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wartime nickels $23.10/roll

on sale at apmex

each nickel roll contains 1.125 ounces of silver

and at a price of 23.10 per roll, that means the intrinsic value is roughly $20.53/ounce

now, if it wasn't for shipping costs, this would be less than spot!

i recommend purchasing a quantity of 10 or 43 to cut shipping costs.

(obviously if you have some cash then purchasing 200, 400, or 1000 is worth considering, too -- but who has that kind of cash, nowadays?)

here is the link: http://www.apmex.com/Product/13023/100_Face_Value_Wartime_Ni...

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junk silver or wartime nickels

can be useful for smaller purchases in a bad economic scenario in case you can't liquidate your 1oz bullion because it's value is so high.

suppose you want a 10-dollar loaf of bread, but you only have 1 silver eagle valued at $50.

doesn't make sense to have to purchase 5 loafs of bread.

junk silver offers lower denominations at the equivalent in value. in this scenario you would just use 2 or 3 wartime nickels to purchase bread and keep the remaining to be used on future bread purchases...