paul vs. Obama.

How far we have come, now that Ron Paul is an asset to one of the dominant parties, rather than a distraction.

Cognitive dissonance is an interesting phenomena. Ron Paul serves it up to both sides.

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Wow let's get Brian Sullivan some more air time!

Other than this interview and a the few youtube clips I could find don't think I've ever seen him before. If he's going to do interviews agreeing with Ron Paul like this one on the hardest subject for us to get across to Fox, we should make this guy famous!

Anyone know who he is or if he's worth supporting?

Here's what I could find,(not much) but this was kinda funny:
A certain chickensandwich77 of youtube said:
"Yup, Sullivan graduated James Wood High School in 1989... went to VA Tech... joined Sigma Nu... and ralphed in my friend's fish tank in the dorm..."

His Wikipedia appears to corroborate those facts, and mentions he came to Fox from Bloomburg tv in 2008.
Here is his Fox Business news blog.

Anyone know how we contact Fox to give him props and more airtime?

The Neocons know he's right

The Neocons like at the debates must hear Ron Paul talk and be pissed that they know what the man's saying is spot on yet their agenda doesn't allow them to agree with him. Right? Or does Glenn Beck, Rush, and the rest really believe the crap they spew?

Wake up or Waco!

More likely their collective brains fall out of the slog jar...

.....As their brains fall out in uni-fashion they have a sudden aha moment like monkies learn to read. They just can't believe he's so right so much, ten times out of ten in fact.

That's why Ron Paul makes them so nervous. Everything they do to him makes them look like third grade preschoolers, throwing a temper tantrum.

Brian Sullivan deserves our support. Bravo Brian for ringing the truth from the rooftops!!!


Is it meh? Or the host was listening!

he got that talk after the show.

and he decided to keep his job.

lets see if there is a 2nd interview.

I'm convinced that the

I'm convinced that the overall psyche of the people changed dramatically since 2008.

2012 is going to be a great year for Ron Paul's message!

Great interview.

The host was either sympathetic or inexperienced. He gave Dr. Paul time to answer and didn't interrupt.

If RP gets a chance to speak, he usually hits it out of the park as he did in this interview.

He really let Ron Paul Talk More Than I Thought He Would

I noticed that too. I was very surprised he didn't disagree more, try to steer the conversation, or cut Ron Paul off more.


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Who IS this guy????

I don't get TV... only watch YouTube.... so I was MOST surprised by this host who seemed to DEVOUR what Ron was saying. AND he is on FOX news!!!! What a wonderful surprise! GO RON PAUL!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

The host

actually seems to get it. He also seems to like RP.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

Ron Paul

is The Dude.

bumpp, I was juusst going to

bumpp, I was juusst going to post this : )

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