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Jack Tough Raised $300K in a Money Bomb Yesterday

Who knew?

From the first they ridicule you, then they copy you department, let's take a moment to remember where the term 'money bomb' came from in the first place. It was us, the Revolution, the Ron Paul Revolution that coined it. It was such a great idea that now everyone wants to copy it. Everyone likes great ideas, even Jack Tough.

Hang on guys, it won't be long until they're adopting all of our ideas. What else are they going to do? After all, they don't have any of their own.


Also, keep your eyes peeled: Rand's first ad of the campaign season debuts today.

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On Jack's site (http://www.conwayfightfund.com/) they state they've reached over $300,000.

This page (http://www.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/22106) show's a list of funding to be at $273,217. Can anyone tell me where I can find out where the other $27,000+ is coming from??

(sorry for the bad formating, visit the URL to see a better page)
Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Orange to Blue 2010 kos 2877 $80,016.49
Conway Fight Fund Friends of Jack Conway 1580 $73,911.79
Beat Republicans with Two Progressive... Howard Dean and Democracy for America 1146 $17,099.10
Support Jack Conway Wes Clark 448 $9,564.61
Help Jack Conway Defeat Rand Paul Chuck Schumer 370 $12,550.00
Senate Candidates Worth Fighting For BlueAmerica 318 $8,813.07
Support Jack Conway's Fight Fund Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change 309 $7,606.50
Support Jack Conway Creigh Deeds 118 $2,672.00
Jack Conway for Senate Quilt Fundraiser Community Quilt Project 74 $1,325.02
Going On Offense MyDD.com 45 $973.03
The Progressive Electorate 2010 Progressive Electorate and Daily Kos ... 39 $1,114.44
Support Jack Conway Tim Johnson 28 $1,355.00
Balloon Juice Fall 2010 Candidates John Cole 21 $600.00
Bluegrass Blogtopia for Jack Conway Joe Sonka 8 $265.00
downwithtyranny DownWithTyranny 7 $336.89
Have You Noticed Rand Paul Is a Smug,... Susanne S. 5 $440.00
Like A Slowly Boiled Frog ml10 4 $315.00
A Bluer Congress in 2010 Jon Adams 4 $270.00
Money Where It Matters 2010 Jerry B Spires 2 $400.00
My 2010 Dem Senate page erquirk 2 $400.00
Offense Opportunities Michael Adam Childers 2 $55.00
Top Races of 2010 mole333 2 $40.00
Beat Rand Paul – Back Jack Conway (My... Dan Manatt 1 $1,000.00
Stop my Tea Party Party John Fontaine 1 $200.00
'Cause It Matters Alan Lopatin 1 $100.00
Aqua Buddha Faithful Aqua Buddha 1 $25.00
Peanut Butter PAC Supports These Cand... John Tehan, Tresurer, Peanut Butter PAC 1 $25.00
2010 Ultrageek 1 $22.22
Friends of Jack Conway Friends of Jack Conway 1 $20.00
Make A Difference Michael Glotzer 1 $10.00
Act Blue For America Mark Perloe 1 $6.25

Aqua Buddha Faithful Aqua

Aqua Buddha Faithful Aqua Buddha 1 $25.00



Kicks His Ass...The Headline In Next Days Morning Paper Will Say.."BIG TOUGH "SON OF A BITCH" GETS HIS LYING ASS KICKED BY EYE DOCTOR..!!

They ain't got sh|t on us til

They ain't got sh|t on us til they have a blimp!

Or an ad

with the infamous "He's catching on, I'm telling ya" slogan.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

That last part of the clip actually made me like Jack a little.

It's cute. He should use it in a commercial.

Don't get me wrong. I hope he loses badly but it kinda made me smile a little.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Michael Nystrom's picture


Even though you know it is fake, phony and staged?

It kind of made me dislike him that much more, that he'd use those little kids as props just to make himself look lovable.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Eh, looks like

Eh, looks like over-population to me....

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Anyone sent an email telling

Ron Paul supporters came up with the money bomb?


email being sent out by the Daily Kos:

Dear Daily Kos community member,

Conventional wisdom is that Democrats are doomed in the 2010 elections. And yes, by all indications, things look bleak.

So how do we react? I suppose we could surrender to our new tea party overlords. If we show enough deference, maybe they'll take mercy, and allow us to keep a constitutional amendment or two. [emphasis, mine]

But that's not how we roll at Daily Kos. Instead, we're going on the attack.

We're going to make Republicans defend their Senate seat in Kentucky, where Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway is pushing Civil Rights Act opponent Rand Paul to the limit. Can you contribute $10 to Jack Conway, and make the tea party play some defense this fall?

There is perhaps no clearer contrast anywhere in the country -- between a Democrat who believes government can make people's lives better, and a Republican who hasn't met a government program he doesn't hate.

As Attorney General, Jack Conway has proven he can win statewide. He supports Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and wants to change Senate rules to make a filibuster a real filibuster.

Today, Conway is holding a moneybomb. Let's helping out by finding 500 people to donate $10 to his campaign, and beat tea party favorite Rand Paul.

Join the fight -- contribute $10 to Jack Conway now.

Every dollar we force Republicans to spend playing defense is a dollar they won't spend trying to take over Congress. Every tea party candidate we defeat is a blow to the narrative that the far right is on the rise.

If Conway can win this race in Kentucky, in a tough year for Democrats, it will send a message that voters want government that works for them, rather than no government at all. You can help send that message with your $10 contribution to Jack Conway today.

Keep fighting,
Markos Moulitsas
Founder, Daily Kos


Go over and throw a few bucks Rand's way!


Send this

mail to as many TeoOcans ans LiberTEAers as possible, there couldn't be a better motivational pro Rand Paul donation mail ever.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

I just donated $100

to Rand Paul to ensure his victory.

Let's make Jack's copycat moneybomb backfire!!

Ann in Florida

Well if they adopt

All of our and Ron Paul's Ideas, I don't care who wins.


...since I have found out the HARD WAY that nobody wants to PROFIT off anything I write - because I cannot tempt the average Neo-Con by showing off too much skin, flaunt my long blonde hair all over television news programs, with a giant gold cross hanging around my neck(while playing the part of a "controversial" and "confrontational" woman who name-calls liberals for money) - I'll just keep posting my diatribe's on the Daily Paul.

Ask me if I care if they STEAL what I write - a couple of times I have said to myself; "Gee, I wonder if Glenn Beck's staff reads the Daily Paul; because they sure know how to sound like us sometimes".

It would seem there is no market for a recently awakened, self-educated individual; one with a reasonably great command of the English language; who being motivated by a similar spiritual discernment about the underlying motivation and LOGIC behind the courage and sacrifice of our founder during the generation of oppression that led up to the Revolutionary War; and was even compelled to run for public office on the ORIGINAL platform Glenn Beck's audience(and the DESPERATE Republican Party is suddenly BUYING now)!

It's not sour grapes - but rather - it is a blunt commentary on how HARD these elitists are working, and how much money they are willing to SPEND; in order to keep the sheeple as sheeple, trained only to pull a straight Republican Party ticket, or a straight Democrat Party ticket - in - a "Christian nation" no less!

As the writings of a John Locke, an encounter with Noah Webster's sentiments, David Barton's personal collection of original documents that pre-date 1812, coupled with an increased interest and demand for books that were commonplace and in our public schools(until a generation ago when a stacked Supreme Court started going loopy) that depicted a pretty accurate and honest accounting of our nation's birth(because men used to be HONEST in their dealings); continue to TAINT the mind of a pretty pissed-off electorate - perhaps the people will not be absorbed into Glenn Beck's circus; but rather stick with, and JOIN the Ron Paul Revolution & PUSH back against immoral hypocritical government, and their condoning clergymen who serve money and creature comforts more that the Creator!

I'm not in this to get RICH and FAMOUS; I am in this for my children! So please, take all the ideas you want from me; I may die of cancer tomorrow!

"The Love of money was the Root of all evil"


"We will never submit our principles to tyranny.....Whether we suffer or not."

Go ahead and copy us, neoliberal scum!!!

Freedom for all!
No more submission to the disgusting, putrid progressive ziocon ONE PARTY system....

Started by the NEW DEAL DEMOCRATS who killed Calvin Coolige and the grassroots!

It is NOT past tense my man, it is ever-present!!!

Timothy 6:10 (King James Version)

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

Good luck getting professing Christian Democrats and professing Christian Republicans to ADMIT they have "erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with" and ENORMOUS DEBT through their routine methodology of casting an uninformed vote election cycle after election cycle ... and being led most recently to MOCK Ron Paul -

This is the LINE in the SAND ... from here forward, will they STAY with "them"(the definition of idiocy, doing the status-quo and expecting a different result); or, will they run with us right through 2012 - sacrificing ALL - because BOTH the Republican and the Democrats are going to TAKE IT to pay for their new Health Care TAX, and planned GLOBAL WARMING TAXES?

Once they do that, BREAK FROM these wolves in sheep's clothing - and get with us; our Republic will have a decent SHOT at LIBERTY once again!


There's a quote I cite to people sometimes, especially when they're caught up in NMI (not my idea)... "It's amazing what you can acomplish, when you don't care who gets the credit."

Enjoyed your post.

Great post

Thank you! Keep writing --more people are finding this site and waking up everyday.

Ann in Florida


will be interesting to see what kind of ad Rand puts out there.

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