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Sovereign in court gets case dismissed and the judge bows to him (Must See Video)

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by youtube

Read 3 posts down.

Sovereign vs Victim Consciousness

This kind of court behavior is not uncommon - mostly unreported and misunderstood when it is reported. When all the BS is sifted through the remainder dichotomy is whether a person sees him or herself as a victim or as a sovereign. When one takes up personal responsibility for their own thoughts and actions one becomes sovereign. It is not so much a point of law as it is KNOWING WHO YOU ARE.

A case in point happened to my brother some years ago in a NM court. He stood his ground and when both sides had their say the judge said: "Now if Mr. Pond will grant me sufficient jurisdiction to dismiss this case, I will do so." This link will take you to the brief (pdf) my brother used in his case.



pulled it, anyone else got it?

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

It looks awesome, but video doesn't tell the end result.


He also forgets his bag, birth certificate and water.




Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

This Is Called Bowing Out

The Judge withdrew in deference to a higher authority. This has happened in U.S. Courts as well. They just get up and leave, then you declare the court is now in Common Law and take over.

If you have ever watched any films on Kings and Courts this is exactly how it works. The merchant slave traders do their dirty business in their trading pits. If the King walks in and identifies himself properly they bow out. The corporations (slave traders) serve at the pleasure of the sovereign. So who is the sovereign? Well everyone who is not a slave. Well who is a slave! No one actually.
The corporations just enslave those who are ignorant of The Law and who they are.
Lesser mortals, that sort of thing.
This is how the real world works. The strong and wise take the high ground and the lesser men who serve by license from the Sovereign yield to his will.
How you arrive at either slave or sovereign is a matter of will, state of mind and knowledge of your natural powers over the commercial world and of course The Law.
No Sovereign would ever admit to not knowing The Law.

"To expect to be both ignorant and free is to expect something that never was and never will be."
- Thomas Jefferson

The Oracle

Why did you bump this from Sept.?

Your constant theme here seems to be odd.

Of course We All Have Our Roles, but you seem to be drifting.

Just my 2 cents ...

Take it for what it is worth.

Because Oracle knows we are peeing into the wind with

all of the lets vote our way out of this manure. Fact is discovering sovereignty and how to operate in Commerce under U.C.C. will fix this mess, voting won't. I love Ron Paul but, this de facto Government is to far gone to fix by voting. Study HJR-192 and how the monetary system actually operates since June 3, 1933. My ears are still wet as far as this information but, I can tell you The Oracle knows his stuff. Listen and learn brother.

I Was Just Reading Some Of Freedmlvr's Posts

Didn't know that there was a time limit on good news!

I kinda figured that ...

When I saw this bumped, I tracked him as well.

You two are two peas in a pod.

And that is kinda what I was talking about.

You are my neighbor and I treat all my neighbors with tremendous respect.

I am simply suggesting that you expand your horizons a bit.

This stuff is a bit of a distraction at best, and intentional disinformation at worst.

Just my opinion.

If there is a common deception that has been perpetuated

on all Americans for the last 100 years, then there is a standard legal defense that should be able to be recited to expose the fraud and at the same time define and defend the soverign - (and it shouldn't be that complicated).

So, could someone who believes in the rights of a soverign please compose and post the few key sentences they think could work in a court of law. Then once everyone memorizes or can read those few sentences, then it should all be over - game, set, and match and we win!

I would assume it would start kind of like:
"Your honor, the entity that you have summoned to court was fraudently assigned to my person at birth, however - ???"

this was in


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Wonder why you can't hear some of it and can't see his face

Think this is a scam maybe to further convince people they should pay to try and get this supposed sovereign citizenship. Seen quite a few news articles about people trying to use this as a way to move into foreclosed homes to their dismay...go to jail...directly to jail...do not pass go...


That's because the sovereign movement is one huge shell game...

The sovereign movement is a gambling, traveling shell game.....

You either call out all the cards, or draw & forfeit.

Team Law explains the only way to receive your sovereign "status" correctly...

Follow the path to the letter, you receive your freedom. Deviate from the path at all, you receive instant slavery.

First, there's a neocon global scam that has been taught ever since the 1800s just about. The scam is the proposal that you are a fictitious person, thus all the contracts applied to you are void...since you are part of a fictitious instrument. This will lead you straight down do not pass go, head directly to jail for those actively buying the fraud.

Then there's a second method..The proof that YOU are a natural person, whom has given up their free agency to involuntarily become a trustee for a corporation. The foreign corporation USA Inc. is what is fiction. You are not part of this...unless you voluntarily waive your right, to become trustee. If you acknowledge however that your rights were never waived to be trustee, you walk away a free man. A sovereign citizen who is not locked into a contract that was fraudulently done in your name with your person.

The court took a recess!

This only proves that the courts are not sure how to handle the issue of soverignty! Leaving while the court is in recess means it's an open ended case.

i guess you had a judge bow to you before

i have never seen such a thing in my life, if the judge leaves the court in this fashion why would you not dismiss the case yourself. I think he went on recess for that purpose.

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

The case never continued.

He pretty much called it a day and did not go back to the man nor seek the man out.

I think the Judge's stage managers at the Fed were probably pretty pissed....most likely the great "Black Robe" was cursed out for not collecting the bounty.

Either way, the people in that court-room won and do not have to pay an illegal tax or another hidden cost.

I don't understand this but

The judge did bow to the guy.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Ok, What Happened Is The Guy Stood His Ground As A Man

Who has a higher jurisdiction in Law than the Canada Corporation has in Admiralty. He did not grant the judge jurisdiction over him and therefore he forced the judge to honor him as the higher authority and withdraw. Now the case was dismissed by the Man in the common Law jurisdiction as the video shows. I have a friend who took the helm of the ship, the bench, and dismissed his cases from there. The officers in this court looked pretty ancy so the verbal record was sufficient. They won't bother this man again with whatever the case was.
There are two other ways this could have gone down.
He could have entered a bond into the court and accepted the charges, thus clearing the charges off the record and closing the account in the "ship's" log. Case closed the man gets a check in Canadian Currency for the amount of the charges. The court would prefer you clear up their books for them but they also tremble that you are there as their creditor, the company owner. I prefer this route rather than the jurisdictional change. You can stay in your Sovran capacity but clear up their bookkeeping problems for them. Whatever the Sovran says is Law. So if you say the State's Debt is forgiven then it is so. What they are looking for is an acceptors for the debt, they want to monetize the debt and send you a check discreetly.

They off load the debt to you in the form of monetized debt (Canadian fed notes) and the State reduces it's debt!

The other thing that could have happened is that the Judge could have come back in and without announcing it convened an ecclesiastical Vatican Court. You have to dismiss your case and get out of there before they pull that crap! Few judges ever will but watch it in federal court! The Judges are ordained priests of Rome. Never forget that!

I hope this helps you see how old and layered the ruling elites' tyrrany is.
You are basically still Roman Slaves. The system has just hidden itself over the past two centuries.

The Movie Inception really gives you a good idea what we are up against. Most people are trapped in the bowels of the lowest dream (nightmare world) and will never even wake up to the next level from that hell. Me, I have worked my way up to self consciousness and now I am looking for the gates of Heaven to get out of Lucifer's realm altogether.

The Oracle

yep been to court lots of times

never seen a judge bow to a guy ever.

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

This "proved" nothing

Most likely the warrant or whatever liability he has is still outstanding.

The "sovereign" movement is a scam. I am not saying that the government is legitimate...just saying they will put you in jail. There is no *magic* to the law.

Don't believe me? Ask a Gitmo inmate.


actually i think you have been scamed if think the sovereign movement is a scam
this nation was founded by sovereign men and we have a obligation to defend it as sovereign's not as chattel

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

Im with you de jure

But you are wrong de facto...

This is just like the "show us the law movement" or obsessing about fringe on a flag.

Fact is they will show you the jail cell.

Some promoters will make money though convincing you to put yourself in this kind of jeopardy.

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